/pizza was in Jay Leno's Opening Jokes Monday Night

Discussion in 'Community News' started by ARCHIVED-BRavens, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Sassee Guest

    rofl!! :D
  2. ARCHIVED-Talone Guest

    For any of you who don't watch Cold Pizza in the morning on ESPN2, they talked about the /pizza command during thier headlines update this morning, and last week Cold Pizza had the slash /pizza command on the news crawl along the bottom.

    One hundred years from now there will be a documentary on the History channel about how the /pizza command changed the world. :smileytongue:
  3. ARCHIVED-NocteBlanc Guest

    I don't see why people are so upset about this. There isn't any in-game ADVERTISING (like a billboard or talking NPC) for Pizza Hut. It's just a command you enter and you're thrown onto the order site for Pizza Hut. That's it.

    Don't like it? Don't use it. You'll never know the difference.

    If panties are in a twist because of the tiny little sign on the launchpad describing how /pizza works, well, get over it. Not much sense in putting something like this in and not explaining it. You only look at the launchpad for about 45 seconds anyway, unless it's a patch day.

    Think about how many pizzas are consumed while playing EQII or any other MMO - hell, video games in general. It's only natural to a) take away the interruption of gameplay to order food and b) make some money (SOE is a business, you know) by implementing what had to be about 30 seconds of coding an internet shortcut into a in-game command.

    If you're the type of person who's going to cancel their account(s) because they added a command involving another company, then good riddance. I would hate to see your posts when the next full expansion come out and they change something else.
  4. ARCHIVED-Jaide Guest

    I'm not going to cancel my account, but this, along with seeing the direction they are taking this game and the name "everquest" compared to EQ1, I fear for the future. With the eqplayers $$, the all access pass for the extra character slot $$, the adventure packs $$, and now the $$ they are raking in by showing our Overlord holding the Pizza Hut goods, it makes me sad and totally wrecks my emmersion. Seriously, whenever I see lucan now I'm always going to think about him holding out the pizza. They know the name is worth money and they are doing everything they can to squeeze every cent out of it. Sure they are out to make $$ but once the focus is completely on that they will lose sight of the game. I would not be surprised if we started to see ads in the game sometime in the near future... that is the direction they are headed.

    I don't think its /pizza in itself that has people all upset... its the direction the game is heading that causes their disappointment. Personally I still want to see where it's going... but so far it seems pretty obvious.
  5. ARCHIVED-jennlyle Guest

    Call me spoiled, but I actually wish that /pizza or ordering Adventure Packs as add-ons to EQ2 was even easier since SoE's already got our credit card information. Why not be able to just order items, confirm your user password, and have them billed to the same credit card? I can see and understand associated security concerns, but if those are adequately addressed, I'd enjoy the convenience.

    Oh and for those who missed it...

  6. ARCHIVED-LordTwisted Guest

    This is brilliant! I'm logging on and build a ratonga anmed Chuck E'cheese! Or a Ratonga name Micky Mouse and advertise Disney vacation packages..., Oh Oh then a Kerra named Morris and advertise cat food...., Dang I can see all the money I can make now, i'll make a Half elf named Ronald McDonald and give him that cool clown hair, and make him a bard so I can have some of that clown looking armor...This is great, I'm going to go e-bay some advertiseing space on my account. BRB, AFK
  7. ARCHIVED-Holliday50 Guest

    I don't understand why everybody gets so worked up about it. If you don't want to use the command, you obviously don't have to, and you will never see it........it doesn't affect you. For those that do want to use the command, it's a convenience for them. I haven't used the command...yet, but I'll be glad it's there if I ever decide to. /shrug
  8. ARCHIVED-LordTwisted Guest

    Heck with waiting until Friday. I'm useing the /pizza command tomorrow! I call on thee let your voice be heard tonight at 5:30pm PST and order your /pizza let SOE know we are behind them! Don't kill another orc/skeleton/gnoll/centaur/giant or any other roaming mob in Norrath until you have ordered your /pizza go forth forth young man and show them your power!

    On a side note, I think everytime you order a large pizza you should get a voucher from /pizza hut to use in game to receive a stack of /pizza being a good midrange level food would be cool. And maybe an occasional rare piece of loot!
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  9. ARCHIVED-Lonwen Guest

    /pizza has singlehandedly made EQ2 the laughing stock of the mmorpg community.

    I was at a lan with soem old EQ1 buddies who now play WoW, and we were comparing games. When they began to use /pizza as a point of ridicule, I had no comeback.

    Seriously, how sad is a playerbase who NEEDS this command, and the game company that implements it.

    So has any web comic not made fun of /pizza yet?
  10. ARCHIVED-LordTwisted Guest

    Yes single handedly? Pizza has no hands you FOOL! Maybe try.
    /pizza has singleslicedly? Either way, just because you are not quick at wit does not mean WoW players have the uper hand. Tell them while they are picking up the phone to order pizza and their entire party is wiped out by the big bad mobs because he was AFK talking to some 16 year old pizza flipper, we were slaughtering mass mobs while ordering pizza with the /pizza command.
    And i'm sorry but /pizza was not developed out of need, but out of ingenuity. You would laugh a slinky wouldn't you?
    And as another point WoW is slightyly better cartoon then Dragons Lair. The playability is there..for atleast a couple months anyways. Everytime I look at a WoW movie I keep waiting for Shrek or Donkey to pop in and make some wise crack. Oh wait. There is a good slam.
    WoW player: Heh heh, you like have a /pizza command, how stupid!
    EQ2 player: Pixel studios does better graphics then WoW. And you have to call in your pizza!
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  11. ARCHIVED-Lonwen Guest


    Of course having your party wipe because you were typing info onto the /pizza web page while the WoW players are talking on the phone while playing (or, omg, they type in the web address for puzza hut all on their lonesomes, coz, you know, their game company does not treat them like incompetants...) was kinda hard to retort...

    I did, however, manage to slip in that the WoW players have all the time in the world to phone/order while sitting in the login queue. Take That! ... sigh...

    /Pizza is an appalling joke. I hear Americans are getting lazier and lazier, but, dmn people, typing www.pizzahut.com into a web browser (or clicking the bookmark) is too hard for you? 10 extra characters is enough to sell out the "dignity" of your mmorpg?

    And as for the /harry potter and other garbage, this is not Amazon.com. This is EQ2. I log on to play EQ2, not order food, nor books, nor ******, nor male enhancing pills, nor a new car, nor chair, nor movie tickets etc.

    Why not give in to the almighty $ completely and implement /level50character (only $89.95!) or /100gp ($20 this week only!).

    Or would SoE rather more people memorised /pizza and /harry potter instead of /bug and /petition...

    /shame on SoE
  12. ARCHIVED-LordTwisted Guest

    Actually if you go to IGE you can buy that lvl 50, it's more like $600 though. But the 100 gold is getting cheaper. But that would ruin the fun to me. Where as a /pizza command does ntohing to interfere with my game.
    When you use a yahoo, or google, or whatever search engine you choose to use do you type, "The first edition book of the life of people and pizza in americas waste lands" Or do you type "/Pizza"?
    It's not a matter of being lazy, it's just short cuts, you take them all the time but you don't realize they are short cuts because you were not involved in the process as you are now.
  13. ARCHIVED-Tamat Guest


    Maybe they will add a Vegas only server and add that as an exclusive command!
  14. ARCHIVED--AtPlay- Guest

    Yeah, Im sorry, if you cant think of a good WoW putdown, it has nothing to do with a /pizza command. Hell, just say something like, "Well sorry, my servers are up most of the time, so I dont have the luxury of using the phone that you WoW players do." Either that or just say, "Oh, you're one to talk...your whole [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot] game is an add for Crayola crayons..."
  15. ARCHIVED-Urbannaja Guest

    Yup...it was in beta..but it didn't order pizza...it sent you to the pre-order collectors ED webpage =) sooo all they did was change which website it sent you to and slapped together a promo for it
  16. ARCHIVED-Hadious Guest

    You talk about WoW being "cartoony" but yet you're playing barbies playhouse. Want nice player models? Look at games like Half Life 2.
  17. ARCHIVED-Hadious Guest

    I take it EQ2 is an "ad" not "add" for Barbies Super Dreamhouse? Ken the "Paladin", Barbie the "Enchanter" oh ah!
  18. ARCHIVED-Itte Guest

    This is why it bothers me. It's not that I need to grow up, or don't have a sense of humor, or am worried about Jay Leno making jokes. It's a last straw kind of thing.

    So very, very much about this game feels like a big money-grab that it's just not fun. I want my game du jour to feel like the devs came up with this incredibly great thing and they can't wait to share it with all of us. It's a game. It's about enjoying the time you spend here, being excited. I want them to make a reasonable profit, I didn't mind buying the game and I've been happily paying monthly gaming fees to one company or another for ten years or so. There are just too many ways in which it feels like this particular game and company are all about getting more money out of their existing customer base instead of delighting their existing customer base, and it makes me feel exploited. It's a technically amazing game, but it just doesn't feel like it has heart to me.

    This is an incomplete list of the ways in which Sony is seeking to make additional money off of us:

    - We log in past ads from Sony and its partners, not just the first time but every time. I'm going to guess that Dell and NVidia either paid for that already in the form of consideration in their development deals with Sony, or they are paying for it on an ongoing basis.
    - The selling system in-game might as well be called the Second Account Purchase Motivator System. It's hindering the economy, it's frustrating the hell out of people, its limitations are contributing in a big way to the problems that necessitated recent painful patching and... it's still unchanged.
    - Almost every activity in this game is designed with time-consumption in mind. It's not fun enduring timesink after boring timesink so Sony can get as much cash out of my four character slots as possible... make it fun, make me feel welcome, and I'll stay for years and help build community and bring friends and build alts. Oh no wait, not build alts, because...
    - It costs additional money to get more than 4 character slots. That is not the industry standard, that is a new Sony standard.
    - Sony has now come up with *two* paid expansion pack systems, another new industry benchmark.
    - Now Sony's selling exclusive marketing access to us to another big business (Pepsico Inc., owners of Pizza Hut).

    It's too much. It makes me feel too much like a unit in their target market and not enough like a welcome fellow gamer.

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  19. ARCHIVED-DeathKnight99 Guest

    LOL don't we all :D :smileywink:
  20. ARCHIVED--AtPlay- Guest

    If you are going to correct a mispelling, at least make sure you use the correct punctuation, grammatical structure, and you only use complete sentences.

    I have no way of addressing your whole fascination with Ken and Barbie since I have no clue as to what point you are trying to make.

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