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    I have a friend joining the game and while doing the Panda quest was confused about where the Ethermere was. She was not around when the content was new. In this newest expansion [Vetrovia] is on the map at Sevarni Expanse. Perhaps add that realm tag to all the overland destinations. To help new players navigate easier.
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  2. Taled Well-Known Member

    While that *would* make it easier to tell what expansion things were in, that would also make it impossible to tell what anything was on the map. It's already largely too cluttered.

    A better option would be to add a drop down menu that allows players to select a 'realm'/'continent' to thin down the map choices - Like the regular map has the drop down menu to select regions, but instead make it so that the drop down menu for the fast travel map simply removes the options for the other regions.

    1) Open Fast Travel map
    a) All Options are available
    b) Drop down menu at top allows selection of region
    2) Region Selected
    a) Ethernere selected, for instance
    i) Only 'Obol Plains' and 'Vesspyr Isles' are now highlighted.

    You could have it show smaller regional maps, but that's not necessarily needed - just removing the other clickable options would be enough.
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