[PIC] The ULTIMATE Monk Weapon!

Discussion in 'Monk' started by ARCHIVED-EQ2Adam, Feb 26, 2005.

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    My guild finished this very lengthy quest from Lord Nagafen last week, and here is the reward. The damage / delay is currently "ok", but they are upgrading it in the upcoming patch. This weapon gives about 16 mana per tick in battle and the particle effect is AMAZING, pictures don't do it justice.

    VIDEO: http://www.bio-corp.com/prismatic.mpg



    - Malus Dei of Najena -
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    Good for a bruiser, but meh I'm not a big fan of it.

    Gratz on completing deception though :)
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    After the update it'll no doubt be the best weapon in the game for brawlers.

    16 mana a tick IN BATTLE, relatively high damage proc, and godly damage / delay will make this weapon unbeatable. 25 Strength gives me about 120 power too.

    I'll post updated specs after the patch :D
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    Until expansion at least you are probably right, but I'm still not a fan of it.
    Regen combined with invoker robe would be sick though.
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    Yeah the baton, albeeit nice is more a monk then bruiser item, we are masters of fist weaps not batons,staffs maces, thats the domain of the monk, this aint bad though , sucks you couldnt choose a fist weap instead (

    Skull - Kithicor
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    Yeah i like the fistwrap animations alot more than the 1hb ones. So i dont care to much for this really nice weapon but like i said i like the other graphics better. heh
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    I've parsed with and without my fist weapon buff, and the difference is very little. Just an FYI.
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    Video doesn't work
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    Update your Media Player, it works on multiple machines I've tried it on.
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    I got the cudgel of deflection, procs a 570 hp heal, but looks like crap.
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    Its basically a flaming stick.. but isntead of flames.. a rainbow? ;o
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    oo yea it's best weapon until the next expansion... then it'll become moderate and one more expansion it'll become n00bi junk...
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    Bah, I'm really jealous.

    I'm using Batons of the Boar/ Augmented Leather fistwraps/ Heiro's.... Can't seem to harvest any cedar or ebon to save my life and haven't seen any good drops :(

    Congrats though, from what I hear it sounds like one helluva quest ;)
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    Eq2adam, actually the differance with brawl up using fist weapons and rolling on non fist weaps are significant, i got a pair of cedar q staffs and parsing these on autoattack only against glaciers in perma (all same level) my dps was 7>12% lower with q staffs then it was with my ebon knuckels+brawl, if i had a 50+ weapon ( ie a weapon that got masterd at 53 or higher) then the brawl skill would up this damage by even more, so in conclusion as brawl is one of our class defining abilitys (ie2 we are the best class in the game with fist weapons) its sad to see a staff weapon and not a fist weapon, but im not surprised monks and bruisers have by far the slimmest selection of good available weapons/armors and heritages and i dont expect this to change..

    Skull Kithicor

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    When the weapon gets changed in the upcoming patch, I gaurantee it will out damage ANY fist weapon in the game by a large amount, with or without brawl.