/pizza was in Jay Leno's Opening Jokes Monday Night

Discussion in 'Community News' started by ARCHIVED-BRavens, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-devinmcclain Guest

    I really dont have a problem with /pizza.

    I know we are all entitled to our own opinions but please guys, can we just shut up and play the game?

    I dont care if you like /pizza or if you think its "ruining the game". It hasn't effected my game play once. So just shut up about it and worry about real issues in the game such as many of the bugs we all encounter, why cant we talk about them?
  2. ARCHIVED-OmniDrac Guest

    The funny thing about all this is that everyone is OK with being considered a "Gamer". The term to most that do not play games is antisocial , unbathing, nerd freaks........... No one is bothered by those jokes.....but not you are up in arms about /pizza.

    I think you need to realize that SOE is a business and if you where that business and Pizza hut came to you and told you I will pay you lots and lots of money for a stupid command that most people will not use you would say NO? The command is as usefull as you make it. You dont see it, you dont need to use it. Jay Leno makes jokes about /pizza.....great! Now more people will know about why you never leave your house on weekends and why you leave work as soon as you clock out to "Slay a Dragon"
  3. ARCHIVED-Dolf Goodcheese Guest

    Your friends are playing Wow and not EQ2 because of the /pizza command. You, should be laughing at them.
  4. ARCHIVED-af185 Guest

    In my opinion /pizza is totally useless and I will never use it. First of all it is no easier than picking up my phone and calling the pizza place, and second I would never eat the super grease soaked pizza that comes from the depths of pizza hut. However, it doesn't bother me that the command is in the game because hey, it's great advertising for pizza hut and that means Sony made some money off of it and that is their ultimate goal now isnt it?
  5. ARCHIVED-Jaide Guest

    Don't forget about the beta account promotion with Lords of Everquest. I bet they wouldn't have even sold half the number of copies of that game if they didn't use that tactic. Just like with the station pass to get the extra 4 character slots, they are always trying to force us to buy garbage to get what we want out of Everquest.
    I feel the same way you do. I started when EQ1 went live, back when they actually had to prove they could make a good game and the name "everquest" didn't mean lots of $$.
  6. ARCHIVED-Itte Guest

    see devin... you're in a 'forum'... forums are places about having discussions
    the shut-up-and-play-the-game place is inside the game... big red PLAY button, you can't miss it :smileytongue:
    if you don't want to read people's opinions about the /pizza command, don't open threads discussing the /pizza command
  7. ARCHIVED-Itte Guest

    oops sorry for the double post, but also...
    if you live your life governed by whether someone thinks you're a nerd, or mocks your hobbies, or thinks your friends aren't cool, then your life will be made much more shallow than any fantasy game could ever make it
    mmorpg's as a genre are wonderful and amazing, in my opinion... i would far rather get immersed in a community, inter-relating, laughing together, fighting together, than plunk myself down on the sofa and go braindead watching tv... and model train building just doesn't appeal
    this may not be my mmorpg much longer, but some other mmorpg will... i love this hobby and the people i know in this community, and i could care less if someone thinks that makes me a geek
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  8. ARCHIVED-Evyn Guest

    Seriously guys, it's nothing to be up in arms about. I saw the website with Lucan holding a pizza, laughed, and then tried it in game and chuckled while ordering some chicken wings =p You tell the group, "AFK to /pizza brb!" Ya'll are taking this way too seriously. There's glaring ads in the game already every time you log in - you don't even see this anywhere in game.
  9. ARCHIVED-LordTwisted Guest

    Yup, Halflife 2 has great graphics, But good luck making a MMO with grphics like that. You would crash everything. You would be dead before you zoned because your computer couldn;t handle loading those graphics in the amount it would need for a game the size of EQ2. And yes compared to EQ2 WoW graphics are so bad it is like player leisure suit larry with out the entertainment portion of the game. Try again.
  10. ARCHIVED-Dionysoz Guest

  11. ARCHIVED-LadyNigh Guest

    heheh gimme /coffee link for Starbucks please :)

    oh and yeah..the IV too because making it to 50 provisioner has me zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  12. ARCHIVED-Arnala Guest

    I want a quest to complete that gives me free pizza. :smileytongue:

    "So, brave adventurer. You have slain Harkor the Dreadnaught. You and your raid party have earned a reward. A mystical pie ... with pepperoni."
  13. ARCHIVED-Ravengaard Guest

    They made fun of the "/pizza" command in our local newspaper yesterday, here in Spokane, WA... (in the video game section of the weekly entertainment newsmag, "Spokane 7" that comes along with the main paper "Spokesman-Review"). On the cover of "Spokane 7" there was a little blurb that immediately caught my eye, "Everquest II casts a level 10 pizza spell for lazy gamers." The short article inside was titled "What's next? Will games chew for us?". I don't have a real opinion either way about the /pizza command besides the fact that I'll never personally use it, SOE obviously just wants to make some more money, and while it may generate rants and jokes about EQII, it gives it some plublicity. I laughed at the article.
  14. ARCHIVED-Dimidrius Guest

    This will put Everquest II in the history books :)

    I'm going to use /pizza today, and experience the future...

    Maybe one day, when the whole world is completely dependent on their cell phone, after cell phones have every convenience you ever wanted in life, we will use /pizza to order some pizza from the nearest store and have it delivered to us while we're walking down the street or sitting on a park bench!

    The possibilities... and all of the new future weight loss companies!...
  15. ARCHIVED-LordTwisted Guest

    I got all excited the other day thinking "I will show these anti-/pizza bastages!" So My weekly family night came around that generaly consist of a new DVD and a home made pizza. So I tell my woman, "Hey no making pizza tonight, I am going to order it direct from eq2!". So I log onto the game and type /pizza, behold the power of /commands! a website pops up for Pizza Hut, or as I like to call the /Pizza Hut. I continue by hitting the sign up to use our specialized quick order system thingy, I figure alright! It takes me to a page that ask me for my zip code, I type it in and tada! it says sorry there is no pizza hut in your area equipped to use our online ordering.....So then I'm picking up the phone and dialing /pizza hut to order my /pizza....I told them EQ2 sent me but they didn't get it. Oh well, it's the thought that counts SOE! Thanks anyways.
  16. ARCHIVED-Moontayle Guest

    As a point of contention, the SOE All Access pass is, at its core, a way for SOE Customers to be able to enjoy multiple SOE games without paying multiple subscription fees. The addition of character slots and free adventure packs are bonuses on top of this base. So excuse them for not wanting to gouge the players who enjoy more than one of their products.
  17. ARCHIVED-LotusThb Guest

    Umm, I don't know how to break this to some people but EQ2 is a GAME.......HELLOOOO!! A GAME!! So what is wrong with having Pizza command right there? The only thing that could make it better is if they gave Special coupons/discounts for useing it on EQ2.

    Frankly most of us NEVER grew up in some respects or we wouldn't have such a blast on the game....ok it is a PRETTY darn terrific game but asking people to grow up on here....come on! Half the people on here are 12-16 & the rest of us (the majority of us) just don't want to grow up completely.....that is what RL & jobs are all about....:) Ok so I am 40, i live in the real world but my gametime is my gametime, & the last thing i want to do is COOK!

    So get over it, Soe is a COMPANY....they stay in business by MAKING MONEY.......deal with it & get over it......I am just very thankful they haven't added a bunch of stupid advertizements like they did on Archmage....completely ruined that game by having pop up advertizements on every darn page.

    Now this is all just my opinion, & u don't have to agree with it, but I definitely think people are blowing the pizza command way out of porportion to it's importance in the whole scheme of things. IF it bothers u that much just don't use it!!


    P.S. to Jennylyle(sp?) LOVED the cartoon, even saved it to send to some folks in my guild that never get on the forums, hope u don't mind & THANK U!!
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  18. ARCHIVED-Idoru Guest

    When I saw the news that there was a /pizza command I immediately thought of the people who like chinese food. Then I saw the poster above with the suggestion /chinese and wondered if that would deliver chinese food or a chinese person. I suppose it wold probably do both actually.

    People who complain about the command /pizza were also the people that complained about power steering when it was first announced as a feature in cars. You better not have power windows in your car either!
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  19. ARCHIVED--AtPlay- Guest

    Not to completely derail this *FASCINATING* thread, but jennlyle failed to give credit. The comic stip is called, Ctrl+Atl+Del and can be found at http://www.ctrlaltdel-online.com/index.php?t=archives&date=last. Its a great strip...although, I find Chef Brian a little disturbing...
  20. ARCHIVED-Simyr Guest

    You mean more money to put into their pockets while the budget for fixing bugs and adding content stays the same. I am just upset there isnt a /pie

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