Personal Loot Reward Update in Renewal of Ro [Heroic III] zones

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Caith, Mar 13, 2023.

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  1. Ahmassar Active Member

    Why would you even conceive of a system like this? To counter SLR or to monetarize even on the loot system itself?
    This could very well be the final nail in the coffin for this game.
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  2. Loce New Member

    Above all else EQ2 is a game. It is supposed to provide fun, entertainment, an escape from work pressures. When it starts to no longer can be classified as a game, it becomes work with all the pressures of work; not fun. Thus, defeating the purpose that has brought us all here. Challenge is OK, just not work and pay to work.
  3. DENSER Well-Known Member

    The goal is not to attract new or old players , The goal is to make money with those already present and in particular the addicted whales, who will spend lavishly, as with a slot machine .
    It's a good business strategy, in itself if that's the goal, hits achieved .
    In test mode on h3, extended on h1 and 2 later,? The future will tell you
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  4. Nunja Well-Known Member

    Hilarious this new system is. Guild ran a H3 group and my friend got a transmutation stone(no other item in his crate just the stone)....WTF?!? Seriously WTF?!? This is not acceptable by any means and players will leave if this continues.
  5. malka New Member

    There are players who do not go to heroic 3 due to the lack of a group or time. Previously, they could buy loot for platinum, for example, a mount. The sale is now out. This is very bad both for those who want to buy and for those who like to farm.
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  6. Caith Developer

    Just like most things, we wont be releasing specific drop chances. They only drop from the fimal boss's personal treasure reward, so each person has their own chance to receive them, and five boss zones have a higher chance of rewarding them then three boss zones.

    Rare drops are contained within the gear tables, so if you recieve a gear reward you then have a chance to receive the rare rewards as well.

    The gear tables remain unchanged, and they are not smart loot.

  7. Caith Developer

    The primary goal is to allow players to be more flexible in groups, and no longer have to reject running a zone with friends and guildmates because they are already lockout out of a zone.
  8. Caith Developer

    The timer is the same as the zone lockout before the update, 18 hours.
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  9. Caith Developer

    Yes, we have an update in progress that will display the duration of the remaining lockout in days/hours/minutes/seconds and the server time in which it resets in date/time on both the message printed when you zone into the zone with a lockout, and on the unlocker choice box.
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  10. Caith Developer

    Serialized data on an item has to be exactly identical to allow them to stack, so the most likely difference here is a slight difference on the timestamp in those items.
  11. KingDragon Active Member

    Personally, I don't care if players can buy gear, experience, levels, house items, mounts, familiars, spells, guide powers, or even larger bags. I have an issue with the perception that players are being forced to pay more than the subscription price and the expansion price to continue to play the game. The post about the crates, reads to me, as the existing loot distribution method is going away and these "must pay $$ to acquire" method is replacing it. If the existing way to obtain loot is remaining, I.E there's still random chests from trash (yeah I understand for a few expansions trash hasn't even dropped chests), each boss drops their expected chest with a REAL quantity of loot in it, not this forced 1 piece per boss junk that's going on right now, and this new system simply adds on top of that to give an option to players who want to choose to use it for extra, I'm not going to throw a tissy.

    Lets address that as well real quick, we were getting 3-5 pieces of gear/loot/adorns etc throughout VoV, the last expansion, when RoR released you forced a 1 item per chest drop rate, which we as players have been providing negative feedback on since Beta. I rarely see a chest a with 2 things in it and that's usually from graceless. I haven't hit H2 content in RoR yet and I may not until next expansion, as my usual content is solo, and H1 through each expansion and I'm fine with that, that's the game I play. So I don't know how the chests look in H2 or H3, but I see comments in the discord and on the forums, as well as general chat in game, and it sounds to me like it's still like 1 piece, like someone decided all of a sudden "let's make loot scarce, and then give them a perceived 'option' to buy more", so they can pay us more, to get less than they used to get". We all know devs didn't spend a week on that code, it's likely been worked on since beta (sure conjecture), but just now ready for this form of "test" release as you call it. I've got no heartburn with the devs on this one, I see this as a forced business decision, I can't fathom a dev thinking this up and running with it as a proposal and oversight through implementation. I'm not dissing on devs, I'm explaining my thought process and why I think what I think. - no name calling or shaming, I see this as a business decision forced on the devs to implement.

    That's not how I'm reading that post though. It reads as if they are 100% gutting the current loot distribution and ALL players in content using it, are forced to ANTE in to get anything at all for the time/trouble of running the zones. I hope that's not the case, and it would behoove you - the company - to write up a more in depth explanation of what you intend to do with this type of system, where it's going, and why it's necessary, along with what is staying the same, what's actually changing, and any additional tweaks that aren't already listed so players can better understand what's being proverbially stuffed down our throats right now.

    So if you keep this "system" at H3 content and maybe raids, I'll never really deal with it. That doesn't mean I'm out have a nice day, I know players who do that content and I don't want to keep hearing the depressing horror stories of them not paying their utility bills to get a few more chances to gear up for a raid they otherwise aren't going to be allowed to participate in for not having the resolve/CBoC or other stat to critmit requirements.

    I keep seeing player comments that this is going to eventually trickle down out of H3's and hit every tier of content. Again if this is forcing us to pay for loot, just no. If this is "just an extra layer" added on top of the existing system, and you put the current drop rates from 1 back to 3-5 per chest, than all good. So long as it's a choice for a player to say "Yes I want a chance at extra loot on this go" and not "I have to pay extra right now, to get less than I was getting originally".

    An issue I'm having with the key items being added to crates, with the current state of explanation, is that I have purchased loot crates, above and beyond the daily overseer crate a number of times to explicitly shoot for the merc/mount/familiar buffs and familiar leveling pots, as it seems to be a good way to level the familiar while also +ing up on other "would be good to have’s”. Adding these items and making it junk rolls for me, means I'm likely not buying crates going forward. You've actually just lost money. I'm very much overly tired of RNG in this game, I'm fed up with the junk tables to ensure we don't get what we are after, and further compounding that by adding new "100% useless items" to the tables of something I have pay well above and beyond to acquire just frustrates me to no end. Move them OUT of the potion/buff table and into the junk illusion armor table. You could even move them into the status ingot table, that's a much better spot than the only table that currently has something we actually want/will pay for. You do understand that when I pay for something, and you take it back, I'm legally allowed to file a dispute with the payment vendor - usually the bank, and have that transaction reversed. That's one of those things I'd take to a lawyer, to weigh options. From seeing other disgruntled players state they get perma banned for "charge-backs" just means that you keep cutting your revenue stream.

    This new obsession you have with Temporary- temp temp adorns needs to mello out fast. If I buy a crate and I get an item out of it that poofs after I just paid for it, and log out for work, school, lunch, sleep, etc and come back to that purchase no longer being in my inventory to use when I choose to use it, oh we are so going to have words and issues. I will absolutely be considering having a conversation with a lawyer that specializes in e-commerce and online gaming. I might even have to consider lobbying for some new digital rights regulations to pass the house and senate. I'd rather work to help regulate something I want to put my time and money into than be forced to cut all ties and move on to something else, that may or may not be in a similar state, or evolve into a similar state and have the same issue again, fix it at the top and ensure games remain games and not every company turning into Vegas preying on the gamers/subscribers. I hope this properly expresses to you just how toxic this system is being viewed by us the players, as is currently explained to us and as it currently exists in the game.
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  12. Alarra Well-Known Member

    I thought it was a way of discouraging SLR, but from what it looks like, it seems like it is grind hard or pay money for a chance at loot.
    I do not support the paid component of this as it will be detrimental to the health of the game for a short term financial benefit.
    If implemented in other tiers I don't foresee much enjoyment.
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  13. Aggy Member

    Couldn't this have been done with just shortening the lockout timer? I am kind of confused why we had to bring PTW gear chance into the mix, unless I am still missing something?
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  14. Akada Member

    I think the intention of the devs was to make H3´s more relevant.
    But after a H3 run yesterday it still happend, that you invest 4 hours of lifetime and get some temp adorns, transmution stone and a common 430 resolve item.
    Den2 Challenge always had reward for you and when it only flags your adornment to the next level from silver to gold status. But H3 isn´t fun especially when group setup isn´t ideal and all the scripts has only final judgement consequences shown as group wipe. Fights nowadays feeling like a action-combat system without the visual feedback some other MMO (e.g. lost ark, aion...) have. In this MMO´s you see where you can stand with group or not to stand because the ground is highlighted. Here you get only a text message as hint. And on top you have to do this in x seconds and so on. All this isn´t fun in my opinion but some will argument that it is fun. And after an evening with all the stress, staring on cast bar for interrupt, counting detrimentals, casting heroic opportunities in the correct timeslot, running in rooms, healing like gods and curing as hell you will get a common 430 item from final boss, when RNG god hasn´t bless you.
    The new personal treasure cache changes nothing on that, so it isnt fun.
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  15. Ziefren Active Member

    This is going to have the opposite effect. Single groups can now just farm h3's on 30 minute cool downs and the groups/guilds with the biggest whales can quiet literally just buy their way into the highest tier content as well buy their way into the best raid loot with those personal caches.

    This change will simply destroy the game.
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  16. Dezum Member

    This is a great idea on paper but the introduction of the keys and reset unlocks being inside the brand new heritage crate contradicts your idea here because as Ziefren typed it's now going to be farming the zones 30 minutes with set groups because you can just keep buying keys and unlockers.
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  17. Beee Well-Known Member

    Be warned: The chance of getting usefull things out of the new Libant Evernight Heritage Crates is crazy low.

    I bought 20x1 crates and after unpacking there was ONE single Personal Treasure Reward Key inside.

    Sorry my i have my DBC back.. this system is crazy because we need 3 Personal Treasure Reward Key to get an additional CHANCE for a second loot item. No way - not with my money
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  18. Beee Well-Known Member

    If you buy 20x1 crates every crate has it's own timestamp and we get a full box of for a week not stackable item. This meachnism makes problems since it's introduction (and not only) for me...

    7 stacks of Personal Treasure Unlocker each count by one looks really much better than one stack count by 7 ;)

    We really need more and much bigger boxes to store all the temporary tradable restricted items
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  19. Bentenn Well-Known Member

    Disagree. The primary goal was more funding which just drove your remaining community crazy. Cash grab at best. If you did not put any of them on the marketplace, then yes, your above primary goal would be correct. In the current state it is 100% about money lol. Believe it or not…most people can see that. You just created a monstrosity of a problem and did little to meet “your primary goal”.
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  20. Bentenn Well-Known Member

    They need to do away with this system and then you won’t have that problem.
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