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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Maergoth, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. The Jones Active Member

    Thanks for the tips, I like having lance, but it's hardly something either crusader needs. I think I'll give a STR/STA//INT build a try. My crusaders will never go near the raid scene so really my end goal is the top end heroic stuff.

    On the INT line, do we know when the damage from legionaire's wrath is added to the crusader's spells? Is it added to the base spell damage, thus increasing the ability mod cap?
  2. Grisweld Member

    Its a percentage of your strength i believe
  3. The Jones Active Member

    right I understand that part, but when is that damage added to the spell? So for example I could have something like this:

    5000 base strength. 12% of 5000 is 600, so apparently all of my spells are boosted by 600 damage. At what point is that 600 added? Is it added to the base spell damage before all pot/cb/ability mod calculations? If so I should have specced this way a long time ago...
  4. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    It's ability mod.
  5. The Jones Active Member

    I'm probably just being dense, but I don't follow. If this IS ability mod then there is no way in h3ll that i'd go down that line because 600-700 ability mod is fairly useless. Or are you saying this is ability mod before the REAL ability mod is applied? If that's the case this line would seem like a must have to me.
  6. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    It is just plain old ability mod. It's not awful, but it's certainly not why you go down the line. The healing increase, resists, and endline are what makes it worth it.
  7. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    Okay, here's some more advanced ACT triggers for you guys. Faith is one of the trickier abilities to really utilize because of the short duration and nature of the ability. A lot of times, you can actually take your shield off and pop faith for amazing results (less avoid, more damage absorbed, more reflect damage).

    Doing so can be very dangerous if you don't know EXACTLY WHEN faith is coming down. And since that can be hard to determine with the ability not showing up in maintained, this trigger comes in handy. It shows you exaclty how long faith will be up for, with an audio trigger when it falls off. Import both of these into ACT and make sure your reflect macro says REFLECT in all caps, somewhere. If you don't want it to show to the group, just type /REFLECT into a command box.

    *Note: I have it in the macro as a 3s timer ("Faith" T="3"), so it's tuned around basically zero lag. . Since text tends to come through before abilities cast DURING lag, you may need to adjust it. 3 is the safe value, 4 will sometimes result in ~.5s of vulnerability. I suggest the safe value, especially if you NEED to be careful.


    <Trigger R="REFLECT" SD="" ST="0" CR="F" C=" General" T="T" TN="Faith" Ta="T" />


    <Spell N="Faith" T="3" OM="F" R="F" A="F" WV="0" RD="T" M="T" Tt="" FC="-16776961" RV="0" C=" General" RC="F" SS="" WS="tts Down" />

  8. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    As for how to import them into ACT, have someone send it to you in a tell.. I guess. I don't actually know. I've never tried sharing something into my own ACT.

    I think you paste it into the box under XML snippits in options. Not sure.
  9. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    And here's one for the DR on Devout Sacrament (For it to function, you need to add /DS into a command line for ACT to read.)

    <Spell N="DS" T="14" OM="F" R="F" A="F" WV="0" RD="T" M="T" Tt="" FC="-16776961" RV="0" C=" General" RC="F" SS="" WS="tts Down" />

    <Trigger R="DS" SD="" ST="0" CR="F" C=" General" T="T" TN="DS" Ta="T" />
  10. Grisweld Member

    oh wow thanks maergoth. ill add those to mine. and good call and removing shield. i would have never thought of that. i love timing faith with say luminox primes beams or the pheonix in hive. highest i think ive gotten is a 4.8mil trigger. wonder what it would be if u drop defensive and drop shield bahaha. im still kinda learning when to use legionnaires conviction properly.
  11. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    It works good with Devout Sacrament and Crusader's faith. Those 3 up is basically invulnerability, lol. Always use Devout Sacrament with LC though, unless you need them to survive a spike at some point. It greatly increases the damage dealt by LC.
  12. Grisweld Member

    Ok i might be misunderstanding... but when you say devout sacrement are you meaning divine aura?
  13. Maergoth Well-Known Member


    Devout Sacrament has 35% damage reduction on it (which is enough to prevent every melee one-shot in the game.
    Legionnaire's Conviction works against magical damage, and in combination with Devout Sacrament is enough to prevent almost any magical one-shot in the game.
    And Crusader's Faith, in combination with any reasonable amount of dps, is enough to heal you to full before a second spike. Basically immunity to death from anything but one-shots.
  14. Grisweld Member

    Ah ok. But how does it increase damage dealt by LC if it makes you take even less damage? Sorry if i dont understand. Basically all ive used LC for is standing in beams in nexus, the phoenix guy in hive, and bigz when he does his shards. And if im not mistaken does it teflect multiple magic damage for the duratiin or waits till it expires for an overall single super reflect?
  15. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    Because LC deals damage based on how much damage you reduce while it's up. Not just what you reduce with LC ;)
  16. Grisweld Member

    Well how about that. Im such a newb. Thanks maergoth.
  17. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    It's newly discovered info!
  18. Grisweld Member

    Tested it and it went from about 1%that of my parse to 4%the overall. Some fights it went as high as 9%i from 2-3%. Many thanks!
  19. Arulas New Member

    what is a good paladin rotation for threat, ive been struggling to figure it out
  20. Ranga Active Member

    I know all that :) I was alluding to using the group number in the macro which is fine for groups but not so good for raids. Using the # method, you only need 5 lines in your macro (you cant res yourself of course). This way when someone dies you only have to click one button to pick them up and you never need to maintain it. You could use this for raids but this would only res the first dead person in the raidlist - no good if you want to raise a priest and they are #8 on the dead list.

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