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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Somedude, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. Ghorast Member

    People did not make it to 50 in 3 days in original launch not even close.
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  2. Flightrisk Well-Known Member

    In the above posts I see quite a few persons boasting or complaining , depending on the person, about how fast they or someone else leveled a character on kaladim server, as well as complaints (or boasts) of how easily content is being soloed and one grouped.
    I'm playing Kaladim and I'm in a lovely BIG busy guild. Every time I look at the 'who's online now" list I have rarely seen less than 10 people on , and that's at 3am midwest time, the daytime roster is crazy long, as in have to scroll it several inches to see everyone. But even with groups I've only gotten one character to cap so far and its taken longer than 3weeks let alone 3 days or hours .
    As for content not being 'hard' enough...
    I suggest that some of this is due to the use of the third party UI's and the parse programs ...which at launch didn't exist. these same parse and assist programs have also enjoyed 15 years of refinement and debugging.
    If you really really want to play it like launch, how about using the default UI , put away your parse , A.C.T timers and spread sheets and simply play the encounter with your own know-how along with your own reflexes ?
    Perhaps you will find a bit more challenge , or at least fun in playing the instances and encounters by "the seat of your pants" rather than having a program prompting your casts while timing and plotting everything the mob is doing for you.
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  3. Ghorast Member

    Parsing existed from day one, default ui now has most of the features that had to be done by the addons in the past, 10 people online is not "busy", 3 weeks to level cap on 4 month expansions is very fast, act timers are not needed on a single boss. Kaladim is garbage.
  4. Flightrisk Well-Known Member

    [QUOTEParsing existed from day one, default ui now has most of the features that had to be done by the addons in the past, 10 people online is not "busy", 3 weeks to level cap on 4 month expansions is very fast, act timers are not needed on a single boss. Kaladim is garbage. ][/QUOTE]

    Indeed , act timers are NOT needed on a single boss .. that was my point .
    because even if You are not engaging the full set up for solo boss's or when one grouping a raid instance bet'cha there are folks doing exactly that.
    default ui does not have the triggers and sound prompts that some of the assist programs use.. thank goodness. I hate being told what to do by people let alone how it makes me feel to be 'bossed' by a fancy toaster ( my computer). I stand by my thought that having one or more programs tattling on what the encounter is going to do before it does it, certainly will make it far easier to beat .
    10 insomniacs at 3am from a guild of 300 separate active accounts seems busy enough to me .
    hitting cap is not finishing , at least in my opinion.
    ...Even after I hit level cap with a character, it needs ..stuff. Plats , books , gear upgrades , status points, All of which takes time to get. Even if you are buying it all off the broker, it still may take time , as you can't buy whats not there and while I will use the broker to fill in some things or items , for most of it I get out and get it all my self . Once again this all takes time. I do all my harvesting myself the first capped character is ideal for that .... with all that, for me ( i also baby sit 5 days a week 10+ hours a day , she deserves my undivided attention so i do not eq2 during that time), looking at just 4 months until new content to get my 5 kaladim characters up to cap, geared out to be fully playable and solvent seems a tad short but doable .
    Given the fun I'm having with my very nice guildies , as well as the enjoyment of playing with a all membership player base, I'm finding Kaladim anything but "garbage". to the devs .. In my opinion .. outstanding job!!
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  5. Zenji Well-Known Member

    I'm glad your guild finds a reason to log in. I'm glad you have found a way to drag out a few hours of leveling over 3 weeks. Intentionally going slow, or limiting play time to only a few hours a week does not magically make more content.
    I was leading the raids, I did not use timers for anything in Shattered Lands or DoF. It wasn't needed. DPS meters don't magically make x4 content easier where it can be killed with 1 group. Fancy UI's and timers don't make group content doable by solo players. You know what does make those things possible? Untested content that is just released and the playerbase is expected deal with it.

    UI's, ACT timers and spreadsheets were all used 15 years ago. But a blind monkey could kill all of the raid content on Kaladim while smashing a 1 button macro and standing in the fire.
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  6. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    Why do you people argue with him when its enough to write: "Delusional"?
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  7. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Because arguing on the forums is more engaging than playing the game :)
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  8. Venser Active Member

    I use default ui. Only load act to look at parsing numbers. Zero timers, triggers, anything. I'm willing to bet you use an auto attack swing timer since it's in the default eq2 settings now to have a timing bar. Guess what, I dont need it. So I'm as default as it gets and this content is still easy. Not sure what your definition of challenging is, but idk how you found it here.
  9. Kahleem Active Member


    I disagree wholeheartedly with this post specifically regarding Kaladim (I multibox so I avoid the PVP server). It took me 9 hours straight, with spamming exp potions, to just get to 28. People who are going from 1-60 on Kaladim in "3 hours" are being powerleveled, stacking every exp potion to reach 300% exp, and using the 100% rested exp bonus potion. It's NOT a realistic measure for exp rates.

    I'd wager it takes roughly a week or more to go from 1-60 on Kaladim for a normal, non-hardcore powereleveled, player.

    That feels very good for me considering I have a full time job. That being said, I'm absolutely HATING, with a capital H in bold with fireworks shooting out from behind it, the 4-month expansion unlocks. This server needed, at most, a 2-month expansion unlock, or maybe a 3monther?

    4 Months is just a bit much for me. I've deactivated my accounts until the next expansion because of how long it is, and I don't want to burnout and not play anymore ever again on Kaladim.

    The difficulty of content seems about right for a TLP though. Kaladim, from the dev's perspective, has apparently been their most successful iteration so far.
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  10. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Not sure what you were doing for 9 hours and only hitting level 28. Did you spend 5 hours killing grey mobs and picking flowers?

    Day 1 of the server, my group hit level 50 in less than 8 hours played.

  11. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I like how even the non hardcore player only takes a week, or like less than 1/10th of the time in T5 to hit max level.

    Also to those who think it takes a long time to get status items, or do the one important questline per expansion (prismatic 1/2/claymore/soulfire) you have problems.
  12. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    On a side note I would be more willing to use default UI if there wasn't a giant shopping cart in the bottom right corner.
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  13. Somedude Active Member

    Even playing the first time thru at kaladim launch did not take 8 hours to get to 50 without stacking xp potions. I"m not sure what you're doing wrong. That was the slowest it could have been as we had no gear or resources.

    There is a screenshot in another thread showing that I leveled to 50 and got my prismatic done in a single day. This was done without power leveling, just pug groups, and I did it on like day 8 of Kaladim?

    Here ya go, went back to my messages back from 04/24/19:

    Again, I'm struggling to understand what your doing wrong to find it that slow.

    FYI, XP caps at 250 xp mod, so don't be wasting your potions in the future.
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  14. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Xp should be divided by the number of members in the group and bonus capped at 100%.

    Joined a PuG with main at 50, we did Hidden Cache, Harpies Roast, AT, CM and then palace, I was 55 at the end; all instaces but Palace took well under 10mn.

    Illu alt went even faster since she used a 100% individual potion.

    we leveled our paladin to 60 in 3 sessions of 1-2 hours.

    So 50-60 in less than 2 hours is quite possible, of course it uis faster if you have a 60 tank and some high dps.
  15. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Well you were just braging by posting a quite irrelevant parse with massive prima 2 encounter, instinct on you (warden probably had several scouts) and probably one melee buff.

    It's easy to cook up a parse, coercer/illi buff, blade of ro, primal instinct, tenacity, primal fury.
  16. Hydraulics Member

    Hi, I also raid on a swash and I can say he didn't cherry pick the best parse he could find. This is a very typical swash breakdown this expansion.
  17. Venser Active Member

    This was a named fight in PPR. Not very random, named had, 2 adds that die in less than 10 seconds. I have every encounter parse, trust me it's not cherry picking.

    You also do not know your group make ups at all, which is obvious since you think i have both instinct and primal fury, and you think i have ro blade all the time. Coercer / illy buff? Do you have any clue what you are actually saying? I really dont have a need to reply, but it's funny to read for sure, ty.
  18. Venser Active Member

    All rogues parses look like this on basically every raid encounter. The point of the post was to point out procs, not damage done. So it's pretty irrelevant what the numbers look like.
  19. Okanagan Member


    Today I learned that appropriately buffing your damage dealers in a raid = 'cooking a parse'.

    What would be irrelevant is comparing parses with 0 buffs and a terrible group make up, since that is not how raid compositions are formed by any relevant guild.
  20. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I build my raid around people having buffs. That being said however, Venser always got a inq/warden/zerker for the most part when we raided, the warden would be absent if content was in any way difficult.

    I don't know why I would ever build a raid where people didn't have buffs. The idea of this confuses me.

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