Personal Loot Reward Update in Renewal of Ro [Heroic III] zones

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Caith, Mar 13, 2023.

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  1. Zhevally Well-Known Member

    H3's are harder to pull data from, but keep in mind 99% of the h3 final named loot is the same pieces from the h2 weekly, which just makes it even more strange they are worried about people getting it "too fast" since most people running h3s will have it all from h2s anyways.
    For raids, as far as unlocked guilds go 42 have killed something, and 32 of those have killed at least 1 t2. So a majority of raiding guilds are doing content beyond t1.
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  2. Smashey Well-Known Member

    So now we can buy gear from the shop too. Hmm. I ask again, where do this company gather player feedback from?
  3. Tanithelas New Member

    Utterly disappointing update and new p2w system. Very much against adding higher chances via crates this is a shameless cash grab. Really regretting my yearly subscription. Also thought there was a big enough uproar a couple years ago when y’all were trying to sneak in more p2w and it was announced that that behavior would not continue but here it comes again.
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  4. Clintsat Well-Known Member

    I'm appreciative of the opportunity to better help friends get through content. That said, monetizing this aspect of the game completely bypasses many of the competitive aspects of the game as folks that pay more will now be much better able to access higher-tier raid/heroic content. Additionally, these items destroy the most common raid loot systems that guilds have used for well over a decade (i.e., DKP).

    Essentially, we will now have a system where those that pay more will easily be able to gear up faster and content will be balanced around that vs. what can normally be attained. This has occurred with every paid item over the past several years. Additionally, the best loot will be monitored and drop rates will be adjusted to make sure that chase items do not enter the world more frequent than desired. This will result in the folks that use the cash-purchased items getting more of those items and regular drops will most likely dry up completely.

    Unfortunately, this implementation is going to cause many of my raiders to give up hope of being competitive and I anticipate many dropping to super casual or quitting all together. That's a fairly big deal as my guild is the only guild on our server to consistently clear all content (and we often help other guilds get through things as well). This could certainly cause a chain reaction that kills Skyfire.
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  5. Shadowmists Member

    Clintsat is spot on. The company had been moving in the opposite direction and this actually brought back many players and gave others hope that risk versus reward was going to be the foundation for game play. Now, this new crate system up ends all of that progress. And it changes risk (read work) versus reward to $$ gets rewards. While everyone understands that the game needs to make a profit to stay in existence, the loot system was off-limits for p2w for a reason.

    Feedback: Change the Cel Crate and remove the ability to use it on all encounters in the game. Instead, make it a Cel Spell (of their choice). But, remove the loot implications from the box.
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  6. Uncle Active Member

    so on a side note guildee just informed me they ran h3 storm and 5/6 got red/white adrons and the 6th a scout got mage shoulders off the first named they barely killed... guess ill still not bother with h3's .. fyi id woud talk about the crate thing but i feel that nothing can/will be said to change the wonderfully smart dev that came up iwth that monstrosty that will porobley kill a good amount of the 39 raid guilds that left ion eq2 Uncle
    update top this: i personally ran alot of h3 used keys in one zone got 3 pairs of leather pants and one set up plate leggs.. in another zone got some sexy 445 cboc boot only thing is they are for a dam mage.. IM A SCOUT so yeah back to my orgional statement.., not gonna go out of my way for h3;s since they are semi still waste of time even ion this format
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  7. Sherwood_Acres New Member

    This new system is SOO deep into left field it isn't funny. We pay a monthly fee for a game to "enjoy" & compete with other teams. Now we have to spend more money on "every tier" just to compete?! Not to mention they aren't smart loot. In other words...RNG spits out loot for an Alt I don't have/play. I can't even express my level of frustration with this new system!
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  8. Praetorian Well-Known Member

    This is why I asked this:

    Without a well-defined answer and explanation to the implementation and clunky UI and "LOOT LOCK OUT" terminology, this entire system as advertised right now is a major negative to a player base. I've already had two players I've known for a long time read the game update and both had a conversation and decided to leave the game. Thats just two people that I know. How many other people see their example and leave as well? Im not on the dev team, but I think i'm pretty savvy when it comes to the game and what it needs and doesnt need. As a incredibly long time player and community provider I could have instantly said this as its implemented right now was going to be received poorly and for some people already extremely frustrated by the way the current expansion was released and designed.. for many it was going to be a straw that broke the camels back.
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  9. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

  10. Pixistik Don't like it? You're not alone!

    I dont see anything out of place, all looks like another legit blunder in game design with some very respectful and insightful replies
  11. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    That's because the offending posts were already removed, hence the "Violations will be removed..." portion of my warning. Thank you.
  12. AvenElonis Well-Known Member

    Smart loot needed for this. And take out the temp adornments from the box.

    And keep in mind those that "need" the loot from H3 - can't do H3s and those that can do H3s don't need the gear as they are killing T2 Raid mobs - which is about 750 players based on EQ2 Raid Progression.
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  13. Taled Well-Known Member

    H3's are still the best way to gear up to T4 raids, on paper. 445 gear is what you need in all slots, which is the rare drop from the last named, but *wasn't* super rare - just the better pieces with CBOC are.

    With the new loot system I'm hearing people I believe say they ran between 3 and 6 H3 instances (15 - 26 named -> 15-26 'personal loot rewards') and got zero gear rewards. Yes - RNG is RNG, and their group members did get gear, but since you can't trade it and it isn't smart loot, well.. (and the folks who bought and used keys apparently made out pretty well)
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  14. Ziefren Active Member

    ill split this into 2 sections since we have had 2 new systems dropped on us via the new crate.

    1. The loot resetters and the loot keys
    Giving players the ability to simply just buy their way into more loot rolls just goes against everything this game is about progression wise from an end game raiding perspective. If people with the biggest wallets can just run zones on cool down every 30 minutes and use unlimited resetters, why even bother trying to compete with that? As someone that has run many zones today, ive also yet to see any of the "free" keys or resetters.

    2. The unlimited personal loot cahces
    These absolutely invalidate loot progression and overall raid progression. if players who pay to win enough can just simply get the best loot just becuase they spent money on crates, whats the point. My guild uses a DKP system, this invalidates the DKP system as a whole since players with a big enough wallet can just go buy their way into loot.
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  15. Dakwaur New Member

    My well thought out response to the topic of revised loot system:

    I am a person who plays this game for 14+ hours a day. Simply the sheer entertainment value that EQ2 is, my friends, guild mates and nostalgic sentiment the franchise has earned in my heart were worth the time and money invested.

    The changes in the loot system are in a direction that is in direct conflict with that to which built this franchise in the first place. Emerging content that kept players enticed with rewards that balanced reward with risk and time invested built skills in playing and community of friends willing to commit to each other for the common goal of achieving something grand. Thus the community of an MMO lives and strives.

    Vast content that was original, working, released on time, not broken attracted new players kept existing players coming back to buy new expansions. Who doesn’t remember camping on the steps of Circuit City on new release Tuesday to get their new expansion that contained a “real” years worth of content. When there was real life events like Sony Fan Faire. When the game drove friends to host LAN party weekends to play together in real life.

    Now we pay even more per expansion than we ever did in the “old” days and get even less for our money in regards to vast, quality, working, content that lives up to the hype the boast in advance. Cookie cutter content, itemization, level and stat squishes, broken classes, spells, encounters, mechanics and a disconnect from the player base by the powers that be are creating a larger and larger divide that is getting more and more impossible to repair.

    Dwindling game population drives the need for new revenue streams. Investors/owners want more profit. Developers want more compensation. Business models say pay more to fewer devs, charge more per expansion which translates to developers developing less content, less quality, less testing, less working mechanics, more cookie cutter itemization, copy paste and/or mixing of relevant and logical choices.

    Sometimes the the greatest problems can be solved by simply going back to the original equation that created the greatest success. Stop the 6 degrees of separation that is destroying the game as a whole. Recruit enthusiastic talent to create new content the attracts people. It won’t be easy but it’s obvious that there are people that lack passion for the game working for DPG/DBG/E7 or whatever you want to call it. These people are what are killing the game. They make decisions based on a profit/loss revenue basis only and in my opinion are not putting forth the effort that they used to. This may sound harsh but let’s face it people get complacent, lack motivation, and burn out.

    Pay to win is a fail model. Time and time again and year to year the push back grows and the population reduces because of it. Then the bigger push to monetize another aspect of the game emerges and the vicious cycle continues.

    I’m not claiming I have the answer to the problem but I know in the grand scheme of things the current status quo cannot continue. Hardcore raiders, casual players, and franchise enthusiast have voiced the same concerns and repeatedly get dismissed, ignored, moderated, banned all of which result in the same bottom line … less money being spent by a greater number of people. The equation needs to flip, make a system that convinces more people to pay a little more.

    Start building community again not dividing it. Release things that work. Test it, make sure it works, utilize the feedback from beta. Listen to the Raid Council, and other resources that you created. Engage with your players, don’t isolate yourself from them and expect that we respect you for that inverse relationship. Turn your customer support staff into “I can help” rather than the “go pound sand, I can’t help you” that it is now. Balance classes, fix that which is broken before the I can’t because I have a cookie cutter next expansion schedule to adhere to. There’s are lots and lots of constructive criticism coming out of what players feel is a gross implementation of a loot system that certainly didn’t originate from the player base.

    If the game of Everquest 2 is to survive it needs to flourish at the player level before the corporate level. Otherwise I honestly believe it will die a horrible death, a lose-lose for all involved.
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  16. Beee Well-Known Member

    Message of the Day: All Treasure Cache items have been temporarily disabled while we investigate an issue with them.
  17. Beee Well-Known Member

    It might be an intresting system to kill SLR but it pushes up the personal luck to the 7th heaven.

    Using the additional 3 keay each H3 endboss one player gets armor items same quality he allready wears, and the other player gets every time a huge resolve boost with a 445 CB OC neck. and other usefull items.
    The personal luck combined with buyable keys in marketplace is a short sight idea.

    The usefull temporary adornmets are vanished on a login after 10 hours, so please remove them complete

    If you want to sell lockout loot keys the loot timer need to be 24h (which would be a very stupid idea) - BTW how long is the loot lockout timer?
  18. Zhevally Well-Known Member

    Can this message be changed to also let us know how long until we can get the treasure again? Something like "...has been obtained recently and you must reset your loot lockouts in this zone or wait for them to expire in [x] hours." Or can we get another way in game to see how much time is left until we are eligible for another chest? (In theory we can count off our kill time, but that means we would have to search logs to find our last kill time to determine when we are eligible again)
  19. Beee Well-Known Member

    In some cases the items do not stack with the same trade restriction timer (maybe there is a difference in the hidden seconds)
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  20. Arclite Well-Known Member

    Since my previous post was unceremoniously deleted, I will try to voice my concern about this in a way that does not point out the obvious...

    You have essentially killed the competitive nature of this game and any hope for any new or returning player to catch up. If the game is really in such a dire state that you feel the only way to keep it afloat is to sell loot then you might as well close shop now.

    I do not see a way you dig yourself out of this mess in its current state. You charge an extortionate amount for premium pay to win items with every expansion, deliver very underwhelming and lacking content on a yearly basis and then you rip the spine out of the game's main feature of loot grind by monetising risk vs reward and still change a monthly subscription for it. The sheer audacity and shame knows no bounds.
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