Planar Crafting Completionist Achievement

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    Will all due respect, I don't think this is appropriate. You are essentially redirecting the blame for the poor communication on the forums to the player base. Customer service 101, that is a no-no. My workplace customer service could not do that, or respond to an upset customer in that way. Could you imagine? Next time I answer a customer's phone call, and they are upset with our company I'll just respond with "See, that's why it's so hard to answer the phone and take care of our customers".

    I understand your a dev, not customer service, but it's clear you end up wearing both hats a bit. So I would urge you to not point fingers back at your customers, or simply go silent on the forums because of critical or snarky posters. It doesn't help your company's public relations image.

    As someone with lengthy history in customer service, I couldn't not say anything. I hope you understand I'm not trying to respond out of anger or malice, and hopefully won't get a ban hammer for this.
  2. Gninja Developer

    I was making light of it, not pointing the finger back at players. I was merely trying to come into this thread to help and got nothing but grief for it. Sorry if you took offense to that.
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    I wouldn't say I took offense, but my customer service etiquette kicked in is all. Anywho, carry on. ;)
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  5. Anatha Active Member

    Our main tank is working on one of these right now. He has had one drop that he won and another guildie got the other drop he needed. It is interesting what is going to happen when the tank has all he needs.
  6. Mermut Well-Known Member

    4 all 4 items, you need 4 of each...
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    Well I appreciate you commenting at all. And I am encouraged to hear there is more of it but could you at least tell us why the mount doesn't have any tradeskill stats on it? if its a crafting reward I would expect it to at least have the crafting stats equal if not more then the Far Seas Pack Pegasus or Brightfire.
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    If the criteria to accomplish an achievement is killing 4 mobs, it can be an adventuring achievement.
    If the criteria to accomplish an achievement is crafting 4 items, it can be a crafting achievement.
    If the criteria to accomplish an achievement involves crafting & killing, the achievement can be labelled which ever way they want. The most relevant label would be what relates most to the specific listed requisites of the achievement, which in this case is crafting 4 items.

    I am sure some tradeskill achievements will be introduced with the timeline. Just relax and give it some time.

    In the section of your post that I quoted, you claimed it is an achievement that 90% of crafters would not be able to get. You now state it more than a claim, but currently a fact? If so, I ask you to provide the evidence you used to determine the figure of 90%. I would be interested to see how you come to the figure of 90%, rather than figures such as 50%, 65%, 80%, 85% or 95%?

    I figured it would be very obvious. Putting things in the game that provide desirable rewards, that requires a character to be both a crafter and adventurer, incentivizes players to participate in more than one facet of game play. Desirable items that can only be self-crafted is a step in that direction. I prefer a system that rewards players for being both a crafter and an adventurer.

    That is from where I quoted Gninja. You seemingly overlooked a part of my comment, relating to the items being needed on, only to end up on the broker. I prefer a system that does not incentivize false need-rolls purely to slap things on the broker. Sure, someone can still roll need, but unless they are a crafter they can't do anything with it. This means the item has little value to a pure adventurer, but holds value to a crafting adventurer, and it will have an influence on who rolls need. I asked Gninja to consider using such systems more in the future.

    There is still plenty of things our crafters can do for others. I do not believe that it is bad that some aspects of crafting are integrating with adventuring. Over the years, there has been a number of instances where adventurers had to be crafters in order to be viable. I am not saying everything should be completely intermixed, but a level of intermixing is something I enjoy. You are entitled to dislike it, as much as I am entitled to enjoy it.
  9. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    If something requires adventuring to complete that supersedes what ever else it might be since adventuring takes considerably different effort and arguably more cooperation from others. You wouldn't (or shouldn't) call an achievement a 'solo' one if it required raiding even if only partly, by that same token you wouldn't call an achievement a crafting one if it required adventuring.
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  10. Xakrein Well-Known Member

    I don't agree with the sentiment that the instant something involves some kind of adventuring, it no longer qualifies as Tradeskill.

    It would be nice if all achievements followed a similar convention to the system used in adventure quests, many already do. If the Tradeskill achievement section was expanded to have Solo, Group and Epic subcategories, I believe the achievement in mention would fit nicely into a group subsection.
  11. Mermut Well-Known Member

    My point hasn't been that because it has adventuring it doesn't qualify as tradeskill.. my point is that when you're deciding which bin to put something in, most people look at the proportion of how much effort/time is spent in each type of activity. This particular activity is 90%+ adventuring and only 10%- of tradeskill. THAT is why I think it fits better in the adventure bin.
    Adventure Activities: Finish the adventure sig line with at least one toon (to unlock the zones). Have enough resolve to survive in T2 heroic zones. Run a minimum of 16 zones (if the items drop every single time and you win every single item and it you run 4 fire, 4 torden, 4 disease and 4 innovation zones), likely more. 96 is the number if the item drops every time and the person wins the 'average' of 1 in 6 times. Search said zones to find the hidden forge.
    Tradeskill Activities: 4 combines
    (both adventure and ts have to be leveled to 110, so those requirements are a wash).

    It's clear that most of those activities are adventure related. THAT is why I think it fits better in the adventure 'bin'. Not because it contains ANY adventuring, but because MOST of the activity is adventure related.
    And, yes, I know they 'can', put it in any bin they want. They could add a 'fluffy bunny' bin and put it in there if they wanted to :p

    Edit: Final note... the reward mount is 100% adventure stats as well.. so the REWARD is 100% adventure focused (no harvesting or tradeskill component at all, it's not a hybrid reward)... in some ways that is the most compelling reason to put this achievement in the adventure bin. The reward is a clear indication that the activity is aimed at adventurers.
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  12. Xakrein Well-Known Member

    Gninja said: "they are achievements for completing all the tradeskill related content in each dungeon theme."

    If the achievement was for collecting the components, and did not require any crafting, I would agree that it should go in another achievement section. But the achievement is for crafting the items, not for gathering the materials.

    Would you be happy if they added an achievement in an adventuring category for collecting the required components, and left the achievement for crafting the 4 items in the Tradeskill section?
  13. Tekka Well-Known Member

    I wish you all the best in your war of logic against those who refuse recognize it!

    "Because a dev said so." is not a good enough reason. At the very least maybe you can convince the Team to add some tradeskill stats to the mount reward.

    After all, they did respond to the concerns about the auto-harvesters and put the new stuff on the plants.
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  14. Lucus Well-Known Member

    i disagree if it requires both it should be under the general tab, because it's a general achievement, not tied to a specific subset of playstyle.

    it's neither tradeskill only or adventurer only.
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  15. Kethryl Active Member

    I think this here is what sells it for me. If you're going to make a "Tradeskill" achievement, please make sure the reward is something that relates back to tradeskilling, even if it's just a bonus to harvesting.

    To add to that, I would love to not have to switch mounts while out in the world. I may be running some quests, and then see some nodes I want to harvest. Thanks to the gear sets feature, I can quickly swap over to my harvesting gear, but I still have to swap mounts manually. If I worked my Elvish rear off to do an adventure/tradeskill combo achievement, and it gave me a mount that was not only a good mount, but also gave me bonuses to harvesting skills, I'd be a happy camper.
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  16. Mermut Well-Known Member

    The mount at the end of the KA TS timeline has solid adventure stats as well as harvesting stats as good as the pack pegasus. Sure, it's not quite as good as the PoP mounts, but it's much better then the straight harvesting mounts.
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  17. Duffy Active Member

    Since at least a decade a lvl 1 adventurer could complete high level tradeskill quests. Not without sometimes heavy risks of course, but it could be done without coming into the realm of hack'n slash whatsoever. I'd expect for a tradeskill achievement the same thing: being able to complete a tradeskill achievement with a high level tradeskiller, irrelevant of its adventuring level.

    I was able to get my pony with a lvl 25-ish char. I had a different means of using the sokokars in Rok without slaying one drolvarg. I could do Proof of the Pudding when lvl 30+ adventurer. THAT are pure tradeskill achievements in true old EQ2 spirit. And adventurer where not forced to mingle with crafting either (aside from maybe getting to lvl 9). Now you can't even have your epic 2 without being also a lvl 100 artisan... I can only speak for myself but I can imagine that it is THAT what people are complaining about. Tradeskills never got into the business of adventurer and vice versa.
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    Exactly. And I absolutely hate this direction the game is heading. Everyone has to be a generalist and do everything or no cookies for you!. It's not about how "easy" or "hard" it is. It's about the fact that is not why I started doing what I do way back in 2004. One of the best parts of the game was the fact that crafting and adventuring were separate and you could do one without ever doing the other. Now, if you want to actually finish either you have to do both. It's not 'challenge' because any gorilla CAN do it, it's just annoying for people who've played this game one way for more than a decade to suddenly have to change it or be sub par.
    It's gone kind of EQ1 style, and I'll tell you. If I wanted to play eq1 still, I would. That's where most of my friends from here have gone (to Agnar). But I do not enjoy that kind of game play, so I stayed here.
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    My biggest issue with all this? If its not in the chest, its a click item. Now when I do heroics as soon as last boss dies and no component in chest, group members drop group and race to the click item.
    Worst mechanic ever.
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  20. SteveB Active Member

    True, you can only suggest the people in the party to do a random 100 for the clicky and not just run and click it....
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