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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Somedude, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. Somedude Active Member

    I've played on all the TLE servers, and gave both Kaladim and Nagafen a solid run. I'm leaving now cause neither of them is 'fun', but wanted to share some feedback.

    It appears to me the core design between the two servers is completely opposite of what they should be.

    What do I mean?

    The PVE experience on Nagafen is better and more appropriate than the PVE experience on Kaladim. Let that sink in for a minute. The server with a 90 day life has a challenging PVE experience that takes significant investment to advance. It is taking an hour to 1.5 hours per level for hardcore players to progress on a server that gets wiped in 90 days.

    Then consider Kaladim, a server that will presumably be around for years and has 4 month long expansions. The exact same hardcore players level 0-60 in 3 hours on the server that is persistent and offers nothing but PVE content. All the content in the PVE TLE expansions are cleared within 48 hours of their launch, Additionally the PVE content is balanced on Kaladim to where a single player clears heroic content, and a single group can clear all raid content.

    Now if I go back to Nagafen, the PVP server. Entire groups move thru heroic content at a snails pace and a single orange ^^^ will destroy a group of good players. The PVP server has overly challenging PVE content. The PVP server is seasonal and lasts 90 days. I should be breezing thru the PVE content there as my focus should be on PVP goals. I can't begin to explain why the server is tuned this way. I hopped on Nagafen expecting to play KoS sooner than Kaladim and to enjoy group pvp content at max level where the game is deeper and the pvp is far more interesting.

    What I got on Nagafen is a bunch of folks level locking near their M2 choices at lower level and playing the classes that have the strongest M2 choices. I don't fault them for this, it makes killing people at that level trivial, and the alternative of what it takes to actually level is not rewarding or interesting. I don't fault anyone for skipping 80 hours of leveling to then PVP, cause if you choose this path, you're only going to have a handful of players to play with. Very few people are going to make that investment on a seasonal server.

    In short. Kaladim would be significantly better if it had the PVE mechanics of Nagafen, and Nagafen would be significantly better if it had the PVE mechanics of Kaladim. If this was true, I'd have a damn hard time deciding which one to play more verses where I am now realizing I'm not having any fun playing either.

    I've tried to understand the decisions made to have these servers both be the exact opposite of what would be 'fun', but I can't come to any rationalization that holds water for me.

    Maybe our new CM will relay this feedback to our dev team.

    Wish all you the best,

  2. Obano Well-Known Member

    Nagafen is TLE hardmode. The server is now a week old and the highest level player is 57. There is another player at 55 and then it drops off quickly after that. Two people at 47, a 46, three players at 45, one 44 and one 40. That rounds out the top ten players. The rest of the server is under 40.

    I am not complaining though. I like this TLE hardmode server. The PvP rules are turned on just for funzies and to make it a little bit extra hardcore. Don't take it personally if you die. That is just part of the challenge. What DBG should do is just advertise it as a hardmode server. I think they created something awesome by accident. Now they just need to advertise it so more people know about it. I am not talking about ads or anything. Just put a note on the front page saying "Hey EQ2 has a hardcore server now." Play at our own risk.
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  3. Somedude Active Member


    I agree they created something awesome by accident. If it wasn't a seasonal server, ie if it was more like Kaladim, I'd be invested in playing on that hardcore server.

    I can't make the investment this requires knowing it gets wiped in a few weeks, and knowing in 4-5 weeks a bauble to level to max comes in.
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  4. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    Some of us are having a very enjoyable time on Kaladim. I've played on Stormhold and Fallen Gate, and TLE is much more fun this time around. Joining a good guild makes a world of difference!The XP level is good; I have one toon at level 60 and it took a lot more than three hours to get her there. The rest (I have one for each tradeskill) are level 30 and below. In the six months or so since Kaladim opened, I've achieved a total of 220 adventure levels and 257 tradeskill levels.
    My only real gripe is all the wasted travel time. Although I despise having to run everywhere (run speed itself is fine) rather than taking a bell, druid ring or spire, I have to admit that I've become much more familiar with many parts of the Shattered Lands. I'd still rather spend that time adventuring; bring back /house! ;)
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  5. Siren Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your thoughtful post, Atan.

    I totally agree with you that Daybreak has stumbed onto a winning formula with Nagafen Season 2. They have been listening and responding affirmatively since beta, and now that the XP pots are out of the shop and the exploit is patched out, this server is a total blast.

    If they stubbornly stick to the 1-character-per-account rule for the extra subs, so be it (especially now that they've lost the XP pot income, and so many players did the lifetime sub for their mains besides). But they really should make this current Nagafen a permanent TL PVP server for sure-- er, as permanent as TLs get, anyway (1 1/2 to 2 year lifespan before retiring all characters to a live server).

    I love this current Nagafen: there aren't nearly enough gear discrepancies or AAs total to wind up with the new player "Dandelion Fluff" versus the vets "Brick Walls" like on old Nagafen, so player locking isn't really much of an issue. It just gives more player choice.

    And there are plenty of players running around in every tier you see, and lots of drops and craftables on the broker.

    Please, Daybreak, very nice job here! Just make it permanent! Three months is not enough and we don't want the fun to end pre-emptively!

    Dear Kander: Make it so, Captain! :D

    If they made Nagafen a permanent TL, they could put most of the cash shop up for sale; houses, cosmetics and consumables would all sell because people would get a lot more invested into their characters without the threat of an impending wipe. I'll bet there'd be a lot more alt accounts paying sub fees every month, too.
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  6. Somedude Active Member

    My only point in providing the 3 hour to 60 metric was to set a baseline. Players that can do it in 3 hours on Kaladim is going to take over 100 hours to do it on Nagafen. The same players. For a casual player, they'd probably never have a chance of hitting 70 before the server is wiped.
  7. Obano Well-Known Member

    Agreed. Two things they can do to make Nagafen perfect. Make the server permanent and don't release any free baubles.
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  8. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    If xp in general was doubled nagafen wouldn't be so bad.

    Or activate discovery experience again. (Not an exploit btw)

    One or the other would work~
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  9. Somedude Active Member

    To be fair, this may be true. I was not willing to invest the time to get to that point to see the balance shift.

    If what you say is true, then the server is worse off than I thought and PVE is crazy hard until it is stupid easy when itemization overpowers content tuning.
  10. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    He said Kaladim :)
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  11. Xevran Well-Known Member

    I'm just gonna say that I'm taking a break for now. I really don't mind things being too easy and I do understand that with the size of the dev team they can't possibly revamp the entire expansion to make it good. That's all fine. But don't force people to play it for four months straight when you know full well it's bad, especially when DoF barely has four months worth of content in the first place. I'm not going to pay for three months of being bored in DoF just to maybe have fun in KoS.
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  12. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I don't know I play on Kaladin , and I agree leveling is pretty easy and fast , IF you can find a good group.
    Some classes can solo better than others yes , but for me going solo through a heroic zone is not possible.
    I am happy for those classes that can clear out instances full of loot by them self , but not all classes can do that.
    I can see a raid geared up group sending a epic t2 packing or even some t4's , but not regular players .
    I have seen a full raid group still wipe , but I don't know that might be because they did not have full raid gear or maybe not all their spells where mastered.
    I have noticed that less and less people are around , so that's probably why it's so hard to find one of those over geared people to help me through that quest I just can't seam to manage by myself .
    I am sorry don't want to ruffle any bodies feathers , but I am just plain frustrated.
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  13. Xevran Well-Known Member

    This is a big problem I've been having, it's so hard to level alts if you play at odd hours cuz there just aren't groups, and soloing is glacially slow even as a necro. But if you play at prime time and get good groups then you'll hit 60 ridiculously fast.
  14. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I got that problem on my main who's level 60 in ok gear.
    People in this thread claimed they can solo heroic zones well I seen them do it , but I can't, if one heroic comes after me one at a time ok but if they come after me 3 at a time , I am toast.
    I can't run through a place like living tombs by myself well at least not all the way through.
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  15. Siren Well-Known Member

    I suspect players have moved from Kaladim to Nagafen like I did.

    Once season 2 of Nagafen ends Oct. 29th, they'll be back, especially if Nights of the Dead makes an appearance there. Otherwise, MIA players will probably bail Nagafen for the live servers instead.
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  16. Mountbatten Well-Known Member

    So, umm, see you at the next TLE guys? Let's call it The Hole. And it will be brutally difficult.
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  17. Somedude Active Member

    Just some examples from Kaladim first week.

    3 level 60's wearing level 50 gear killed Meathooks (x3) about 6 times in a row, cause an x3 means 3 people right?

    Same weekend, no gear, fresh leveled group with single healer kills lockjaw (x4)

    PoS, an encounter with 2 x4 raid mobs in one fight, killed by 2 groups on 3rd day of launch (no gear on anyone).

    I understand people can still manage to wipe, mostly from just not knowing the encounters, but to insinuate there is any challenge on Kaladim I think is a false narrative.
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  18. Somedude Active Member

    That was my plan, but the PVE challenge and slow leveling for a 90 day server sent me packing. Looks like we're going over to SWG emulator for a bit. I'm also enjoying the EQ1 TLE.
  19. Xevran Well-Known Member

    I killed him with a group of mid 50s, and it was very easy I barely even had to heal the tank. But to be fair Meaty boi always was a pushover.
  20. Xiao Member


    Hope out new community manager can get the message to the devs that work tirelessly on TLE and event servers!

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