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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Twofeets, Apr 18, 2020.

  1. Twofeets Active Member

    Ok, so I have ACT and the trigger for barrage. Im having trouble blocking it however. I hit bulwark, wait a few seconds, then use mana shield or faith, but it still kills me. I think my ACT trigger timer is off a bit, but even if not that only leaves me with 2 'stoneskins' against non-physical damage. Ive tried the lay on hands, but the trigger usually gets eaten before the barrage.

    Any help would be appreciated
  2. Benj Active Member

    Last expansion, barrages were rough on my paladin. What worked for me was hitting Bulwark as soon as the trigger went off, cast Devout Sacrament (spec'd for damage reduction), then cast Faith 3-4 seconds after the original trigger. If Faith wasn't up, I would try Lay on Hands, but the one stoneskin didn't help much. One of the wardens in raid would also cast Infuriating Thorns on me.

    This expansion, I haven't had any difficulties with barrage calls. I normally just cast Bulwark and that's it. Maybe the healers have found a better combo and they haven't told me.
  3. Evguenil62 Well-Known Member

    I had problems with Faith too, it did not save me. Stonewall after Bulwark worked perfect for me though.
    I placed Stonewall next to Bulwark on a hotbar and I use it right after casting Bulwark.
  4. Arclite Well-Known Member

    Try the following:

    1. Hear ACT trigger
    2. Bulwark up instantly
    3. Defensive stuff up straight after

    I would think its about 5 second between act call and it landing so don't hang around.
  5. Seth Active Member

    change the ACT trigger to something quick and snappy that your brain remembers, then hotkey Bulwark, easypeasy.
  6. Twofeets Active Member

    hotkey bulwark? to what? sorry, Im a bit dense... to many head shots...
  7. Luck Member

    Do you raid with a 2h? Looking at your EQ2u profile and you have a 2H equipped....just wondering. Also, maybe check your stance, possibly still in Wrath and not Knight's? I've only been tanking AC, Seru and Vista, but have not had any barrage issues. Only ***** of a fight so far has been Champion, but that has nothing to do with barrage.....
  8. Twofeets Active Member

    Nah, I run heroics with a 2h. For raids I have a sword/board I use, and tank raids in defensive (grandmaster knights stance). I havent had any issues with BoL raids, just with the old CD content (we are trying to get some guildies their fervor runes).
  9. Arclite Well-Known Member

    right. thought you meant current BoL raids. The old CD bulwark had a time delay before it actually struck. If i recall correctly there is a message that props up in chat when it lands so you need to time your defensive stuff around that. too early, your defensive stuff may get used up and you would probably get hit big or die and too late = death more often then not.
  10. Dracek New Member

    Right so the Bol raids barrages are instant? Im fairly convinced all types of barrage have a casting time, but the raid cast time is not displayed like it is for group content, but I could also be wrong. Ive not had issues with barrages as an sk except if i forget to cast bulwalk. I normally wait a few seconds in any content with bulwark and sometimes follow it up with a defensive.
    Also for group content if u cast bulwark too soon the protection wears off and u get the final ticks of barrage on the group, is that the same for raids or is the raid barrage just a hit?
  11. Benj Active Member

    Barrages in BoL have an invisible cast bar, just like last expac. The difference is that the barrage is a curable curse. You'll see exactly when it does land, and a healer can remove it from you.
  12. Arclite Well-Known Member

    I should've worded it better. There is a cast bar on all barrages, you dont see them in the raid. In BoL raids I think I may have died once at the beginning of the expansion in raids to barrage by missing it. Since then not a single death to it.

    I actually noticed that by using the same time frame of casting bulwark + temp up that i do in BoL in CD raids caused me to to die to barrage on a named fight for flawless rune.

    There is a definite difference in barrage of raids in CD and BoL but not entirely sure what it is except that there may be a slightly more time for CD barrage to hit than in BoL.

    In BoL, I put something up (along with bulwark) within 5 seconds of me hearing the ACT trigger and barrage landing in raids.
  13. Luck Member

    For BOL raids, I'm doing a 3 count...drop Bulwark and then some temps. Don't need to overkill on the temps....
  14. Priority Active Member

    I don't even temp in BoL, just hit Bulwark. Healers should be able to see the message and just make sure they get a ward or DR on you to cover.
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  15. Julianxzz Member

    For reference if need...

    Thanks and base on friends' advice, Here was the my pally CD expansion raid bulwark rotation ....
    I also set a act trigger to warm me Bulwark Fade , and also set a act timer to cast temps ( time period is 6 sec, start at Barrage message on , count down to 0 , warm at 1 to cast temps)

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  16. Twofeets Active Member

    I've had no issues with BoL, only in old CD content. We have several in guild who need the old blue runes, so trying to work out the kinks in my barrage/bulwark to help them get it.
  17. Kodiak New Member

    Were you able to work anything out with this Twofeets? I know people use a defiler to put DeathCries on the tank to absorb a chunk of the hits. But even with that I've seen Barrage burn through that too.
  18. Twofeets Active Member

    I’ve had no issues in BoL, I haven’t had a chance to test CD raids but may do another blue rune run soon.
  19. Erin New Member

    Early in CD, we simply didn't have enough "stuff" to block, I was able to do about every other bulwark. Warden cyclone could handle the in between one, so if a fight lasted no more than about 3 bulwarks, I could tank. About 3/4 of the way through CD, they fixed things a bit, and after that I was able to tank just fine. The graphic Julian posted is pretty solid, you need to spec for tanking CD. I did CD a few times recently, didn't even bother to swap the 2h for sword and board :) worked pretty well.
    But yeah, bulwark then your blockers, make sure you use 2 or 3, no more so you leave yourself stuff for the next round.

    Holy Avengar one round, manawall the next.
    Faith one round, Devout Sacrament the next.
    Then one of Sigil of Heroism, Lay on Hands, sometimes I'll throw in diamond flesh if some of the other stuff isn't up.
    Holy warding just for good measure.

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