Paladin's Guide to Success (Updated for ToV)

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Maergoth, Mar 10, 2014.

  1. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    A general rule of thumb is to use the lowest cooldown stuff first. This generally results in a longer (but more.. refreshing?) gap in your saves. I choose this because, between my two priests, that gap is usually covered and I don't have to try to weasel priest saves in quite as often. Especially since our primary saves are on low cooldowns, with DS being preferably active as often as possible.
  2. Ymarik Member

    Here are the war runes that I'm currently using on my paladin and the slot I'm using them in:

    Cloak: Relentless Conviction (5% damage reduction, +6% trigger chance on procs)
    Belt: Bolstered Attributes
    Normal Weapon (Dreadcutter sword): Astral Dominion
    Defensive weapon: Stout
    Shield:Bolstered Endurance
    Bow: Truespirit's Legacy (+12 group potency)

    I am pondering swapping Screams of Battle onto the bow and putting Truespirit's Legacy on a backup bow for really tough stuff (Fabled Three Princes) where I want to make sure that my healers have every advantage. I just haven't made up my mind yet.I also have a backup bow with Gossamer Deflection (AE immunity proc) for certain situations.
  3. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    I wish I had that many purple slots. Unfortunately, my cloak and shield will never have them, and the cloak at least will never be replaced.
  4. Ymarik Member

    I wish I had THAT problem sir. Unfortunately, I have been unable to convince my raid leader that the Plane of War cloak is a necessity. The shield also would be very nice.
  5. Luck Member

    Cloak: Astral Dominion
    Belt: Relentless Conviction
    Normal Weapon: Bolstered Endurance
    Shield: Cyclical Battering
    Bow: Bolstered Attributes
  6. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    I'd definitely say Screams of Battle is one of the big adorns to go for, before Cyclical Battering. It's just awesome.
  7. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    BUMP with some helpful information from Mahgnus. Welcome back, sir.

    All values used in this chart are from expert spells with 6300 Str, 100% Cast Speed, 93.5% Recovery, 225 Potency, 2000 +Ability Mod. The chart also assume all DoTs are given full duration. Your results will vary some as your stats change an example would be, the more potency and +ability mod you have would adjust large dmg attacks in the list some. However, the change will not be overly different from this chart. At which point if you can achieve those numbers, you don't need my chart anyhow ;)

    Single Target

    821,574 - Faithful Cry (H)
    224,384 - Clarion IX (H)
    160,274 - Sneering Assault (H)
    122,376 - Righteousness VII (H)
    89,960 - Consecration IV
    87,166 - Heroic Dash VII (H)
    68,227 - Faithful Cry
    62,478 - Castigate III (3 cures)
    46,859 - Castigate III (2 cures)
    41,131 - Holy Strike VI
    38,839 - Lance
    31,239 - Castigate III (1 cure)
    30,564 - Refusal of Atonement V
    29,130 - Zealous Smite
    27,684 - Righteousness VII (Undead)
    26,576 - Clarion IX
    24,580 - Lance, 2 Ticks
    24,476 - Righteousness VII
    23,482 - Ancient Wrath
    23,123 - Combat Leadership (10)x6
    18,466 - Divine Vengeance VII
    18,331 - Joust (10)
    16,202 - Judgment VIII
    15,,600 - Master Rage
    15,410 - Combat Leadership (4)x6
    15,619 - Castigate III
    14,413 - Sneering Assault
    14,158 - Swift Axe (10)
    13,485 - Smite Evil
    13,431 - Joust (4)
    13,242 - Doom Judgment V
    12,392 - Legionnaires Smite (10)
    11,241 - Power Cleave VII
    10,527 - Swift Axe (4)
    10,169 - Legionnaires Smite (4)
    9,686 - Penitent Kick VIII
    8,717 - Faith Strike VIII
    6,586 - Decree IV
    5,807 - Heroic Dash VII (H)
    5,552 - Holy Circle VII
    4,494 - Hammer Ground (10)
    3,853 - Combat Leadership (10)
    2,996 - Hammer Ground (4)
    2,568 - Combat Leadership (4)

    Mutli Target (3)

    821,574 - Faithful Cry (H)
    562,302 - Castigate III (3 cures)
    367,128 - Righteousness VII (H)
    269,880 - Consecration IV
    224,384 - Clarion IX (H)
    160,274 - Sneering Assault (H)
    140,577 - Castigate III (2 cures)
    116,517 - Lance
    93,717 - Castigate III (1 cure)
    87,390 - Zealous Smite
    87,166 - Heroic Dash VII (H)
    73,740 - Lance, 2 Ticks
    68,227 - Faithful Cry
    46,857 - Castigate III
    41,131 - Holy Strike VI
    40,455 - Smite Evil
    39,726 - Doom Judgment V
    30,564 - Refusal of Atonement V
    27,684 - Righteousness VII (Undead)
    26,576 - Clarion IX
    24,476 - Righteousness VII
    23,482 - Ancient Wrath
    23,123 - Combat Leadership (10)x6
    19,758 - Decree IV
    18,466 - Divine Vengeance VII
    18,331 - Joust (10)
    16,656 - Holy Circle VII
    16,202 - Judgment VIII
    15,600 - Master Rage
    15,413 - Combat Leadership (4)x6
    14,410 - Sneering Assault
    14,158 - Swift Axe (10)
    13,482 - Hammer Ground (10)
    13,431 - Joust (4)
    12,392 - Legionnaires Smite (10)
    11,241 - Power Cleave VII
    10,527 - Swift Axe (4)
    10,169 - Legionnaires Smite (4)
    9,686 - Penitent Kick VIII
    8,988 - Hammer Ground (4)
    8,717 - Faith Strike VIII
    5,807 - Heroic Dash VII (H)
    3,853 - Combat Leadership (10)
    2,568 - Combat Leadership (4)

    Green = Hate (H)
    Blue = Spells
    Red = Combat Arts

    I hope this chart helps
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  8. Mahgnus Member

    Ty! It's been awhile but feels good to be back.

    For those who don't know, this chart shows the absolute best spell to cast at any given time. Now this does not mean this should be your cast order, things such as de/buffs should always cast first. This chart places a numerical value on our skills to openly express the value of some verses others. For example, if you take a look at Smite Evil now of days, its dropped quite a bit on the list due to it long cast speed compared to a skill such as Faithful Cry which is absolutely amazing and x4 better than any other skill we have.

    If you have any questions about this list feel free to post here, pm me or send me a tell in game @ butcherblock.Mahgnus
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  9. Zishan Member

    Q for those of you who know the palay well. Aura of the Crusader is that broke? Says its casted for each successful dispel. Lasts 22 secs. So does this make the Palay immune to fear/stun/daze/stiffle/root/change target for 22 secs or is it for only 1 dispel?
  10. Hayz New Member

    It should be for the whole 22 seconds as I don't remember getting fear/stun/daze/stifle/root/target locked while its running. I think they worded it like that because if you have multiple control effects it clears all the ones it can cure and then hits you with the buff, i.e. if you have 2 stuns and a root that can be cured by the spell it should clear those 3 detriments and apply the buff. If you still have any doubts the mosquito pool in Plane of Love is a fun place to confirm and test it out in.
  11. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    Bump. Playing again. Any questions anyone has, bring 'em.
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  12. Ymarik Member

    I'm considering ditching Smite Evil to take the Cure ability along with Arch Heal. While it's true that in 100% of circumstances healers should be getting all the dots, there are three reasons why I'm considering doing this:

    1. Smite Evil has pretty bad efficiency and a long casting time.
    2. There are situations where things go wrong and your healer may be dead, otherwise occupied, or too far away. Being able to cure either yourself or another person would be helpful there. In short, it's another potential recovery tool for when not everything goes right.
    3. It frees up three spots on my hotbar currently taken up by cure potions (or one or two, depending on how you do your potions on your hotbars).

    Y'all chime in.
  13. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    There are reasons to ditch smite evil.
    Picking up Cure is not one of them.

    Potions on hotbars is a bad visual for me. Please no, sir. Click to cure. Additionally, Zealous Smite is a powerful cure tool, if necessary. Plus self cures in the form of Castigate, which is basically worthless otherwise, and Aura of the Crusader for any crowd control.. it should more than suffice.

    I would say it would be worth dropping to pick up some Dragon AAs if we didn't need 2 things in the bottom half of the tree and could roll with just block chance endline. Divine Favor stun/stifle removal is nice.. and Heretic's Destruction has its uses. Plus, you couldn't actually gain a ton in Dragon AAs, since it's pretty easy to get 2 lines in there already.

    It just doesn't seem to be worth the trade-off. Take cure instead of Arch Heal if you really want it.. but it's only useful in PVP IMO.
  14. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    Update on something I suddenly care about.

    The "Lay Hands" stoneskin mechanic is broken. It's supposed to apply a stoneskin trigger to your target and yourself, unless yourself is the target. However, I'm pretty sure if your target's stoneskin trigger gets consumed, you lose your trigger also.

    As in.. I should be able to lay hands on the main tank, intercept him, and take no damage if the hit is over 15% of my max health. That is not the case. Most of the time, the personal trigger just evaporates, unless I am the target, and then I get one-shotted.

    So please.. test it yourself, bug report it, and get it fixed.. because I've used up all my dev points for a while.

    Side note, wait until you guys see my new AA spec for the expansion.
    It's hilarious.
  15. Darkon Well-Known Member

    This new xpac AA spec is going to be highly amusing.
  16. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    I might even drop Zealous Smite and go with Soulclaim.

    Those primary stats.
  17. Ymarik Member

    I'm currently sporting these new charms from Altar of Malice:

    \aITEM 665946395 1257316629:Ribbon of the Holy See\/a
    \aITEM -1042522935 369936110:Sigil of the War Prince\/a

    These come from:

    \aITEM -1514212100 191760008:A tattered scrap from the book of war\/a

    Those seemed to me to be the best two charms I could get from the recipes that didn't share a timer.

  18. Ymarik Member

    This is how I spent my Altar of Malice prestige points for my tanking spec:

    Holy Warding -- 1 point
    Enhanced Vigor - 6 points
    Imbued Sight - 5 points
    Accuracy from Strength -- 2 points
    Modified Strength - 5 points
    Mystical Redirection -
    Diamond Flesh - 2 points
    Vital Trigger - 2 points

    I should probably pull the Vital Trigger points to Enhanced Vigor, but this is what I'm playing with at present.

  19. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    For tanking, i'm messing around with this..

    Maergoth - Tanking

    Not sure if the 20% to all attributes from dragon will be widely applicable, since I haven't seen enough fights to know how many targets are engaged. If not many, I'll probably take Cure Spells or Arch Heal again.


    Maergoth - DPS/PVP

    for DPS/PVP. I haven't settled yet, so we'll see.
  20. Luck Member

    Hypothetically speaking here....but shouldn't your level 98 Expert, be better than your level 88 Master?

    I'm a total EQ2 fan boi....but am a bit frustrated with this expansion. I've done the signature quest...and not really one hands down, must have piece of gear upgrade from the line. With the mount being the exception and even then, we can argue this...

    I'm also frustrated with the very minimal increase in spells for this tier. Right now, most of my prior tier 80+ masters > 98 + experts. So, will that mean that my 80+ masters = 96+ masters? Doesn't make sense....

    Am I missing something?

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