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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Suppler, Dec 5, 2011.

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    Perhaps I misheard this long ago, but I've heard a couple of times that we were going to be able to specify our pet appearance, and I dont mean with those 100sc charms in the Market window. Specifically, I'd heard that we were going to be able to use the appearance of any primary pet we've learned. Like the zombie from L20 applied to our T9 mage pet. That kind of thing.
    I misunderstood my question on that?
  2. ARCHIVED-Tigress Guest

    i wish. i read it but it was forum posters hoping for it.
  3. ARCHIVED-skuext Guest

    yes it has been implemented..............................................

  4. ARCHIVED-Juravael Guest

    Suppler wrote:
    I would very much like this to be implemented. It would be great to be able to choose which primary pet I want to summon even after I have outleveled them, ie : the froglok at 90
  5. ARCHIVED-heimdell Guest

    Greetings all,
    I truly hope they do implement an appearance option for our Pets, it was always something I endorsed (and the reason why I logged on to the forum after a lenghty absence, I had hopes that I was not the only other necro with that hope Lol).
    I would sincerily prefer it to be available to all necromancer's that have gained the available level pet graphics, but hey, if I can turn my bloody pet into a pink dragon using a petamorph wand, why not into a long forgotten zombie specific to the necro's hehe..... (Conjuror's would get a similar petamorph class specific tab, etc..).
  6. ARCHIVED-Juravael Guest

    Any word from anyone about the possibility of this?
  7. ARCHIVED-Juravael Guest

  8. ARCHIVED-Juravael Guest

    Any chance of this happening?

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