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Discussion in 'Players Supporting Players' started by CityKitty, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. CityKitty Member


    Yesterday, I logged out of the game normally and had been experiencing no issues all day. Today, I start the login (from the launcher) and the whole screen begins to strobe, then there are pixels everywhere. As it's an Nvidia card, I keep getting the "video card has encountered... and recovered" over and over and it doesn't help.

    I have:
    Rolled back to an earlier version of the driver
    Logged in via the .exe file
    Scanned all the files
    Tried to log into the public test version
    Disabled my custom UI (ProphetUI)
    Reinstalled DirectX
    Reinstalled Flash Player
    Reinstalled Java
    Tried logging into several apps and games (WoW, Rift, GW2) and no problems.

    I'm sure I'm not listing everything I have tried, but all the usual things anyway. I can log in normally on my other computer but one character's screen is just blank. All the UI boxes are there, but no environment display.

    There is no alertlog.txt to tell me what's wrong.
  2. Nocturnus Member

    I'm having the same issue. Curious what GPU you have? You only identify that it's an NVidia card.
  3. CityKitty Member

    Nvidia GTX 260 card, sorry should have been more specific. It's interesting that I can run on my other comp but one character, the one I was trying to log in when the pixel issue started, loads fine and all that but the environment screen is black. All the UI elements and everything else, including chat, are present.

    Please let me know if you find an answer to this and I will do the same. I'm having no issues anywhere else and, since I'm told I can't install to the root of my program files directory when I try to reinstall the game to Program Files\Sony\EverquestII, I'm about to give up and just cancel my accounts.
  4. Spock Active Member

    My eq2 is on c:/users/public/sony online entertainment and when i install my maps on programfiles they wouldnt load on windows 7 and i did install them on that c:/users/public/sony online entertainment also so that might be the reason your having trouble.Apparently the way microsoft built their last few operating systems many things wont work properly if on any of the programfiles. Good luck.
  5. Vunder Well-Known Member

    My son has this card, I tried to load the game after reading this and had something happen like this.


    Loads fine on my machine, I have a much cheaper nvidia 740 gt
  6. Sogapa Active Member

    Those are basically the symptoms I experienced when my video card died. At first, it was only EQ2 where it happened and other programs and games worked fine, then it started crashing other games or any time there was a heavy load on the card. After replacing the card everything was back to normal.
  7. CityKitty Member

    Reverting to the May driver (about 3 versions back) fixed the problem but raised another. The later patches were for the purpose of fixing a security issue in that driver so I sure hope the folk here will get on this so we can use the more secure one.
  8. Feldon Well-Known Member

    nVidia has a nasty habit of releasing newer and newer drivers for older cards that they have clearly not tested. Sometimes you have to go back to a driver that's 2-4 years old to get EQ2 and other games to work properly.
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  9. Nefarious Member

    Same thing nVidia 200 series GPU.
  10. Nefarious Member

    Rolling back the driver worked for me also. Kind of disappointed this isn't fixed.

    Daybreak... dey break the game, amirite?

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