Overseer Window Feedback & Steps To Reproduce

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by oakmiser, Apr 23, 2022.

  1. oakmiser Active Member

    The new clear button on Overseers window is great. I just wish it ONLY cleared the agent search and not also your selected quest.

    To reproduce this: [ to hasten Q&A the charged quest specifically I used was Ewer of Sul'Dae , however this problem affects all quests in overseers ]
    1. goto a overseer quest that requires 3 agents and highlight it with a click.
    2. cliick any of the traits that would benefit and it auto searches the trait
    3. double click the icon for the agent you want to use..
    4. repeat the trait search and click a 2nd agent
    5. you've got 2 of the 3 beneficial traits done now using this method, but when you search the third all the agents you have are in other quests but you want to use your alloted quests for the day.
    6. Click the green circle made of arrows button clears both your selected quest and your agent trait search, forcing you to start all over.

    Please make clicking that button only clear the agent search. If we wanted to clear our selected quest we would just click the next quest on the list.
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  2. Grumpy_Warrior It's a KILT, dang it!

    Green circle of arrows sounds like an old DarqUI window. That was changed to be a plain button with an X when the same button was added to default. Get new DarqUI files and it should work fine.
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