/pizza was in Jay Leno's Opening Jokes Monday Night

Discussion in 'Community News' started by ARCHIVED-BRavens, Mar 2, 2005.

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    There is a pizza command?

    what wont they think of next.
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    Err, of course I was joking! Besides, it says 'Unknown command'... *cough*
    I should also mention I stole the idea off one of the other 308 threads on this topic. The fact that /pizza has caused more posts than any in-game change (besides maybe the horse nerf :smileywink: ) is, to me, bizarre. But then again, I am English: perhaps I'd get worked up if they implemented a /kebab command. :smileyvery-happy:
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    Actually the most in game change that has more posts than you would believe is the various screw ups they did to tradeskillers in the last couple of patches. If you want to see a true "hailstorm" of posts go to the Tradeskillers arena on virtually every type of tradeskiller class save
    provisioner. Many of the more interesting ones were either moved to the glasshouse or deleted completely tho I believe.


    And thanks for the addy of the cartoonist, I will have to check him out.
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    Hey, Leno makes fun of Bush all the time, but somehow he hasn't been impeached...
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    First off, whoever came up with this gimmick was a marketing genius IMHO, both companies making alot of money off it. How many of you actually sit down to play and decide to order out? If it was /McDonalds and they delivered bet they could do same thing. Do you ever watch TV? how about the Superbowl? did you get all bent out of shape on the commercials they showed then? If you don't want to see commercials on TV you switch channels (usually to another commercial) in EQ2 you just don't use the /pizza command, its that simple.

    When a dancing pizza is seen dancing across the Commonland/Antonica then we should really start to worry, but then again you all would be attacking him to find the UBER pizza loots.

    My 2 cps
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    God .. its about time someone came out and said it .. I swear my 2 year old niece had her hand in some of the coloring for that game.
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    Heh.. Guilty. I'd be after that Pepperoni Shillaly of Throttling!
    Cmoooon lottery!

    My only concern is whether the delivery guy is going to know that I ordered from EQ2.... kind of embarrassing actually.


    Also... points to LordTwisted for the Leisuresuit Larry reference. Cheers.
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    i want /callinsicktowork command><
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    I'm telling you now. If they add a rare spawn pizza to any zone in the game it [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot] well better drop coupons as loot. and I mean good coupons not this save $2 crud I mean you earned a free pizza coupon. Does pizza hut even have a mascot? Maybe if they had a mascot they could make him run around norrath with a free coupon book he drops? Maybe uber loot like "Throwing pizzas of might" or a "Pizza cutter" maybe a tadeskill pizza oven for your home?
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    I have only one thing to say to all of you people complaining about the /pizza command (among other things). If you feel something needs to be fixed or changed...

    OMG...do I dare?

    Hmmm...should I?

    Ok...here goes...

    Use the friggin /FEEDBACK command!

    Otherwise shut up and get a life.
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    omg you mean Sony likes to make money? wow that thought never croossed my mind:smileyvery-happy:

    it's pizza people...come on...if nothing else it is the fastest way to open the web while in game
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    Seriously, all five of them. It was a good idea when it was first introduced and I admit I had signed up for it orignally because I was playing Planetside and EQ1, but these other games are garbage now. Whether you were already playing them or not it doesn't debate the fact that witholding these character slots and then allowing them exclusively as part of the all access pass was a deliberate desperate attempt at selling failing games to people who didn't want them to begin with. Anyway, its just one move in a list of many that includes /pizza.. that has me and others feeling sad about the future of this game.
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    No kidding. I doubt the ad money from Pizza Hut was anything substantial, but all the free publicity they are getting over this "feature" probably makes this an overwhelming success for SOE. Any Pub is good Pub right?
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    Or maybe you should take your own advice and stop trolling the forums. If you don't want to participate in a discussion about /pizza (after all that's what the forums are for) then don't click on a thread with /pizza in the topic.
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    My god people, its just a command, no one is making you use /pizza, if you dont like it just ignore it i dont see what the big deal is. OMG sonys trying to make extra $$ whats so bad about that? ok the /pizza thing frist time i saw it i laughed its funny, i dunno why ppl get so mad about it...
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    Thank you for spending your time on an online game's out-of-game message board to tell the rest of us that we need to get away from the computer more.


    By the way, getting a joke made about you during Jay Leno's opening monologue isn't usually viewed as a negative thing. It usually means you've arrived. It's like saying that a Friar's Club Roast about you is a bad thing because everyone's insulting you publically.

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