Paladin Prestige: Faith Range Issue

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Boli, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. Boli Active Member

    Quick Summary: The damage reduction for the group has too short a range on Faith, so in order for it to function correctly the group paradoxically has to take more damage than they would normally do if they stayed ranged.

    OK, don't get me wrong I love the idea of Faith and the majority of its implementation; but what I think is the crowning glory of the buff is the short-term group damage reduction for my group when Faith is up.

    HOWEVER: It is 10m range.

    We are going to be using the ability for "red text messages" to survive in raids/groups and sometimes for solo. Just in the same way (and on a similar recast) to a Guardian's Tower of Stone; an ability we have needed for a long while to be taken seriously as a MT choice. Unfortunately the thing with those sorts of messages is they often have a range component; basically the closer you are to the mob, the more he hits you for.

    lets say:

    0-5m 200,000 damage
    5-15m 100,000 damage
    15m+ 50,000 damage

    In order for you to gain the benefit of the group damage reduction (24%) you have to be 10m away from the Paladin. So in a "perfect" situation you will get hit for the 100,000 damage and the paladin 200,000. With wards and Health it may be possible to survive getting hit for 76,000 damage and thus the MT group can stay in.

    But this is not a perfect world; most of the time the tank tanks with the mob between themselves and the raid:

    RAID ---- MT group --- MOB ---- Paladin

    With small mobs then the MT healers can position themselves at 10m away from the Paladin and not be too close to the mob; but with the ever increasing size and hit-boxes of the mobs this cannot happen. Often the tank will pull and position themselves at the "pivot point" of a large mob. This is the sweet spot where they advance as close as possible to the centre of the mob whilst keeping it facing them and not the raid. the "pivot" comes from even half a step forward and the mob spins on its pivot point to face the raid.

    Sadly in such situations 10m away from the Paladin does not mean 10m away from the mob; they are often too close to the encounter for AoEs and stay at max heal range (20-25m); and even then if they do not have an AoE immunity or a complete death-save / stone-skin they will still joust out of the red messages.

    Even WITH the 24% Damage reduction it will not be enough to protect them; they will still get hit by the nearest one (200,000, or 152,000 damage) and die the irony being that if they moved out of Faith's range they'll only be hit for 100,000. even further back at max heal range and its a 50,000 nuke.

    In short the benefit offered by Faith's protection is more than cancelled out and still makes it detrimental in order for the MT group to stay close to the AoE when the AoE goes off.

    The IDEA of this is perfect; but sadly the implementation of it is lacking.

    * If this buff is designed to be short range (e.g. the paladin offers the group protection) then the damage reduction needs to be as high as that on the paladin himself (e.g. 100%); so for some red-text messages the group will joust TOWARDS the Paladin

    * Alternatively if the buff was designed to offer some.. but not complete protection his group its RANGE will need to be extended so the healers and the rest of the group can stand at their healing range and not take the full brunt of the AoE.

    As it stands now in order to obtain the protection of this buff the group will have to move close in greater danger and actually take more damage.

    I really love the idea behind this ability but the range or protection or the buff needs to be adjusted.

    EDIT: I understand that this is a reflect ability and not a damage reduction but the current numbers are running less than Legionaries Conviction and that has long since stopped being used as a DPS ability; if the reflect portion was removed from all of these abilities no-one would really notice.
  2. Xelgad Developer

    The radius of both of the enhancements - Faith's Aura and Faith's Retaliation - has always been 35 meters. I just tested both of them on live and had no issues - if you go stand 30 meters away from someone in your guild hall, I'm confident you'll see them getting the buff. If that's not happening during actual combat, something else must be breaking.
  3. Boli Active Member

    It definitely was not 35m in beta where I and others tested it; I was typing up findings from beta which were not addressed in the patch notes.

    Not had chance to fully test on live yet; but it'll be great if the range is now 35m! :)

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