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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Twofeets, Feb 17, 2020.

  1. Twofeets Active Member

    Before you laugh, I've seen a paladin on my server do AMAZING dps. Unfortunately, his spec is not public.

    Considering our attacks are split between divine and physical damage, what are your recommendations?

    Tonight I decided to try out a 2h instead of my normal 'tank spec' 1h and shield just to see if there was a difference. Even with a 2h fabled weapon, crushing was only 1% of my total DPS. Is it worth going more DPS/weapon mod? or with todays game should I stick with more potency, CB, and ability mod? How does the math work out?
  2. Julianxzz Member

    Level up your 2 proc spells : Divine Inspiration X and Blessed Weapon X ( Both are Spells, not Combat Arts)
    Use the Red adornments : Empyral Rune of Withering,Empyral Rune: Symphony of the Void,Empyral Aniquilacion Set and Empyral Zou Kunnen Set(For Etherealist).
    Reforge MA about 1700~2000, and DPS Mode as more as you can....
    AA: Vitality of Strength
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  3. Noobless Member

    twofeet i am a pally on your server with out red runes etc i am doing 8b or so in heroics and more in raids, my toon is work in progress my aim is fire set all the reds and get expediance rune for more weapon dps my autos make 9% of my parse
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  4. Drona Well-Known Member

    The issue is your jewellery. You want jewellery with Ability modifier on it and ideally weapon damage and/or weapon damage overcap, Then reforge into as follows,

    Strikethrough and Accuracy to 100% or close to it.

    MA - 1700 (3K MA will get you 2 ex tar attack 100% of the time)
    DPS Mod - 5k to 8k (if you can get it)

    AA - Get Accuracy from strength.
    AA - Get Vitality of Strength.
    AA - Drop Power from the Soul.
    AA - Drop Diamond Flesh.

    You are using the wrong food/drink. You need Pome Pome and Hogfish Fricassee.

    I don't see any temp adorns on your gear. You will want Crit bonus in all slots where it will go, then potency in fingers and cloak.

    Your mitigation will take huge hit since its rare to find ability mod and mitigation on the same gear but who cares :)
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  5. Drona Well-Known Member

    "Increases the Fervor of level 111 and above profession abilities that deal magic or noxious damage by 15%"

    IIRC, Ascensions and AA spells are not considered as profession abilities so this set will not work on them.
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  6. Noobless Member

    drona the set will work as being an etherealist changes the majority of the ca's/spells from melee/divine to magic damage not all like

    and yeah aa's seem wrong and your built very very defensively! i run around in heroics in offensive/raid most of the time. have a play around like drona says abmod gear and dps/ma/wdb!!
  7. Drona Well-Known Member

    Apparently it doesn't. The set ignores changed types and only works on the original damage type.

    But my main point was it won't work on the etherealist spells themselves nor on any AA spells.
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  8. Noobless Member

  9. Twofeets Active Member

    Thank you guys, this is exactly the type of constructive feedback I was looking for.

    Right now Im not running any temp adornments because Ive been farming solo ones. My spec has been primarily 'tankish' due to usually having to run with pickup groups, so I never know how reliable the healer will be. In my current spec Ive found I rarely die in T1 unless the healer is horrible, and Ive tanked a few challenge zones with well geared groups.

    Now Im looking to create a more dps style build for when I know I have a solid group. I have started collecting some DPS jewlery pieces and a few 2h weapons to try out. I also created a new AA spec to test as well with more DPS in mind.

    When looking for jewlery, most of the items with DPS have only been like 63dps on T1 fabled gear. Im wondering if I should look more for weapon damage, ability mod, and MA and then reforge into DPS when available.

    My runes are pretty much locked in, unless I get lucky on a drop. I currently have a full set of the physical/elemental 15% damage set, withering, the evad/block rune, Championship rune, the mit/fervor set, tainted blade (40 fervor to CA), and 1 of the nox/poison set.

    Because of the 15% phy set and tainted blade, I was going to try for a more melee setup, but no idea what's optimum.

    Keep the feedback coming!
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  10. Drona Well-Known Member

    I used to have two set of gear. One tankish and other dps and swap based on content and group. Yes this is more expansive as you need to infuse 2 set of gear. So these days I have 1.5 set of gear! I always go for tank armour and have two sets of jewellery and dress accordingly :p

    You don't want jewellery with DPS mod already on it since it will be very low as you found. What you want is jewellery with ability mod on it and you can reforge that into DPS mod and you will get around 650 DPS mod after the reforge.
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  11. Hiburp Member

    So it's the healers fault the group dies because the tank can't take a hit due to little to no mitigation/block/avoidance.
    A tanks job is to take the hits so the other non healers can do dps.
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  12. Ryonyx Member

    Yep! Totally agree! Also the healers job to make sure their healing well and not caring about tryna be the next best DPS.... Last place is perfectly fine as the healer! Even 0 ;)
  13. Noobless Member

    errm like my pally does just fine like with the mit its at just rotate temps and its not really a problem pallys have enough of em
  14. Noobless Member

    i have been in groups in offensive stance and had 80k mit like
  15. Drona Well-Known Member


    Did you not read the full thread? Have two sets of gear and swap according to the content. If the mob hits hard, tank gear else DPS gear.

    Also it depends on who else in your group. Got a dirge and/or conj, you can tank naked :p

    Some heroics zones can now be done without a tank or healer provided you have enough DPS. A BL friend of mine has tanked all heroics zone and even some challenge mobs!

    You look at the content and react to it. Look at the mob in-front of you and look at your own group decide what you want to do.
  16. Elkana Active Member

    You are absolutely correct. In fact, your profession isn't even your crusader abilities. Your profession in this case is Paladin. Thus paladin only abilities will be affected.
  17. Twofeets Active Member

    There is such a thing as overkill. In this case, I was fully specced for defense to the point where a lot of my healers got bored or went full offense. I also usually run with a conji, which makes their lives even easier. If I can add some DPS to the group, speed things up a bit, and not get myself killed, why not do it? I'll still have the tank spec saved and the tank gear in my bags if I have to swap back, but as others have said half the time I feel like a Bulwark bot since scouts are able to tank some zones.
  18. Rargo Active Member

    I do my share of DPS but I mostly like my guild mates calling me un-killable. I let the Shadow knight in guild DPS and I do my job. We live, mobs die.
  19. SynnikuL Active Member

    So ability mod, weapon dmg, and weapon dmg overcap isn't useful to us?

    I'm also interested in making a DPS build so are there any other stats that I can safely reforge - like block, mitigation increase, casting speed, haste, etc?
  20. Benj Active Member

    Weapon Damage (and Overcap) are insanely useful to all auto attacks. Ability Mod is mostly useful for reforging. You'll have plenty of it, even after burning it into other stats. Casting Speed is useless over 100%, so you can reforge that. Haste is useless above its own cap (200?), so you can reforge that. I'm still not sure on Block and Mitigation Increase. I usually chase those as a tank, but it requires an insane amount of Block Chance to max Uncontested Block. At ~160% Block Chance, my Uncontested Block is about 17%.
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