/pizza was in Jay Leno's Opening Jokes Monday Night

Discussion in 'Community News' started by ARCHIVED-BRavens, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-BRavens Guest

    He talked about it and then said something like...

    "How Pathetic! What's next? No need to ever get up from playing...we're gonna hook IV's up to our arms and just keep on playing."
  2. ARCHIVED-Coops117 Guest

    /pizza is a joke
  3. ARCHIVED-Fragzzt Guest

    mmmmm pizza... The world's most perfect food!!
  4. ARCHIVED-Shoot2Wound Guest

    yeah, i laughed.. but then i remembered i used it a few times. :smileysad:
  5. ARCHIVED-Dolf Goodcheese Guest

    SOE must be loving that primetime free advertising.
  6. ARCHIVED-Pheliac Guest

    So /pizza has been mentioned on Jay Leno, cnn and yahoo. That's worth $$ to SOE, and it means more people to group with on my server, and SOE will have more cash to spend on fixing bugs / adding content.

    /shrug I can live with that. Don't see why people are 'leaving the game' because of this. Grow up.

    Still want a /hooker comand though. :smileywink:
  7. ARCHIVED-HeiligHangranate Guest

    I imagine that when telephones were invented, people were saying, "You mean you can call on the phone to order a pizza? Why that's ridiculous! In my day, we used to trudge 12 miles through the snow to get our pizza, uphill, both ways!"
  8. ARCHIVED-Rorina Guest

    This is part of whats really turned me off from EQ2. Their commercializing the game in a way thats, really inappropriate. I remember when Anarchy Online had Alienware billboards in its cities. People got really upset about them, dunno if they ever patched them out. But /pizza is just bad. Yup the advertising is good for SOE, but basically shows how "bubblegum" the game is how slapstick the community is since... well, no one has a problem with it it seems.
  9. ARCHIVED-Rorina Guest

    Grow up? LOL I've already done that. Maybe the developers and the community could "grow up" and not put such useless commands in the game. Maybe they could be fixing some of the many bugs that plague the game instead of /pizza, /piss, /poop commands. Maybe they should actually encourage their player base that real life does count and you should walk away from the computer every now and again.

    Instead of telling us to grow up, how about getting some perspective. /pizza makes EQ2 look like a joke. But then again, it is now, and Jay Leno proved that.
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  10. ARCHIVED-LordTwisted Guest

    Don't be stupid. They didn't put Pizza hut billboards all over the game, they added a command you never have to see or even acknowledge is there. It's not something that is in your face all the time. It is a gimmick that SOE created and put together for it's customers. I have yet to see any advertising in the game other then the starting loading screen for Dell and Nvida. OMG I run an ATI I'm not going to play this game!!! AAAHHHHHH I'm going to WoW you bastards! Shut up and play the game, not the politics. If your going to abandon something due to advertising you might as well dig a hole to live in, but use your hands because this shovel was brought to you be OSH your hardware place. Oh take off you Nikes, and your Levi's don't forget your billabong shirt. You might want to sell your Chevrolet too. If really look at all these items you will see advertising. So get over it, live with it. In fact start your own advertising. I'm am! I can't wait until they allow us to make guild Logo's in the game! I'[, gonna make a got pizza one just for all these guys that complain about it.
  11. ARCHIVED-LordTwisted Guest

    It probablly took a programer 10 minutes to write the /pizza command. From what I understood it was written back in beta and they just felt why not add it now. They gave us something and you /pissed /pooped on them now they may never do something for us again. /cry about it.
  12. ARCHIVED-Aera Guest

    You obviously need to do it some more. I'm not trying to single you out, I want to make a point. Many people treat SOE (or any MMORPG company) as a one-man team. "They need to do X instead of doing Y." Does it ever occur to anyone that the EQ2 socials/chat/community team and the marketing people who probably worked with them to implement the /pizza command have absolutey nothing to do with bugs that may have to do with NPCs, graphics, and quests? Geez.

    I can't believe people are getting turned off to this game because of a command that lets you order pizza from in-game. I also can't believe that people are also getting turned off to this game because the command is getting a lot of attention and, as a result, is getting mocked. Guys, Leno gets paid to tell jokes and make fun of new news in the world.

    Eventually it comes down to this: either play the game, suck it up, and let SOE advertise how they want to advertise, or cancel your account. [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot]ing on the boards only causes people like me to [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot] back.
  13. ARCHIVED-Kittypoo Guest

    Come on people, this is a game. How many of you used to (or still do) joke about having a chair with cup holders, porta potty and a mini fridge? I did...it's part of playing a game that never ends.

    /pizza probably started out as that type of joke and the developers or marketing department thought...."Hey, I bet the players would get a kick out of something like this......" Little did they realise that some of the players have NO freaking sense of HUMOR !!! :(

    Oooooh.....an IV....../adds to my Christmas Wish List :p
  14. ARCHIVED-Shadow_Lore Guest

  15. ARCHIVED-44Dragon Guest

    Make sure Jay has a copy of the collectors edition. How cool would it be to have him play from time to time. I'm pretty sure if he did that he would never run out of joke material. Then again, who else would get jokes that start off with:

    I was hanging out in Black Burrow the other night, when some ranger shouted...

    ...Pogralien shouts "Will order you a pizza if you group with me!"
  16. ARCHIVED-Dagath Guest


    Mmmmm. Freeee Beeeeerrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!:smileyhappy:
  17. ARCHIVED-LordTwisted Guest

    While a /hooker command could be interesting. Most of these people need a /hookup command, don't think they got their daily crackhead crack hit.
  18. ARCHIVED-LordTwisted Guest

    On another note, I'm not a SOE or Pizza Hut employee but I think everyone for the idea of implemnting these type of idea should use that /pizza command this Friday. You think SOE would get a kick out of finding out there were thousands of /pizza orders placed on Friday. I think Pizza Hut employees might not like it but heck think of the money they will make!

    So Everyone for the /pizza type ideas and want SOE to keep comming up with great new ideas like this then Friday night order pizza for dinner useing the /pizza command. Say about 6pm PST would make most of the west coast home from work, and most of the east coast up and ready for a late night snack? MMMMMMMM PIZZA! Their new trio of Pepperoni sounds good!
  19. ARCHIVED-JanuHull Guest

    I'd like to recommend a few more ideas along this line:

    /significantother (something to pass the time while you're stuck in a Tradeskill zone)
    /breath (you'd be amazed)
  20. ARCHIVED-Coytee Guest

    Am I the only one who has had to log off the game to order pizza online for my wife and son on a saturday night ?
    I think its kool, as long as we never see in game advertising , I say why not. Some day you will probly appreciate it when one of your group members that has a family that orders pizza once in a while doesnt have to log out to do it and 5 min wait turns in to 30 sec.
    We only order pizza maybe once or twice a month but it is usualy on friday or saturday night while im playing. So I say kool idea.

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