/pizza was in Jay Leno's Opening Jokes Monday Night

Discussion in 'Community News' started by ARCHIVED-BRavens, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-RipFlex Guest

    Americans get all worked up on the simple minded things as /pizza from EQ2 and DOH !!! from Homer Simpson. Simple things amuse simple minds... Including Jay Leno.

    It's just a game, it's just a command.

    BTW need /beer with my /pizza, DOH !!!?
  2. ARCHIVED-Kendricke Guest

  3. ARCHIVED-devinmcclain Guest


    Reading this forum just gave me a strong craving for pizza hut...

  4. ARCHIVED-Therios Gatos Guest

    Me too! But I can't order a pizza until the servers come back up. I tried the "/pizza" at a DOS prompt and it fussed at me about something like command not found or some such nonsense.

    I sure am getting hungry though. Can't wait until the game comes back up so that I can order some food!! On top of that, I can't even go to the bathroom yet. I can't set /afk either until I can log on!


    PS. I LOVE the /pizza command. It never shows up in game. You never know when someone invokes it. if you don't like it then don't use it or ask if I am.

    /rant off
    /funny hope-so
  5. ARCHIVED-Kerfuffle Guest

    Amen, brother.
    /beer To your safe and prompt return to the home and family that loves you, misses you, and gives thanks for your sacrifice.
  6. ARCHIVED-LordTwisted Guest

    On mattress's stuffed with money.....

    Oh my god a simple JPG on a website showing lucan holding a pizza does not kill the immersion of the game. If it took something as stupid as that I would have lost interest in this game the first day I log to the forums.

    You want to talk about funny advertising, check out wow.stratics.com unless it;s been fixed it is the WoW strat page..sponsered by EQ2....
  7. ARCHIVED-LordTwisted Guest

    What did he say?
  8. ARCHIVED-LordTwisted Guest

    Eat my shorts dude!
  9. ARCHIVED-Vilnus Guest

    I don't suppose we could get a break on our monthly bills now, do you? I don't care if they want to make money, but how about spreading some of the wealth?

    Oooh!! How about an ad server! All the weapons, houses, landscapes have advertisements on them, and the whole thing would be free for those who bought the game! And then both sides of the argument could put their money where their mouth is: If you really hate it, could you still pass up free? Or if you love it/don't care, could you really stand full-blown commercialization?
  10. ARCHIVED-Balazamon Guest

    we all know big business is out there to make thier customers "feel" good ..... what color is the sky in your world?
  11. ARCHIVED-MMODrone Guest

    Get over it you drama queens. I wonder how many of you complaining about /pizza have ever said, "i'm not going to be one of those old people who hates technology." Those who have, should be ashamed. Luddite malcontents!
  12. ARCHIVED-Jhakob Guest

    Now why would i take away from my ever so important game time. That im not gettin much of these days to order a pizza online when i can just pick up the phone. Call pizza hut. And since they have caller id they already know who i am and what i want. I just say send the usual. They say itll be there in 40 minutes or so. I say thank you, swinging this hammer makes me hungry and hang up. Send wife or kids to door with money when he gets here and its done. Havent used the /pizza command and never will but id imagine i have to avert my attention from the game to do this and with a new patch just having been brought over from our oh so awesome TEST server. I just cant bear losing that much game time. Woe is me. But since they did that. How bout a /BEER one. or /Cigarettes-(brand name goes here). or better yet /fixgamesowecanplayit .......:smileysurprised:
  13. ARCHIVED-Jhakob Guest

    And by the way...im not flaming the /pizza command. its kewl if you like and not if ya dont. way to many other things in game that need attention to grumble about a command that has no affect on anyones game play. i dont order pizza hut religiously anyway. i like variety. /dominoes..../littleceasars.../hungryhowies..../omgimgettinhungry...may all the ks'ers and rude peeps pizza be cold and hard when it gets to your house and hot steaming fresh ones with extra cheese for the kewl peeps....you all know who you are......./gating to fridge for a beer.....
  14. ARCHIVED-ignorite Guest

    here is some news to ya. ever watch jay leno and they talk about a product. its not on accident. product placement in movies, games or even our tv shows conversations are not on accident. just a little food for the brain.
  15. ARCHIVED--AtPlay- Guest

    Doesnt bother me in the least. We see fictional characters selling stuff all the time that are usually out of character. SOE created, an owns, the image of Lucan, they can do whatever they want to with it, and I dont care if they have him selling car insurance.

    See, Lucan isnt a real person, sorry to have to break it to you. But I bet if he was, hed love pizza.
  16. ARCHIVED-Pheliac Guest

    Wow, I think you hit the nail on the head there mate. Mind you, the SOE catch phrase is "You're in our world now!", which does kind of imply a fully immersive experience. With pizza. :smileyvery-happy:
    I'm still waiting for the kind of MMORPG desrcribed in Tad Williams' (http://www.tadwilliams.com/volume1.html) Otherland, now that would be cool. :)
    EDIT: -AtPlay- Love that sig!

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  17. ARCHIVED-LordTwisted Guest

    I'm waiting for the pizza hut to expand to qeynos. maybe in the empty building next to the Tin Soldier? I'm thinking about opening a 50's style joint at the two tent merchants right outside Qeynos. You can cruise in on your horse, have a hot little wood elf, dark elf, high elf, troll, whatever your taste roll up on skates, and take your order. Just another Twisted thought.
  18. ARCHIVED-Phenaum Guest

    /pizza is nothing! Wait till this is how it works...

    Future of ordering
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  19. ARCHIVED-lllo0o0olll Guest

    Uhh...I'm sorry but this game always has been commercial in every sense. Mass ad campaigns, monthly fees, etc. Why should putting an ingame ad be any different? It's not like this game was some indy release on Sub Pop records or something lol
  20. ARCHIVED-Qualmest Guest

    I only have one comment in the promotion of SOE's in game pizza delivery command. It starts off with americans fast food craze /pizza but then in a few months SOE will promote itself asa healthier game with its new and improved /Atkins /Jenny Craig /WEightWatchers command and also check out the new keyboard that has active treadmill commands along with speacial EQ2 hotkey commands. only avaliable on the SOE shop! HeHe you know the love the free advertisment off this! :)

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