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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Naneeje, Apr 20, 2020.

  1. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    Hey Dreamy...
    The Overseer merchant is down below the broker in the water tunnel, (next to the fencer) in Qeynos and he has some really cool gear for sale for Overseer currency. However, it says you must be level 120 to get a quest.

    Will there be any chance for appearance gear from the merchant on Kaladim?
    It seems like a simple coding solution to make all the gear appearance only tagged on Kaladim, not sure.
    But... what do you think?
  2. dreamweaver Community Relations

    I don't know what that would take from a design perspective but I can always find out. I will pass the idea along to the team and see what feedback we get.
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  3. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    Thanks, you're amazing. The Overseer is a great feature and it's hard to grasp what Kaladim server rights we get.
    So far, we can't do coins for purchase, we can't turn in duplicates for merchandise from what I can tell, Correct me if I am wrong. We can do 10 quests a day, if we loot a charged quest, we can do that.
    With level 10, we saw all our quests disappear as we headed into season 2, but same rewards.
    Someone should do a write up on what Kaladim server can do with Overseer.
    Thanks Dreamy
  4. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    Dream, I'm sorry, yes, the gear is all appearance, it's all level 1 with magic affinity.
    The question is what is the plan for the Kaladim server and coins? Right now, we see the vendor in Freeport and Qeynos, and it stocks all the gear, but when you try to sell your extra agents, no coins, curious what the plan is to obtain the gear, thanks
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  5. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    Dreamweaver, got an update for you.
    The gear is accessible, no issues, coins are spendable, no issues, thanks for all of that!!!
    As far as duplicate agents, is it possible to get the exchange currency on Kaladim? I have about 20 doing nothing in my bank slots waiting for a way to turn them in :) Thanks Dreamweaver!
  6. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    Another update for Overseer for Kaladim.
    The agents that are duplicates can now be right clicked and "converted". They turn into "Rejected Agent Resume" tokens.
    @Dreamweaver this is what we are hoping to be able to turn in on Kaladim. Right now, they sit in the Currency window, but none of the merchants accept this currency for anything. Hopefully, we can exchange them for charged quests soon?
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  7. Zooeyzz Member

    I agree, we really need that overseer merchant on kaladim! As it stands now, I wish I could go back to lvl 9 and stay there. These 2 one-hour quests hurt!
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  8. Abraxa New Member

    Another question to the overseer feature:
    Do we get any season 2 missions (beside the two starter in lvl 11)? I am running the two 1hour missions on three accounts and are almost lvl 12 now, but so far I only got one charged Season 1 Quest (The Kra'thuks Magical Properties- 10 hr). Will we ever get more missions and is the Overseer lvl relevant for the reward?
  9. Breanna Well-Known Member

    Yes you do get more I'm surprised you haven't I'm up to 13 or 14 now. I do only have 3 quest though that are over 2 1/2 hours.
  10. Abraxa New Member

    Seems the RNG really hates me! I was scared Kaladim wouldnt get Season 2 missions. Did you only get Season 2 ones or charged Season1 also? I am still not certain how it should work.
  11. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    I am only seeing Season 2. Doing about 4-5 a day, up to level 11 and a half.
    But.. I'm testing something. Purposedly increasing my mishap chance. Why? It's another quest! But I need to see if it gives xp. I know it gives rewards, but not sure about xp, I'll check back.

    We have the merchant to purchase Cobalt stuff, really love that blue look, but we still can't turn in agent resume's for coins. That's what we are waiting for :)
  12. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    Is anyone else stuck at 2 quests, treasured only? Last season, when we looted a bonus quest, it would stay in our journal and we built up a series of quests and got to the point where we would have 10-15 quests to choose from. You would do the fabled, legendary ones before the treasured one.
    Yesterday, I was really excited because I got a Fabled "Charged" quest! I completed it, got some rares, and waited for the cooldown. When the cooldown expired, the quest disappeared.
    Is this the new normal?
    Aren't the quests supposed to remain yours once you loot them?
    On live, you can go to the merchant and get the quest permanently, but that option is not available on Kaladim.
    Just curious what anyone else is experiencing because I'm level 12 on two accounts and still only have 2 treasured quests to accomplish 10 times a day, or 5 times a day. I'm not complaining that I have only two quests, I am just curious if last season was coded different than this season. Thanks
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