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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Wulfgyr, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. Caela Well-Known Member

    Thank you. I did look it up on the wiki, but went directly to it's page, and it didn't have anything on the quest page - but it's listed on the main page for overseers... doh, I should have checked there first.
  2. Argosunited Well-Known Member

  3. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    At some point I'll flesh out the individual mission pages. We're still trying to pin down rewards, which seem to have a display problem ATM.
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  4. Beee Well-Known Member

    I love these days with 10 overseer quests of 1:00 or 1:30 .. they are so fast done - without any usefull loot :p

    Can we get PLEASE more quests or a way to get rid of the 1h quests?
  5. Treson Member

    Beee, you cant get rid of quests! That's part of the issue with how the system has been implemented.

    It be so easy to improve the loot pulls to make everyone happy and not imbalance the economy. Here are a few ideas:

    • We should have access to our entire mission pool to use up as many mission charges as possible and they should get the Mission Charge booster packs on the Marketplace ASAP.
    • Ditch the crap-loot out of the system and have minimum rewards be something people aren't going to hate. Worst Case scenario, Shinies, Fragments & Essences should all come packaged with an infuser bundle
    • Harvesting bundles should come with reasonable numbers of rares and maybe a 5 minute crafting progress potion or a crafting book (Crafting books shouldn't be a reward on their own)
    • Each tier of Overseer Reward Chest should exclude all items from the lower tiers so that the lovely looking Mythical Reward Chest I got doesn't contain an overland solo shiny, a basic infuser, a Chaos Essence or any of the other crap that isn't of any use to anyone.
    • Stop being so lazy! The Overseer feature has the potential to encourage people to spend more DBC on Cooldowns and Mission Charges. Do it right with a mobile app (as per my thread) and you could resurrect Legends of Norrath and get a hopefully more people interested or aware of Everquest II

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  6. Kavaa New Member

    It really irks me that I havent gotten any overseer missions over 2:30. And the 3 or 4 people on my server who have gotten red rune recipes have all gotten 3 or 4 each! Sounds like RNG is completely broken to me. And it's ridiculous theres only 2 charges. So to become competitive you need to either have the good broken RNG, pay 10s of millions of plat, if you can even find someone. Or have been friends with someone who has a recipe for a long time. Stupidest thing ever.

    It's not like they even monetize this. I'm completely lost on what DBG is doing for themselves or us with this whole overseer/red adorn system.
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  7. Treson Member

    One of my biggest issues is that this system isn't in a condition that should have been released onto live servers. The Overseer system has been monetized as it has DBC cooldown buttons all over it.

    Everything is broken, things change from day to day with no patch notes and Dreamweaver has been seen in Discord saying nothing has changed. I'm sorry but when something had a window that displays possible rewards one day then the reward screen has changed to read "you think there might be something hidden inside" the next day then something is wrong with the game.

    This isn't an accusation of lying nor is it a claim that something has been done on purpose in order to mislead or deceive. If game developers aren't changing anything but the game is being changed then they need to find out who is doing it and stop them.
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  8. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    They need to either admit they've made changes to the loot table, or believe us when we say it's changed and fix it. I'm sick of getting common Blinding shinies.
    Since last patch all I've gotten still is, common shinies and infusers.

    It's obvious that none of them actually play EQ2 or they would of noticed the change themselves.
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  9. CSP84 Active Member

    As per my previous reply that mission is completely disappeared/vanished and not being offered once in more than over a week now.
    I got another legendary quest "The Throne of Fyst" or something similar last Satruday. However upon unpacking the quest was offered straight away and today the second time.
    I still would like to know why the 5 hour mission is not being offered once.
  10. NrthnStar5 Well-Known Member

    I get missions as rewards but when unpacking them, half the time they do not show up in my quest list. The rewards are horrible in most cases and usually make no sense. The system is in need of major work.
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  11. Gnomfu Member

    Frustrated and just to vent.

    - Only getting 6 missions not 7
    - 3.5hr mission - Legendary chest - 50% chance at bonus chest (failed) - lvl 115 earring reward
    - 2.5hr mission - legendary chest - 30% chance at bonus chest (won) - greater fragment of planar energy & essence of chaos
    - 1.5hr mission - treasured chest - think 25% chance at bonus (failed) - 1 superior and 1 lesser fragment of planar energy

    Starting to lose faith that we are getting a fair shake at the RNG for our time spent and the carrot is starting to look old and wilted...
  12. CSP84 Active Member

    I understand your feelings.....

    Yesterday morning 2 x 10 hour missions finished and out of the 4 chests i got a "Full House" of Crap 1 x Essence of Chaos, 1 x Fragment, 1 x Woodworker Advanced 15 (which i got atleast 10times before....) and 1 x Shiny. So with 65 % respectively 60 % Bonus Chance i got 1 shiny i could use.....
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  13. Gnomfu Member

    I wish I had your luck. I think I have 1 mission @4 or 5 hours and everything else is 3.5 and lower. I love getting previous expansions crafting mats as rewards when current TS books are locked on higher mission chests. At least with 10hr missions you still have a chance once they fix the loot tables. I still have to get them, but that's part of RNG and if you missed them early you have to wait on dev to decided to add them back to the loot pool with a reasonable chance to find.
  14. Dmanja New Member

    First I want to thank the devs/coders for putting a new playstyle into the game. I know that resources are tight and the effort put into this is very much appreciated.

    Here are some suggestions on improvements/refinements on the system:

    1.People’s experiences with the system are widely different. There are people with shadow books and others with only potions.

    This is inherent and expected in a RNG aspect, but perhaps this can be remedied by splitting the reward crates into more tiers and naming them Overseer Reward Crate Tier 1, Tier 2 etc.

    This will allow people to better assess what missions they want to attempt and what the rewards can be.

    Or (and I don’t say this lightly as there is currently currency bloat) overseer rewards are given in currency ‘Overseer Tokens’ and players can buy their choice of rewards with tokens, with shorter/easier quests giving less tokens than a long/difficult quests.

    2.Some rewards are confusing. I received as a reward a Young Michem, who I can only sell for 1 copper. This is the overseer agent you receive as a reward from the very first overseer mission (‘A Second Agent reward). I have also received other agents which I already had from the collector’s edition.

    I suggest in the short term making these duplicate agents sellable for status like familiars. In the long term perhaps an ‘agent upgrade’ could be used to increase the effectiveness of an agent. More on agents below.

    3.At the moment we have agents of various rarity but this does not seem to affect mission success. Given the 10/day limit on missions most of our agents aren’t used as they don’t have any abilities: if you use the agents with the requisite abilities on 1 character you can swap to another character and use their agents.

    There are a few ways this could be addressed:

    (a)The least desirable would be to make agents account wide.
    (b)The preferred option would be to make rarity count for success or bonus success, and increase the number of agents required on a mission by one agent with no skills; or
    (c)Enable the ability to upgrade an agent (say increasing its rarity) by using copies of an agent (or indeed any agent) to enhance other agents. This is obviously a longer term solution that requires some coding resources so I understand if this is not possible. It may involve having ‘vanilla’ agents being required for basic ‘success chance’.

    4.Quests. It is frustrating to receive an Overseer quest reward and for it not to be immediately available. Indeed I am not sure on the whole ‘quest rotation’ mechanic but I trust there is good reason for it. I see others have requested to be able to see non-available quests.

    Perhaps instead of random assigning of quests each quest can be available on a specified day/s. So you know that ‘Thursdays’ and Mondays are the days for ‘x’ quest rather than random.

    Also, perhaps we can trade duplicate agents for new quests and/or day limit charges to increase the number of quests you can do per day.

    I suggest an Overseer quest reward for completion of each of the adventure and tradeskill sig lines. Perhaps the tradeskill line would be ‘search for shadow objects’ or something involving the book or M.A.G.I.C. device.

    5.Even though I have played since expansion-launch the longest (non-rescue) quest I have is 3.5 hours. Perhaps you can buy some quests for status but they take longer than normal quests of their reward type
    (see point 1 on reward tiers.)
  15. Gnomfu Member

    I was going to comment on your post and add talking points about manipulating the RNG to force store purchases, as well as copy and pasting past loot tables into a new expansion, but it's not going to fix things. I had leftover DB coins so I reset my 2 longest mission for today and with no patch we'll see if I get the same old expansion rewards.
    But mainly I think I need to step away and let them work on the game so I don't frustrate myself to the point I leave. I left progression servers because of game design and shutting them down before you can achieve all the listed rewards.
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  16. Wulfgyr Well-Known Member

    I think the 7th "mission" is actually a placeholder in case a mishap occurs. For example, I had my 6 mission "pull" yesterday. Couple of mid-length, 3-5 hours and the normal 1 hour ones. Even with 1% or 0% mishap chance (again, I think that's added to a different "base" chance), I ended up with multiple mishaps - but only one mishap mission popped up. I had 3 or 4 missions still available for the day, so that wasn't it.

    Rewards seem pretty in line with what I see, though I think I'm up to 15-20 of the adorning books now. Too bad none of my characters have adorning higher than 260 or 270....
  17. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    The server uses something that probably utilizes RNG to decide which 7 missions to push daily. We have no control over that.
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  18. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    Fixing them would be admitting that something has changed. I can't see them being fixed anytime soon.
  19. CSP84 Active Member

    First of all thank You for your time and effort on the Wiki Overseer page. The page has become a very important and deceive tool which new quests to unpack and which not.
    That being said i got 3 quests which i unpacked and all three missions are/were available straight away, however that 5hours mission is disappeared since 1,5 weeks........
  20. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    That's evil. I'm definitely not accepting any short missions anymore.

    Btw, I wanted to mention, I'm getting a lot of shiny's from Treasured reward crates, and it's not listed in examine, actually examine doesn't tell you anything about possible rewards. Legendary reward crates have no info at all just "something may be hidden inside."

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