Passive Stance for fighters.

Discussion in 'General Fighter Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    Can you add a stance that all fighters can buy from there trainers.

    Instant Cast, 10 Second Recast:
    - Removes Threat from all abilities.
    - Removes +Hate Positionals.
    - -1000% Hate Gain. (This way hate gain is 0% regardless of gear, Hate gain does not go into negatives.)
    - Fighter is no longer considered a fighter, so stuff that lowers his hate gain and decreases threat works on him, and dirge buffs that buff hate won't work on him. Ect.

    Does not increase DPS or anything, and can be used any time.
  2. ARCHIVED-Grumpy_Warrior_01 Guest

    I liked this idea when Aeralik attempted it, but I think the nail in the coffin was he attached it to the offensive stance. If I understand your idea, this would be a separate ability that stacks with any offensive/mid/defensive stance already in use, leaving the other stats intact. Although I would drop the part about positionals, since non-tanking fighters need to be able to use positional "snap" abilities to reduce chaos when the tanking fighter goes down.
  3. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    Grumpy_Warrior_01 wrote:
    Well, since its instant reuse/recast, if you want to use your threat positionals as a positional, you can turn off the ability and then when you don't, turn it back on.

    Its for things like "grave sacrament" which gives you a hate position, but does lots of damage, this way you can keep the damage, but don't pull aggro and die since your not tanking.
  4. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    this is called an offensive stance, an intermediate would generate less hate but still offer a chunk of DPS gain with less defensive benefits and would allow you to still switch to defensive if you needed to. offensive stance should offer real DPS benefits but not allow you to switch to defensive.
    no code is necessary for buff negating, even if you used a snap the mob would instantly lose you due to deaggros built in.

    this is how things should have went. in all honesty threat generation should be a tank's primary role with the secondary job being setting up your character for survival with a big chunk of that coming from the stance you choose, but tanks should still be able to solo/duo with some choice left to them when not in a raid environment. that being your intermediate stance, offensive mainly just being for solo and utility gaps.

    welcome to my 3 year old suggestion. didn't happen then, won't happen now.
  5. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    Atm, my problem is losing aggro to the main tank, if I don't stop attacking he can never rip it off me.

    But I have 40% Unbuffed Hate Mod/259% unbuffed critical bonus now, using 2 weapons.

    I'm usually top 3-4 on the parse in this expansion.
  6. ARCHIVED-Tekadeo Guest

    I would much rather see them add a simple buff to all fighter stances
    Offensive: +20% damage dealt AND taken
    Defensive: +100% to Taunts, Strikethrough Immunity (at least while temp buffs are up)
  7. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    The offensive stance would be useless, we would be squishier then mages with +20% damage taken, aoes would just one shot us. Lol.

    Also... I would just rip aggro off the tank constantly with 20% more damage, he can barley keep aggro off me as is.

    And I won't beable to use all my AOEs, which is my primary damage dealing CAs.

    And after all that, I would like my offensive stances damage proc to be moved to another self buff.
  8. ARCHIVED-Thetmes Guest

    Do what other class in your raid do watch thier threat and back off if needed.

    BTW if you are ripping aggro of the MT in the raid maybe you should be the MT. Although we are talking about you and you would prolly try to tank everything in O Stance with a 2 Hander and die allot.
  9. ARCHIVED-Tekadeo Guest

    Talathion@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    And then you add in +20% MELEE damage taken and it's all fine.
    And the only reason you are such a beast is probably because no real guilds will take you, so you are in a sad guild with a weak MT. No real MT with proper buffs would worry about a Berserker who isn't hitting snaps. But since you said you have 40% hate gain unbuffed I guess you think it's cool to rip from the guy?
    But why no aoe's?
  10. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    offtanks grabbing unwanted aggro from the MT has always been a problem, but it is usually a utility buffing problem putting hate on you when you don't need it.
    BUT if you are in the top 4 DPS then your whole raid is slacking and that is probably issue #1. i used to parse very well as offtank but i didn't kid myself into thinking i was that great, i called the DPS out that they needed help.
  11. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    Well.. with 249% CB, 230% Potency, 1300 Ability Mod, my combat arts ACTUALLY hit harder then my first hit of autoattack.

    Now that my combat arts actually do damage, and now that I have lots of Multiattack...(600%.) and hate mod... (20% On bracelets/10% on gloves... reforging.)

    Partisan Cleave hits for 1280000 now...

    Its understandable I rip aggro off the tank, all the fights are AOE fights, and I do about 250-400k in raids now.
  12. ARCHIVED-Thetmes Guest

    Granted I dont have raid gear and I really dont have much of the new gear on my Zerk but it looks to me like you are set up more to DPS than to tank that might be part of the problem.........
  13. ARCHIVED-SOE-MOD-08 Guest

    This post has moved: /eq2/posts/preList.m?topic_id=500098&post_id=5759007 Trolling.
  14. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    Kimber@Nagafen wrote:
    Thats quite obvious isn't it? (YDS)
  15. ARCHIVED-Thetmes Guest

    So you are saying that you are not set up to tank then?

    Or are you saying that a Zerk is supposed to DPS only?

    Last I checked we were Plate Tanks and supposed to tank. You post about having issues with pulling the mob off the MT in your raid. If this is the case then maybe you should be the MT and he should be the off tank. However if you are only able to pull aggro of the MT buy sacrificing your survivablitly to the point where you cannot be the MT ( what it looks like you may have done with the DPS set up ) then maybe you should look at your gear and AA set up to increase your survivablity.
  16. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    Kimber@Nagafen wrote:
    I have all my survivability stuff, i'm fine surviving.

    If you actually listened to me, I'm trying to say my problem is ripping off the MT/holding aggro off him/tanking the raid, even on nameds, it pisses the leaders off usually, I don't die though.

    If you played a zerker, you would know that taking hits and doing damage is kind of how we hold aggro.
  17. ARCHIVED-Kaberu Guest

    Considering Berserkers have no hate reductions or transfers like DPS classes... just buy some hate reduction adorns. Get yourself in the -20% to -30% or less range and you'll probably be fine.
    How can you not know how to do this?
    EDIT: Or rather, how can you not know that you should do this as a DPS role that is stealing aggro?
  18. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    Yes.. and that does what against Positional Hate?

    Do you even play a tank?

    Do you know how much that would cost? and btw you can't switch out adornments in combat, so that would not matter.
  19. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    Eh.. Not really sure if trolling me.
  20. ARCHIVED-Thetmes Guest

    I play a zerk and I have been the MT so yes I know how it works. What I am getting at is this if you are so good that you are pulling aggro of your MT ( and you dont have all the buffs a MT gets ) then why are you not the MT. There has got to be a reason for it and I am thinking the reason for it is cause even though you say you are set up to tank I am betting you are not. Which is why you are not the MT. If you dont want to pull aggro of the MT whats your hate meter and watch what CA's you use and be a good little DPS its what the other 23 people in your raid are doing.

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