Paladin Class Rune: Refusasl of Atonement V

Discussion in 'Paladin' started by ARCHIVED-Gyee, May 2, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Gyee Guest

    Hi. I have a question.

    Refusal of Atonement V is based 1 minute with up to 50% spell reuse it goes down to 30 seconds. Our class specific runes claims to have a focus to reduce it by 20 seconds.
    In a dual it seem to proc such that occasionally it went down to 10ish seconds .. (that or i got interrupted and it was recovering).
    So, my question is should this rune further reduce that spell down to 10 seconds on top of reuse
    Is its it a proc that does further reduce it occasionally to 10 seconds
    Is it neither and doesn't stack with reuse? So the lowest Refusal of Atonement V will ever be is 30 seconds. (1/2 of 1 minute)
  2. ARCHIVED-Cyrdemac Guest

    It cannot be less than 30 sec recast, no matter what proc you have. Reuse is capped at 50% of its base value.
  3. ARCHIVED-Gyee Guest

    Thanks. I thought as much, guess a part of my just wanted the rune to reduce over cap.. which would make it actually know.. valuable.
    But, thanks for the input none the less ended up using the Sigil of herosim one.. while red slots are still in use..
  4. ARCHIVED-Controlor Guest

    speaking of refusal of atonement.... Since they made that the new focus on boots, what is the armor piece that has Divine Favor as the focus?
  5. ARCHIVED-japanfour Guest

    Controlor wrote:
    I think that the boot focus is a bug. Might be wrong though.

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