Overzealous Word Filter?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Athenia, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Athenia Active Member

    I was adjusting my two AA setups my Inquisitor has, one set up for Perseverance of the Divine and the other for Equilibrium. However when I went to name my spec "Perseverance", it told me that I was using a "vile and dirty word" or something of the like.

    The GM who kindly replied to my question about it told me that after testing things they found "perse" was the offending word combination. I did see after a Google search this may mean something "dirty" in a completely different language, but is this overdoing it? I mean if this is set for the entire game and has no way to differentiate between English servers and non-English ones I could see that, but otherwise is that just a bit overkill? How am I to know that part of a word in a spell already in-game contains something "dirty" in a non-English language?

    I can name my spec something else of course, but with this whole slew of new bugs and glitches this was just one more annoyance to be dealt with.

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