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  1. ARCHIVED-xrumorsx Guest

    i like the mage pet most for many reasons. i like its ranged attacks and extra heals. also i like that it hits harder but less often so there are less chances of breaking my fears and roots.
    the scout pet i think can do the most dmg and i like being able to shadow step it to a target.
    i like the fighter pet the least; however, i basically only use the fighter pet. the aoe knockdown aa is so usefull in pvp, also in pve and especially in gears of klackanon to help control the relic spawn. its so usefull i cant find myself using anything else. my characters aa's dont buff my pet at all, but all my other aspects, only now in the 120 shadows line will i be doing some universal pet buffing.
    does anyone else use the fighter pet pvp? i dont ever see them really in bg's in my teir. any tips or info on pet choices would be welcome in this thread please, dont flame me too bad im looking for knowledge.
  2. ARCHIVED-Vaylan77 Guest

    I play a Conjy as well (t4) and I use the scout pet here and I want to use it also for my Necro - but I still level it so I can't say how it works. As I said in the Conjy forum I think and also see from PVPing that in t4 the scout is superior in actually killing people (maybe not in DPS but I don't care that my pet deals AOE damage but actually can't get the single target down as fast as it should). So I really wonder if the Necro scout pet fully geared and AAed will be the same as the Conjy one.
  3. ARCHIVED-Trensharo Guest

    Silbermond@Nagafen wrote:
    Scout pet is useless. Only bad players use it. Forget Scout Pet, Dumb Fires, and AA Pets (Ooze Crawler, Hydromancer) even exist.
    They're all useless.
    Master your mage pet and use that for everything. At some levels you may have to drop to the tank pet for a couple levels, but not long. Until you get to 81+ spells (where you want to try to master everything), I'd roll with an Expert Tank and Master Mage pet. You should be able to tank most stuff with the mage pet, and your killspeed will be twice as fast. The tank pet can't really "tank" in the strictest sense, anyways. It's agro is terribad and you can't do more than 3k DPS without ripping agro off of it.
    Mage pet in defensive Stance agros like the tank actually should...
  4. ARCHIVED-Vaylan77 Guest

    Trensharo@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Only bad players say scout pets are useless.

    And btw you are wrong.

    1. You have to check what lvl range you are in.
    2. You have to check if you play PVP or PVE.

    For T4 PVP I can say that scout pets are more effective in killing single players than other pets and that is especially true for the Conjy pet cause you can cast Fire Seed, too, on it. And scout pets cast an Alacrity buff and especially the Conjy Regen buffs help the group in T4, also the Multi-Attack AA boost the DPS of the group while Mage pet boosts nothing in T4 for the rest of the group.

    I've done tests, both on Necro and Conjy, and both in BGs and in WFs the mage deals damage but my scout pet is better in burning the target I want to burn and is much better in protecting me while doing that actually. Until my mage pet starts doing something when a Brigand rushs me my scout pet is already there and interrupts. Also Scout pet is much much more effective in long fights when mana becomes an issue. It still deals a hell of auto attack damage while the mage pet watches the scenery.

    For T9 it may all be different and on bluebie servers it may even be more different.
  5. ARCHIVED-Trensharo Guest

    The scout is generally useless. I wasn't aware level 30s pvp was that big of a deal

    Is this the conjuror forum? No.
  6. ARCHIVED-Vaylan77 Guest

    Trensharo@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Is this the smartas s forum? No.

    I play both classes - both times with scout in t4 pvp and it rocks. If you have no information about that tier stop talking crap like "scout is generally useless". Your comments instead seem generally useless. You dont even know that t4 pvp is highly populated!
  7. ARCHIVED-Trensharo Guest

    I know that T4 PvP is highly populated, but that doesn't mean it a balance point for the game. T4 PvP was (probably still is) ridiculously populated in WoW, as well. Classes are never balanced at those levels, so it isn't suprising that the scout may be decent at level 39. However, it's still useless at level 90.
    That's not a useless comment, that's the truth.
    And conjuror comments don't belong here because Conjurors have buffs that do not exist for the Necro Class. Necros cannot give their scout pet Fire Seed.
    And I betrayed to Conjuror in the 20s and back to Necros in the 60s, so I know how they plat at that tier.
    So there you go, outside of some on the rim PvP situations (which is laughable because PvP in this game is terribad, anyways), the scout pet is useless. Hence, "It's generally useless" in the grand scheme of things. This game is 90% PvE, and no one uses the scout for that.

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