/pizza was in Jay Leno's Opening Jokes Monday Night

Discussion in 'Community News' started by ARCHIVED-BRavens, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Bookbunny Guest

    Everyone here who says that /pizza is a replacement for bug fixes and new content apparantly do not read any update messages. They have added a ton of content and fixed lots of bugs. Are there still bugs left to fix? Most definately. But you cannot say that SOE has done nothing to improve the game while adding the /pizza command.

    Some computer savvy person should go back to EQ1 forums and find the rant that /gems created. People went berserk because an employee was home sick one day and coded /gems. Then they put it in the game and suddenly EverQuest was a joke and all these players were gonna quit.

    But remember, if you quit and cancel your account you won't be able to complain here anymore! Isn't that worth your $21.99?

    I will personally never use /pizza because I prefer the locally owned pizza shop (They send me thank you cards after every order). Doesn't mean my fellow players don't need the command. And for the person having friend troubles with WoW players - they are flat out lying if they say they don't order pizza during a gaming marathon. They just have to use the phone or have a spouse do it.
  2. ARCHIVED-eblanx Guest

    The amount of programmer time it takes to code a simple command like /pizza greatly pales in comparison to the amount of QA time it can take to track down the exact cause of a bug, not considering the programmer time it can take to actually fix the bug once the source is traced. Seriously any decent programmer could have coded that command in a matter of minutes, it's a very simple function and a simple run of a system command, very little complexity involved for anyone who's familiar with it. Fixing a bug can take anywhere from hours to days of QA time to even find the source of the problem, and sometimes the same amount of time for a programmer to fix it without breaking other things. My point is the two can't be compared from a technical standpoint, and i'm certain very little bug fixing progress would have been potentially made in the time it took for them to toss that command together. Also i'm not entirely certain they have the same people working on new features such as /pizza that are working on bug fixes.

    Having said all that I do tend to question the need for the presence of the command. I'm not going to complain about it because the only setback it is to me is a few bytes of system RAM, big whoop. I haven't used it once, probably won't because it's easier for me to pick up the phone, heck I have to go to the door to get it anyway, and depending on what i'm doing it's a bit more convenient for me to order using the phone than it is for me to minimize the game. If what they were seeking was media exposure then kudos to them, whether or not this media exposure is actually bringing in more clientele remains to be seen as far as I know, but if it even brings in a few more customers i'd say it's worthwhile for a simple command that took minimal time to implement.
  3. ARCHIVED-Xecros Guest

    I want a /AMP command. :smileywink:
  4. ARCHIVED-Ellrin Guest

    Judging by the size of Jay Leno i would have though /pizza was right up his street.
  5. ARCHIVED-GregJZ52 Guest

    I have to say lame, argueing over /pizza is probably the most [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot] thing I could ever think of. Come on.
  6. ARCHIVED-basingreg Guest

    I don't know about anyone else, but if there are people who are actually quitting over something like /pizza, it's probably a good thing they are quitting. The type of people that would make a rash decision like that are going to be the same people that ruin the online experience, so don't argue with someone when they are upset about this feature, just smile, and politely ask them to leave. The more people like this that quit, the better our experience with the game will be.
  7. ARCHIVED-Tallika_Runwithbears Guest

    Anyone who hates /pizza that much deserves to be laughed out of the game. :smileyvery-happy:
  8. ARCHIVED-Espyderman Guest

    Do you want your game to succeed? Then advertising is the key, if you dont like it then ignore it. Do you hate your favorite TV show cause they have commercials?
  9. ARCHIVED-spaunen Guest

    Ya know, the fact that theres a /pizza command doesn't mean it wasn't around before. Heres what I would do when im feeling lazy.

    Alt enter, alt tab, click hotlink to my fav pizza restaurante, buy food, sit and kill stuff, buy and eat foode upon arrival.

    /pizza just allows a simpler method to do the same thing. Although I know much better pizza places.

    Online ordering has been around fer a long time. Its just getting bigger and bigger. EQ2 hasn't implemented anything special.

    I leave my computer anyway to eat as I don't like crumbs on my computer.

    My 2 bits on it.
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  10. ARCHIVED-Diddyus Guest

    I'll tell you why I get worked up about it. It's a great feature for the game, I've used it. That's not the point. The point is there are FAR BETTER things for the developers to make work inside the game before they screw around with making /pizza link to a URL. I Heard they had it in beta previously and just turned it on....If you believe that line of bull@#$% I have some stuff for you to buy at ROCKBOTTOM prices /wink.
    Bottom line is they see profit, not customer. IDIOTS. My class (guardian) has over 5 skill lines that when you upgrade to ADEPT 1 from App 4 go DOWN in benefit, and it's been that way since they implemented. I Have TWO Master 1 skills that give me WORSE stats than GREYED OUT PREVIOUS SKILLS that were Adept 1.
    Other classes I've spoke with are in the exact same boat. How hard is it for the developers to test their own code....incompetant people. The sad thing is, it's readily obvious they don't play their own game. They don't have time, their board of directors is asking them to squeeze out more margin with things like /pizza.
    Bottom line, there are TONS OF SIMPLE fixes that need completion but they put stupid @#$% like /pizza in the game? Come ON!
  11. ARCHIVED-Nazz Guest

    Not that I don't think you have a point, but I bet the /pizza command took all of 30 seconds to code. It's really just as simple as linking a http address to a command. I don't think they took away significant developer time away from fixing bugs and issues in order to impliment this.
  12. ARCHIVED-robertfox21 Guest

    hey lord twisted, i dont think we should piss off the delivery man lol. they all will remember your addresses and spit on all your yummy pizza. :smileysad: i'll pass. they will also remember your addresses and when they are not working they will order 50 pizzas to your house lol. trust me i know these things.......*cough* i'm a pizza man *cough*.
    just another little side note, dont piss off the mailman either,. u might not think much of him but boy he can rally mess ya up.(noo i am sorry, i am not a mailman)
  13. ARCHIVED-Leppard Guest

    I love the /pizza idea.. it made me laugh.

    I even went to use it but the /pizza website ordering is not available in my area.
  14. ARCHIVED-Ragnrokc Guest

    Dignity? It's a game. If you take a game this seriously, you should step back and review your priorities in life.

    Repeat after me:
    "It's only a game..."
    "It's only a game..."
    "It's only a game..."
  15. ARCHIVED-JCdefender Guest

    People are actually getting upset over /pizza?


  16. ARCHIVED-Chanterhound Guest

    What about /panda ? i know it was probley a joke, but still..
  17. ARCHIVED-Suraklin Guest

    just give me /godmode and I'll be happy lol.
  18. ARCHIVED-Nataenelas Guest

    Now, that would be funny. An npc standing outside a bakery shouting to passersby, "Get your Pizza here!" :smileyvery-happy:
  19. ARCHIVED-CheezeBurgerAnimal Guest

    I'd gladly wear the Pizza Hut logo on the back of my chest plate if it was uber.

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