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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Descord, Dec 22, 2019.

  1. Descord Member

    Elimante Venekor - did this quest once and it disappeared out of my journal
    (received this quest on Friday dec. 20th at 7:14)
    Keeper for the Keep - did not go into my overseer journal
    (recieved this quest on Sun dec. 22 at 4:39)
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  2. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Once you do a quest it goes into cooldown status.
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  3. Descord Member

    its not on cooldown ... Its not there anymore .. disappeared after the cooldown which was about 10 hr cooldown for elimante venekor
    and keeper for the keep completely disappeared and didnt even make it into my journal , and before i get a commet of maybe im at a max .. i got another one later and it memed in my journal fine .. so im not blind i can see things on cooldown .
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  4. Descord Member

    so today the Elimante Venekor came back .. after being completely out of my journal for a day . (No it wasnt on cooldown i can see my quests on cooldown .. that one disappeared out of the journal)
    Still the Keeper for the keep is completely Gone
  5. Bunji Developer

    There are a set amount of quests from your uncharged pool (can do them more than x amount of times) that are randomly pulled and sent down to the client each day (shared among the account). So, you won't have all your unlocked quests available each day. When you first add a quest to your pool by using an item, etc, it is immediately available that day, but will then cycle normally the following day.

    Quests for mishaps and quests with charges are handled differently.
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  6. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Let me offer the feedback that I hate this. I want to see ALL the quests. If you don't want us doing a certain quest too often, give it a longer cooldown, don't make it invisible.
  7. Rougad New Member

    I'm also missing overseer quests… I was lucky to get a 10 hour one that was on cooldown last night so i figured id start it this morning but then it was gone! No mishap and no indicators that it would have a limited amount of times it could be repeated.
    So constructive feedback on this is that if we are lucky enough to get one of the good quests, we really want the option to run those when they are not on cooldown. The ones that provide a treasured reward with a slim chance of legandary are completely useless for any character that completed the signature line so i don't want to waste my 10 day limit on those.
    An option would be to make it possible to delete the quests we dont want anymore.
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  8. Mermut Well-Known Member

    This is not how it's working.
    I JUST unlocked 'A Dark Ceremony' on one of my toons (reward for doing all of the overland discos) and when I consumed the quest it did NOT appear as a quest in my overseer window.

    As intended, though, it significantly degrades the value of new quests. Especially since we have zero information about them before we 'unlock' them.
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  9. Bludd Well-Known Member

    yes I am also in agreement, the overseer ui needs to show all quests and if a certain quest cant be run, a reason why
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  10. Merriel Well-Known Member

    In addition to this, please, please, flag the account for quests you already have, since you cannot have the same quest in your Overseer journal more than once. I received A Dark Ceremony the second day after release, then received it again on the third day, and received it again today. This should not be happening...it is equivalent to being rewarded a crumpled up worthless piece of paper and even worse than receiving a lump of coal in your stocking...at least the coal can provide some heat during those cold winter days (heck you could even burn the paper, albeit however short it would last). The duplicate quest provides absolutely no benefit whatsoever. :D
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  11. Descord Member

    ok so 12/24 keeper for the keep showed up in my journal
    if this is really supposed to be a working mechanic to freak people out that things they got as a reward disappear that needs to change .
    Since the beginning of eq1 .. things that disappear out of ur inventory with no explanation freak people out and go into a petition to get it back . To relieve more petitions happening cause of this mechanic i suggest a change to show the mission is there
    there would be no harm in showing its there even if its like in a passive state or another window showing mission not available today in another tab like the agent collection tab i still dont know what that is but guess will find out later
  12. Fangrim Active Member

    My agent collection tab is empty too, I still look at it now and then to see if it changed :) I'm agreeing with the people here though,don't really want to have no option of running my better missions and be stuck with 8
    1 hour ones that have to be cleared to have a chance of my better ones showing up.
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  13. Bludd Well-Known Member

    click agent collection, then click an agent. you will see a bigger version of the agent icon and some text
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  14. Amiiss Member

    Is there a way to delete the quests? I would like to remove some of the 1 hour quests. I had 2x 3.5 hour quests with agents out running them get removed this morning. And have a 10 hour quest I was only able to run twice before it was removed. The only ones that are always there are the 1 hour quests. The explanation seems more like an excuse, made up after the behavior was identified rather than a planned feature. A feature you have to experience yourself to question it and that is not explained anywhere. This situation causes people to ultimately have to then come to the bug forums to find out about the feature.
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  15. Giga Member

    Most of the 6 and 10 hour quests are "mishap" quests, where one of your mercs was put to a day cooldown and that quest is supposed to help rescue them so they can be used again quicker. I have around 7 quests in my overseer quest log that are repeatable and those 10 hours ones do go away after complete, they will pop up again if another mishap happens.
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  16. Fangrim Active Member

    I've had the same 6 quests for 2 days now out of the 10 I've found, 4 are never showing and they aren't mishap ones, all ones I got from rewards. I just keep doing the same ones and nothing new pops up.
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  17. Amiiss Member

    Not the same thing Giga. I have a 10 hour, a 5 hour and a couple 3.5 hour and a bunch of 1 hour normal non mishap quests. My issue is the quests disappearing sometimes with agents out actively doing them.
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  18. Zynt Well-Known Member

    Nope. Got one, clicked it, never showed up in my choices. Which is great considering the half dozen quests I have in my bags. along with the 4 or 5 Overseers in my bags, that I can not use because I already have them.
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  19. Lateana Well-Known Member

    I have several mishap quests taking up space and have never had an agent in the mishap category to send them out. Do I have to deliberately send out bad characters to get a mishap? If so, that seems really weird.
  20. Wulfgyr Well-Known Member

    I've noticed this as well; combined with what Bunji mentioned earlier, does that mean that if a mishap mission is showing when we don't have an injured agent, that it's counting against the missions visible from our "pool"?

    And please, please - REMOVE the two agents (Sergeant and Young M) we get from the overseer prelude missions from the list of rewards!! :p
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