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  1. Seth Active Member

    Yay we're getting another nerf guys must be all our overpowered tank sta.. oh wait we dont have them. Never fear though because at least they changed some names on items. Progress guys, they have nearly reached peak performance!
  2. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    Relax... it's nothing to do with tanks, just mages priests and scouts have to worry now :)
    I'm kiddiing, looks like a quick very minor reduction in some stats so that heroic gear is not better than the T1 raid gear, which I am OK with. If you walk into PR, and the boots drop for scouts, and NONE of the scouts wanted them, and it's your first piece of T1 raid loot? Yep, I'm ok with that.
    I am looking forward to seeing some tank stats on all the gear in my bags :)
  3. Seth Active Member

    Problem is, they are making people regear with only a couple months left
  4. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    Typical, Shard of Hate should offer some good gear, assuming they didn't lower it too much.
  5. Mountbatten Well-Known Member

    You're assuming SoH gear has even been touched. That's a bold assumption.
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  6. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    I expect more of the same with SoH, but DBG is free to prove me wrong.
  7. GhostofRivervale New Member

    Shard of Hate has five arguably six best in slot tank items until late TSO or until the server dies in three or four of their cases. This is even if the items had zero stats other than just their primary effects and some stamina.

    I still find tank gear having max health to be a huge mistake on DBG's part, unless they wanted it to be in rare itemization circumstances. Mitigation does close to nothing that I can care less if they put 100% mitigation increase on gear seeing as how little hunker down giving 11k was doing, and the same issue with ill will's vs no ill will's on fallen gate (10k more perma mitigation doing close to what 5% damage reduction does on a miragul charm).
  8. Zenji Well-Known Member

  9. Kurth New Member

    They should really just delete all the items and start from scratch next server. Having a smaller pool of items will be cooler anyway and more reminiscent of old school MMOs

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