Paladin nerfs.

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Mosaic, May 28, 2019.

  1. Mosaic New Member

    I'm a returning player after an 8 year hiatus. I've leveled up a few characters on kaladim and now my next character is a paladin.

    I have noticed at some point there was a major nerf to the recast time on their ward and single target heal. The heal is a 45s recast which makes it nearly useless. However the ward is even more useless as it is a 1minute recast...

    Compare Paladins to Sk now. The Sk damage shield variant is only 20s (I believe pally ward was also that. A buddy and I rolled pally sk together and with extremely similar gear I am completely useless compared to him. He deals double my damage AND heals for more than I can.

    I get that at higher levels in xpacs reuse speed is probably abused by pallies so the recast needed to be changed for their heal and ward on live, but on TLE they are arguably the most useless class. They are outtanked by nearly every fighter class (maybe not brawler), and the only tank class they probably beat in damage is guardian.

    Can you guys make pallys feel useful for the next few xpacs and possibly lower their recast time on heal and ward so they can actually help be a supportive off tank in a group.
  2. Mosaic New Member

    I will note that I do really like the QOL fixes with being able to cast on the run. But to me if just feels like you have an extra LoH with the single target heal and ward combo, and it should be used as a save rather than spot healing or even being able to solo heal a dungeon.
  3. Medicinal Member

    Pallies are fine. I play a pally and have no problems tanking things that need tanking.
    If my friends and I can manage to kill Tombs of Night with a Pally/warden/illy trio, they are hardly worthless as tanks. I don't even have good gear, just level 50 treasured stuff.
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  4. Venser Active Member

    Pretty sure most all of the good gear is lvl 50 treasured in t5 rn...
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  5. Zenji Well-Known Member

    I agree Pali's are fine, but the difference between BiS raid gear and treasured gear from Icy Dig is very minimal.
  6. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    What is your Reuse Speed at? How about your Recovery Speed? Try looking yourself up at hovering over a stat will tell you what it does, and what the cap(s) are. If you are over a soft cap, the stat will be in yellow, if you are over the hard cap, the stat will be in red.
  7. Zenji Well-Known Member

    If he is playing on Kaladim, then he is not anywhere near Reuse or Recovery speed soft caps.
  8. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I'm confused why you even post in this section anymore, as every time you just post stuff about live that really no one cares about seeing as how it's a TLE section.

    Also the paladin nerf is pretty rough frankly as the heal's weren't scaled up properly with HP pools, on my paladin on fallen gate right now my heals that used to heal me for 20% now heal for around 6%. It's probably fine in t5 given the low amounts of stamina on gear.

    This is only gonna become worse on this server as people start to get more stamina and heals aren't adjusted to proportionally match HP pools.
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  9. Mosaic New Member

    You last couple guys are correct about being on kaladim. At lvl 50 cap if you went every single piece of recast speed gear you would maybe hit 15-20%. Which means on the ward you might get it down to 50s CD at best. It just feels horrible not even being able to throw up a ward before each pull while going through dungeons.

    It feels as if their only real role would be for raiding as the offtank which every guild I've been in would rather have a zerk, sk, or even monk. Especially when DoF releases here soon.

    I get that they are one of the most rounded classes so by nature they shouldn't excel and beat out others at their main roles, but they are just too mediocre at everything.

    Their damage is nearly doubled by the other tank classes (exclude guardian) and they are the only tank class completely lacking temp buffs for survivability. The extremely long CD heals just dont make up for the lack of damage and ability to take big hits.
  10. Zenji Well-Known Member

    You should read the tooltip on the heals, they get max HP and/or a phys mit buff after using the heal.

    Right now they are the 2nd most "durable" tank, only behind Guardians because of Sphere. If you are getting out healed by a SK on Kaladim, you are playing the Paladin wrong. Both Crusaders got their healing gutted on the server, but Paladin still out heals a SK by a lot.
  11. Kalika Well-Known Member

    First my paladin friend is a fine tank but I don' t have enough parses with other tanks to tell if their survavibility is better. Indeed the content (especially raid one) is really easy so any fighter is probably able to tank almost anything with Icy dig gear. Of course i got grouped here and there with tanks that got one-shooted buy i m sure they rushed to 50 and wore level 1 items ...

    Second ToN is really easy too, i m sure any healerr/tank duo can clear it, so it s not a good indication. Drayek (the non raid version in Icy or the Queen in icy (with no mezzer) are better tests.

    Third except for the 20/20 cloak most raid mobs (contested or not) drop stuff that is either not better than Icy items or that are so marginally better (like 1 extra amod or sligtly more mitigation) that i never asked to anything.

    Last the difference in DPS between SK and Paladins is not small (here again one need to be careful since obviously a tank with haste, tenacity and primal fury is going to do way more than another with no offensive buf). So it would make sense if the paladin survaviibility (self heals and wards are part of it) was better, i don't know if it is the case.
  12. Medicinal Member

    I have never run Icy Dig, I just have vendor bought stuff and the few things we could get from Bloodlines. My trio can't handle Icy Dig, and we play odd hours so we tend to stick to ourselves.
  13. Zenji Well-Known Member

    90% of the treasured drops in Icy Dig are near BiS and are on the broker.
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  14. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    The best game design in history. Must applaud the devs for truly making the THIRD TLE server the worst PvE TLE experience so far.

    Clap clap.
  15. Mosaic New Member

    Ok I shouldn't have said completely lacking temp buffs, but using loh and their single target heal they only get 2 mins of uptime of bonus mit in that 5 minute window of loh cd. The only temp buff they can keep up is the hp bonus from the aoe heal.

    And zerker would be 2nd most durable behind guardian as every 2 minutes they only have 30s of downtime on mitigation buffs plus they get an avoidance buff for 30s with a 30s cooldown.

    I get that on the "vanilla" game right now that almost all of the content is easy mode but they just fall very far behind in every category. And as someone else stated above the %hp healing scaling isn't working properly so this just makes it feel that much worse.

    And yeah I just did the math and pally does have about 1.5 times healing as an SK but sk just keeps constantly healing whereas pally has to wait until about 30% hp is lost until they can get full worth of their heals. Which also means less uptime on MIT buffs if you want to get full effect. But with sk dealing so much more damage the heal difference is negligible. Also sk has more uptime on their MIT buff.
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  16. Kalika Well-Known Member

    My only tank on live (long ago) was a paladin, it was a proper choice as a 3rd alt since with him we could switch and clear heroic (usually the DD or weekly DD) another time. The really good thing with a paladin is that with amend and sceal of heroism you can hold agro with crap gear over raid geared damage dealers. The 100% rezz is also quite usefull

    But when after rolling my SK on Fallen Gate i found out that their temp form AA are probably quite better.

    The massive nerf on Paladin heals was really bad on Fallen Gate, the fast reuse group heal whcih was 15% got cute to around 8%. I was surprised to see no post about that on the live section but probably nobody play Paladins on live, why would you play one if Sks are T1 dps and have better temps? ... Anyway we all know that Live is a ghost-fully-broken game.

    With AAs (but this will be in several months) SK will get more benefit than Paladins, but i think that Paladins lovers willl see be able to play, the class is functional even if SK/Berzeker and guardians have been the favored tanks in the last TLE.

    So i would agree with some little dev-love for paladins. Expecting them to do anything is wishful thinking. On Fallen Gate Summoner were broken during the full live of the server, they were doing with the best gear 2/3 of a wizzie/lock, channeler were totally OP making warders and indeed any other healer miserable. This never got fixed. They also failed to itemize properly ToN (this would take 10 minutes)
    . So i don't expect them to fix anything or to address any issue.
  17. Somedude Active Member

    To be fair, the itemization has been consistently bad.
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  18. shaunisme Member

    DB are awful, truly appalling,def milking the end days of eq2.

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