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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Wulfgyr, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Frankly, I'd just like them to dump the whole RNG concept because it's been broken for a long time. I've done max number of missions allowable since this process started and the longest mission I have available is 3.5 hours. I have a guildie who's had 6 hour missions and now a 10hr for a while. He and I do the same amount of missions every day which is the max. By accident, I should have seen a 6 or 10 hour mission after 6 weeks of daily quests. I've seen quests "rewarded," and I never see them again in inventory of daily missions available.
    I like the previously mentioned idea of awarding coins and price loot accordingly and let us pick the loot we want to get. I stopped doing the researcher missions this morning after a week of nothing rewarded but harvesting mats. Don't even get me started on trying to get shadow recipes. I have yet to see one while others have gotten quite a few. It gets annoying when you're trying to improve your characters, working hard at doing it and all you feel like you get is a slap in the face for rewards.
    As far as the comment about RNG assigning daily tasks (and we all know how well that's working), how about this idea:
    For each day of the week, a set of assigned missions are available. You can repeat some of these missions during the week, but the end result is that all missions are available if you have them and not rely on a broken RNG system that hasn't been effective in this game for years. Last nite at raid, we killed a number of bosses. The loot? Every item was a weapon. Nothing else.
    As I mentioned in a different post, Holly talked about "thinking out of the box." Well, here's a forum thread that has several excellent ideas to keep the player base happy, rewards are relevant for the amount of work you put in and recognizing that it's time to deal with a system that simply hasn't been working effectively for years. The ball is in your court, DBG--or should that be Darkpaw? I don't know yet, haha.
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  2. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    In the past, this was true. However, this current expansion is the most pay to win expansion to date. Between the mount from the cobalt crates that is ludicrously rare, and better than the premium upgraded mount, the ability to boost said mount to level 10 from the celebration pack, all of the familiar boosts from said pack, and the celestial familiar from premium, and the extra barding slots from premium and celebration pack, folks can easily be 20k potency ahead of anyone who has not bought into these things, and well ahead of the general population that cannot/does not spend money on said items. The scarcity of spell upgrades also has folks with cash who want to be ahead now, where they traditionally would have made their spells within a week of launch, touching the credit cards to push their skills up to master, if not ancient. I've heard about and watched several folks spend several hundred dollars leveling skills and attempting to get the mount out of the cobalt crates just to be ahead of everyone else who didn't win/doesn't spend.

    This is both depressing and isolating towards folks who genuinely want to play the game, and miss having items to WORK towards that made you admire the dedication the person had put into their character, instead of the instant gratification of the almighty cash dollar.

    I miss when the cash shop was just services and appearance items. :(
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  3. Treson Member

    Copy/Paste from my thread so it doesn't get lost or diluted:

    Agent Levels

    This is how agents are currently set up.
    • Treasured (Blue) - 0 Traits - Short Cool-down
    • Legendary (Yellow) - 1 Trait - Medium Cool-down
    • Fabled (Purple) - 2 Traits - Long Cool-down
    • Celestial (Green) - 2 Traits - Longest Cool-down
    There is no benefit to using Celestial agents other than getting a much longer Cool-down (which conveniently costs more DBC to clear). They're rare so why isn't there a benefit to getting them such as increased Bonus rate or extra Traits. My suggestion is to give agents a "Trait Bonus" for each Trait or Mishap they qualify for as below:
    • Treasured (Blue) - 0 Traits - Short Cool-down - Trait Bonus 0%
    • Legendary (Yellow) - 1 Trait - Medium Cool-down - Trait Bonus 10%
    • Fabled (Purple) - 2 Traits - Long Cool-down - Trait Bonus 15%
    • Celestial (Green) - 3 Traits - Longest Cool-down - Trait Bonus 20%
    Overseer Quest Journal
    Because there is no tutorial and no written instructions on how the overseer quest allocation system works, it took a long time for people to realize that not all of their quests were available. Many of us thought that quests had disappeared because our 5 & 10 hour missions vanished from the list of available quests. After much trouble we were told the following:

    This is pretty bad since most people who added quests in good faith rarely see their higher duration quests (I have a 10 hour one I've seen 3 times in about 2 weeks) and even worse, people who had bad luck with getting new quests early on are deleting the 1-3 hour quests so they always see their 5-10 hour quests and can do them every day.
    The solution? Give us an option to view all of the available quests and pick for ourselves or reset everyone's overseer quests and put them back in inventory so we can add the ones we want instead.

    Overseer Quest Rewards
    Overseer quest rewards are broken and there are multiple issues that need to be addressed. I might update this but I think someone else posted something similar about the reward problems.

    Empty Reward Chests: We don't care why, we just that we don't wait 5 hours and get NOTHING.

    Invalid Rewards: Mythic chests with a choice of 2 Fabled items in it as reward options! Oops I got an Infuser / Fragment / Chaos Essence etc. If its not on the list IT SHOULD NOT DROP!

    Outdated Rewards: x Fragment of Planar Energy / Chaos Essence. Not used this expansion and should only drop IN ADDITION to another reward.

    Currency: Someone I was speaking to suggested that a currency be added to these rewards in addition to the rewards so that if RNG fails someone often enough then they can purchase items from a status merchant. Don't go mad with status costs, you got it wrong last expansion with people scraping to earn enough to buy even their armour upgrades.
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  4. Twisty Well-Known Member

    While you're correct that right now there is no difference between Celestial and Fabled agents - assuming that the traits are all of equal value, as determined by the slot availability tallied across quests - something i can't be bothered to confirm or disprove - the way agent cooldowns work is not how you think.

    Agent cooldown is independent of its tier and depends only on the last mission u sent them on. cooldown is 2.5x of the mission length for any agent.

    Now, admittedly it would be kinda cool if agent variety was higher and their tiers played a more interesting role, but soberly it would just be an unnecessary esoteric complication of a half-baked system in the long run. Like half the people are baffled by the basics of the Overseer system already, if you read the forums, and i'm talking about self-evident trivial stuff, not the opaque quest disappearing/appearing stuff
  5. Zynt Well-Known Member

    None of my overseers have ever had a cooldown of 25 hours after running a 10 hour quest. Some have had 10 hour cooldowns after running a 10 hour quest.
  6. Wulfgyr Well-Known Member

    I think it's 1.5, not 2.5. Didn't really pay attention to see if agent and mission "reset" times are the same - will try to remember to check that in the morning. Been a long day, turning in early.

    Here's hoping for a happy patch day bonus. *fingers crossed*
  7. Twisty Well-Known Member

    you're right - i also did not have a 25hr cooldown on dudes that did 10hr mission - may be there is a cooldown cap of 10hrs. both legendary and treasured agents that were on the 10hr mission went on the same 10hr cooldown, however.

    on a 3hr mission, i had legendary and treasured, they both went on 7.5hrs
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  8. Rhodris Well-Known Member

    I'm about to log in to check on some missions that are underway (should be completed by now). If I get one more essence of chaos, planar fragment, potions I will never use, or bloody infusers, I am done with overseer missions, and will not send another one out again.

    Edit: For 3 missions, rewards were 1 x advanced jeweler studies 12 book, a group of potions, and yes....an infuser. Done with this stupid side game.
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  9. Bentley101 New Member

    One post complains that they have to platinum infuse everything another post complains there's there's too many infusers being given for free!!!!!!! you guys need to make up your minds you are getting free infusers repeatedly so you don't have to platinum fuse yet you ******** about having to spend zero effort on overseers and not having the ability on a very healthy economic server like Rivervale please don't destroy Rivervale it's perfectly fine if you don't like the fact that you can't spend thousands and thousands of plat getting up your character go to a different server.
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  10. Twisty Well-Known Member

    while there is way too much whining about infusing - i agree, your whining about whining, while simultaneously being clueless about how infusing works, is probably just therapy for you. so u owe us money for the privilege - the seance ain't free
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  11. Wulfgyr Well-Known Member

    Ummm.... you realize that infusers from Overseer missions and plat infusing is completely separate, right? There's a nice write-up on the Wiki (Equipment Infusing) that helped me understand the difference (thanks for pointing it out, @Sigrdrifa!).

    Also, I don't think anyone is advocating a change that will destroy Rivervale.
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  12. Zynt Well-Known Member

    It's got to be a 10 hour cap. I noticed a little over 9 hours on a few. The only time I've gotten more than 10 hours was a mishap.
  13. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    There is a tutorial on the Wiki, Overseer Feature.
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  14. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    You talk like you're not actually playing.

    One infuser has no value, at all. That's the reward for an Epic PQ quest.

    You'd need a stack of hundreds of each infuser to make a difference in your character.

    And plat infusion is much more valuable and effective than dropped infusers from quests or chests. You can get 1000+ potency from plat. About 1/5 of that from infusers, assuming you had enough.

    And you can't make them unless you get an ultra rare drop of the recipes.

    Go get a character through the signature quest and then get back to us.
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  15. Bentley101 New Member

    Rivervale can not plat infuse, there isn't enough platinum on the server even through loyalty tokens/500plat bags to accomplish this. Unless the bags go from 500 to 1mil.
  16. Wulfgyr Well-Known Member

    Here's what I've seen so far for yesterday's results (I couldn't do the full 10, as I was out most of the day):

    Account 1
    Eliminate Warlord Ix Acon (3:30) - 1 Celestial, 1 Fabled Agent - 7:30 cooldown on agents. Unable to check mission refresh, as it isn't part of today's "pull" and vanished (this is true for all of the below)
    Find the Golden Idol of the Drafling (3:30) - 1 Celestial, 1 Fabled Agent - 7:30 cooldown on agents.
    Find the Goblin Banker's Loot (2:30) - 1 Fabled, 1 Legendary Agent - 5:00 cooldown on agents.
    The Throne of Emperor Fyst (2:30) - 1 Fabled, 1 Legendary Agent - 5:00 cooldown on agents.
    Valuable Runes in a Dirty Place (1:30) - 1 Legendary Agent - 2:30 cooldown on agent.
    Keeper for the Keep (1:00) - 1 Legendary Agent - mishap, 4:00 mission. 1:00:30 cooldown on agent without mishap mission.
    Eliminate the Gang Lord (1:00) - 1 Legendary Agent - 1:00 cooldown on agent.

    Note: Only showing 5 missions for today, with an additional on cooldown that I assume will be the 6th - that's "The Word of Thule and still has 3:13 remaining from when I completed it last night, sometime between 9-10 pm (PST). 7th is the mishap mission that "popped" after the Keeper for the Keep mission.

    Account 2
    Eliminate Warlord Ix Acon (3:30) - 1 Celestial, 1 Fabled Agent - 7:30 cooldown on Fabled Agent, mishap, 6:00 mission. 1:07:30 cooldown on Agent without mishap mission.
    Find the Golden Idol of the Drafling (3:30) - 1 Celestial, 1 Fabled Agent - 7:30 cooldown on agents.
    Captured in Bramble Woods (1:30) - 1 Legendary Agent - 2:30 cooldown on agent.
    Thexian Treasure (1:30) - 1 Fabled Agent - 2:30 cooldown on agent.
    Valuable Runes in a Dirty Place (1:30) - 1 Fabled agent - 2:30 cooldown on agent
    Keeper for the Keep (1:00) - 1 Legendary Agent - 1:00 cooldown on agent.

    Looks like there's a bit of a sliding scale of some sort:
    • 3:30 missions resulted in a 2x + 30 minute agent cooldown.
    • 2:30 missions resulted in a 2x minute agent cooldown.
    • 1:30 missions resulted in a 1x + 60 minute agent cooldown
    • 1:00 missions resulted in a 1x minute agent cooldown
    I've got a bit more flexibility today, so I'll try and see if the mission cooldown is the same as it is for agents. I would hope so, but... yeah, Essence of Chaos happens. :p
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  17. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Not true. It depends on the specific infuser used.

    Not true. There are several types of Infusers available, and each work differently. You can get a bunch of added stats via plat infusing, yes. But you can get a lot more if you add dropped and crafted infusers, because they apply to different layers on the item.
    • Dropped/Mission Infusers – These are the rewards from missions, and some boss loots. These apply to the Physical Layer.
    • Provisioner-Crafted Infusers - These are crafted with common materials, but have a very low % chance of working, and a low limit on the maximum you can apply.
    • Salvage-Crafted Infusers - These are player crafted by anybody who has purchased the applicable recipe book. These are crafted from Salvaged infusion fragments, and have a 100% success rate.
    • Bonus Infusers - These are special infusers from completing Signature lines or specific events/achievements. They have a 100% chance of applying the boost indicated.
    • Loyalty Infusers - Bought from Loyalty Merchant, these have a 100% success chance, and apply to the Deity layer.

    Plat infusion applies to the Deity Layer. If you don't have a lot of plat, Loyalty infusers purchased from the Loyalty merchant also apply to the Deity layer.


    I highly recommend reading the wiki's Equipment Infusing page to learn more.

    Again, not so. You can use infusers from any expansion, and it's most cost effective if you start off with lower level crafted infusers that are cheaper to make

    The Twark Handcrafted infusers come from a Provisioner recipe book, Bloody Tooth Provisioning Essentials, sold by the Twark goblins in Obulus Frontier, and they use common level 100 fish as their primary ingredient. To get that book, you do the KA tradeskill sig line, then a couple of quests for the tradeskill goblins, and you then have sufficient faction to buy the book.

    The next thing I use for infusing are the infusers any Artisan can craft from Reconstructed Planar Infusers, which drops from certain Heroic names in PoP and which can be soloed by most classes now that you are 120. These require salvaged infuser shards made from PoP junk loot, which you can get pretty fast looping through the solos/heroics, or you can do the key quests and get the loot that way and salvage it. You can also purchase the fragments at ridiculous prices on the broker.

    The third thing I use are the infusers any Artisan can craft from Reconstructed Celestial Infusers, a book that drops all the time as a reward for doing Anchorage crafting quests and also from the daily crafting quests in Myrist. Again, you need salvaged infuser fragments, this time from Chaos Descending junk loot, which you can get fairly easily by running the solos. You can also purchase the fragments at ridiculous prices on the broker.

    Then the fourth thing I use are all the dropped and looted infusers from BoL.
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  18. Amalar Active Member

    The entire overseer system was unnecessary and is just more bloat on top of systems that should have never been added. And it looks like its been a disaster too...
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  19. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    I use them all too. Take a look at your character on EQ2U and see the difference between crafted/plat infusers. And dropped.

    I use every infuser I have. But they're not worth much. Most of my gear is fully plat infused and loyalty infusers haven't worked on any gear in several expacs. Unless that's a bug?

    Actually double checking my main character, plat infusion got him 1000+ potency on most items, and physical layer is around 60-100 potency on each item. Show me a character on EQ2U that got 1000 potency from physical or Bonus layers. Or even 501 potency? (Better than 50% of the value)

    The best I've seen is a raider I know, who got 200 potency out of the physcial layer vs 1k deity. Show me an example of someone who got more.

    You're forgetting that infusing is meant to destroy plat on purpose as a plat sink.
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  20. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't say that, but to use the recipes it brings me, I'd need things I can't access. Manas for instance. I like when I get veilwalker's painlink or such things. At least it's useful.

    In the same way I object to computer terminology like "abort" I object to the terminology "overseer." I guess people would've thought it was too fluffy bunny to call it the allies system or something.
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