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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Maergoth, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Vainamoinen Well-Known Member

    Huge necro, but as a returning player this post will likely prove to be invaluable to get me back up to speed. Probably should be stickied and put into a Paladin sub-forum or something. This General Fighter forum is a mess.
  2. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    It's why I haven't made any effort to recreate or modernize this thread too much. Nobody even knows it exists, lol.
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  3. Vainamoinen Well-Known Member

    I ended up doing a Google search because Flames looks like it died (for the Pally section at least) which, after following some wild goose chases, led me to this thread. I've still got a lot of catching up to do in terms of gear & AA, but this is the sort of stuff a guy like me & other new/returning players need. Does anyone actually moderate the individual forums to sticky stuff like this or is it just a post and forget kind of approach?
  4. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    I wish I could edit the original post and keep this up to date, but alas.. I am not trustworthy with such powers.

    I requested a sticky ages ago, but I'll just make a new one when I have time and can post something accurate.

    For the most part, the OP is accurate. Left side prestige is much more viable IF you're tanking. It does good dps too.
    Additionally, mitigation should take priority over many of the blue stats.. focusing on getting yourself to 15k solo mit without temps or procs or anything is a good investment before trying to max out your DPS mod at 600.

    And use the Forerunner's Magnitude temp adorns like crazy. They will free up some valuable reforging points.
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  5. Vainamoinen Well-Known Member

    Perhaps a completely ridiculous question... where/how do we track increments of Divine Territory/Harbinger? Is there a window in the UI I'm missing?
  6. Jolemai Active Member

    Isn't the Flames version of this more up to date?
  7. Vainamoinen Well-Known Member

    /shrugs... It doesn't seem to be, but I could be wrong. Regardless I can't post there to ask questions, so I'll have to stick to this thread.
  8. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    The flames forum is basically dead, with the community there being much better off knowledge wise. I put this here for mass consumption. But if you have read the last couple pages, you know most of the updates to it anyway.
  9. Maergoth Well-Known Member

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