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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Maergoth, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Grisweld Member

    Update i finally found bolstered endurance rune!! im not a weaksauce tank anymore!
  2. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    Lol. Congrats. In raids, the main tank shouldn't need ANY of the bolster runes. Too bad that isn't the case. What a terrible world we live in. Selfish DPSers.
  3. Grisweld Member

    ok my excitement deflated. Can someone tell me if it got bugged or nerfed?? I just equipped the rune and went from 614khp in tank spec to 676khp. Thats not 20% if i am correct?
  4. Grisweld Member

    haha thanks maergoth and true... but like i said in previous post i figured the rune woulda shot me over 700k by my math. so im a little dissapointed :/
  5. Grisweld Member

    sorry for bad grammer.. on cell atm
  6. Silzin Active Member

    I think the 20% would be off of your Base HP. so you would need to add up all of your +HP and divide that our of your total to get your base and them make sure the added is 20% of that. If not then it may be a bug... or i just do not understand + HP%.
  7. Grisweld Member

    Hmm thats a good point. Ill try and crunch that. Ty sir
  8. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    Yep. 20% of your base.
  9. Grisweld Member

    And thats based off your hp stripped of everything? Or does sta affect it. Like when i increase my sta will that be consisered an extra stat or does it directly affect my base?
  10. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    It stacks as expected with everything except other % based health modifiers.
  11. The Jones Active Member

    I see Maergoth has managed to go defensive while still hovering around the soft caps for dps/haste/MA. Many tanks with lesser gear seem to have a defensive build with very little in terms of haste/MA/dps. How far along in the process of gearing up does it make sense to start pumping up the melee skills?

    In general I liked maergoth's idea of taking the cb/pot gear with max health and casting speed/reuse. I was thinking any excess casting speed I would reforge in to dps/ability mod since it has the best return. Really I was going to apply this same approach to both my paly and SK. Considering the deficiency i'll have with melee stats can I expect major aggro problems in my future if I don't build a group around hate transfer? I'm curious as to how other tanks are getting away with primaryl being defensive.
  12. Silzin Active Member

    +Hate can go a very long way... there is a neck out of 1 of the ToV zones that gives +40% Hate and it helps a lot with aggro if you do not want to get the hate in other ways. I have found that getting my hast and MA around 120+ and then working my DPS as high as i can works the best... and i use the HP/Block set as i can... As a monk i think i get more out of that then the Pot stuff (may be wrong). I am going fine on hate normally in heroic and in raid i have all of the hate i need.

    so, first make sure you have the Reuse where you want it, Casting and Recovery may be more important for Pally/SK (not sure) then i would work the Hate Mod, then the Hast/MA/DPS. somewhere in there Strickthrough and Accuracy need to get up also...
  13. Grisweld Member

    Its pretty easy actually. Im way lesser geared and still manage to hit or hover around them. As soon as i change my gloves to hp/cb/pot/reuse ones and bracers to the hp/cb/block ones im done. I also have a new green adorn im leveling so thatll help too. I have no issues with aggro in my set up. Try and get the necklace with hate gain and effigy amd your golden. Also mix and match jewelry. Some give ae auto while some give block and some with dps/multi. You might not hit every single soft cap spot on but youll be close enough. Some group members will help you out with buffs to so keep tjat in mind.
  14. The Jones Active Member

    Thanks guys I will keep an eye out for the hate% drops. I haven't seen those yet. I can always drop on some white hate adorns if I still have trouble. I'm also one of the few crusaders that takes the Strength tree over the Int tree in the Cusader AA's on both crusaders. It's hard to pass up a "free":

    10% hate gain
    33% casting speed
    10% re-use
    81% recovery speed (although you can get 56% without actually going through the entire line)

    Having all those stats will make it more manageable to reforge in to melee. There must be good reasons to take the Int line but I refuse to acknowledge them until my gear is good enough to make up for the loss of the above stats.
  15. The Jones Active Member

    Also silzin I was sort of leaning towards max health / block chance / riposte on my monk too, but i'm obsessed with recklessness so I was leaning towards gearing a crusader with potency this expansion.
  16. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    40% hategain is where you want to be. If you choose to use the neck, it frees up one or two slots to reforge in a different way. The issue is, the deity pet neck I'm using gives me ~100k health. I need that health :p so yeah.
  17. Grisweld Member

    Recovery speed is almost pointless. Just getting the 56% is way more than enough. I tested the gains/losses by reforging and they are so minimal. And the int line makes your spells hit harder.. which is good for aggro and makes you receive more healing which is crucial. Ive toyed with trying to keep thereuse/cp/re c buff while keeping other just to have extra reforge stats but you lose to much. I personally put points in the dps gain. If you go with a mix of defense and pot gear youll have plenty of extra fluff to reforge into for offensive stats.
  18. Grisweld Member

    That neck really gives that much??? Ive had one in my bag forever.
  19. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    Yep. It gives 50k-120k depending on how much Increased HP % you have. Plus a large chunk of your primary stat.

    If you're main tanking at all, I'd recommend dropping AGI for STR if you need the stats, instead of INT. Agi is purely AOE damage boost. You can still get most of trample this way (7?) so it's definitely worth trying.

    I'll try to make a new sample AA spec when I get the chance. Having some guild issues right now and finals and such, no time to do anything.
  20. Grisweld Member

    Nice. And i was thinking of giving it a go on this guide with what ive learned. You guys have helped me tremendously so id like to contribute back.

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