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  1. splatterpunk28 Well-Known Member

    Hmph, I just did one and also got about 7%, though I have started PoP questlines. I'm not sure what could have changed other than that and that I boosted a different crafter; unfortunately I can only craft from one recipe for that one that I've found so far, because all the rest I've come across from the city/guild salesman, broker and overseer rewards above 100 require quests to have been completed in order to scribe. I'm not sure what is unlocked per account or per character, but that might be part of the problem. I wouldn't play this game if I didn't enjoy questing, but post 100 crafting has taken an absurd turn.

    Imagine boosting a priest to 120 only to find out you have to go back five expansions to be able to gain 95% of your cure/heal spells. Parity matters.

    Tradeskill boosting is a separate issue and a scam in my opinion, but it's directly impacted by the outrageousness of how crafting works now that the OP pointed out.
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  2. Almee Well-Known Member

    I am so happy to have our den mother at the helm of tradeskilling. Crafting has really gone round the bend, for the past few years, but I have great faith that Niami will get it back on track.

    The one big hope I have is that we will be offered different ways to level up our characters in trades. I hated making the same item over and over to level up tinkering. But I love to do the city quests for tinkering, adorning, and transmuting.

    It would be so nice if we could continue to level up trade skills doing the city quests. I see I'm getting a tiny bit of xp, but it would be nice if it was in line with pre-100 leveling. Same with the TS apprentices. It would give players more flexibility in leveling.

    The biggest thing I loved about EQ2, from the beginning, was the flexibility in leveling characters in adventuring and tradeskilling. It is a shame it has become so rigid in recent years. But maybe that will change now that there is a new investor and Niami is at the helm of tradeskills.
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  3. rutro Active Member

    The only issue that I have with trade skilling is that it takes no skill. Everyone has access to every recipe (just by doing the TS line) IMO- something has to done about everyone being exactly the same. One reason that Walmart has not taken over is because other businesses fill a niche of some sort. It seems fruitless to be trade skilled if there is too much supply or everyone can just make everything themselves. I would propose to make it harder for those that want to have in-demand items to sell. Otherwise, there will be little or no demand for the skills. Give hardcore trade skillers something to do more than just a week or 2. Maybe be able to make some items that are in demand and make some plat. The world has enough participation trophy recipients...so they will cry when they have to put in a little effort or get good at something.
  4. Kattt Well-Known Member

    {{peeks in at conversation}}
    Love this!

    Your attention to detail in recent TS things is definitely detectable. =) You have always had/paid great attention to that detail, and I could always count on, when wiki or w/e didn't have enough information, your site filled in what was missing, especially with new content. (And your stories have always been great to read, and fun!) Your comments above made me smile and giggle. I pictured a little halfling running around with papers flying everywhere in one hand, and a rolling pin in the other! :p Most of us who have either encountered you, spoken with you, or even utilized your site, have faith that you are working very hard, and put the heart into this section of the game we all love! I am so grateful you are now a solid part of the team. Nothing brings an endeavour more success, than someone whose heart is in it...and its obvious yours is, and always has been. I bet Domino would smile knowing you are carrying things on!

    And WE DO have faith in you! =D I know I do. I feel hopeful about the future of TS, and my patience is renewed as we await the goodies you bring us.

    Oh, and P.S....Any chance that our fastidious little apprentices will be getting love down the road? They are getting restless and a tad dusty and keep pestering us for something to do! LOL =P

    Thanks Niami! You rock!
  5. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Wait, wait, wait, hold up. Am I reading this right that you think that tradeskillers should not be allowed to access every recipe that a class has at their disposal? I'd rather not have to resort to raiding twice a week just for a carpenter to have a chance of getting a carpenter recipe that only has 3 charges on it like they have done with adornments and mount equipment recipes.
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  6. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    And this is why I have been playing on TLE servers for the last years ,reading this makes me shiver with fright .
    I bring back my poor characters to live after every TLE get's shut down after a wile , only to be left in their beds dreaming of the old days .
    I always liked to just go ahead and do the trade skill first and only than I would begin the adventuring .
    I always try to do all trade skill quests because ,after all this is Ever Quest .
    But it for sure sounds like the EQ2 world has become hostile for crafters .
    Well even in the lower level expansions you had to work for factions to simply buy recipes , but those where always the advanced ones .
    For heavens sake recipes you only can use 3 times :eek:.
    And than they are hard to get , or cost a months income ?o_O.
  7. Kethryl Active Member

    Interestingly enough, I also started the PoP tradeskill questlines on one of my crafters yesterday. Started at level 100, and is now level 109, and on the 4th quest. That's right.. 4 quests in, and I've gained 9 levels.

    It's almost like they don't want you to have to grind out levels anymore. Grinding writs for faction is one thing. But grinding them to level? Just do the quests instead.
  8. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Mind you, this is very specifically just for adornments that drop from raids. Not class-specific, but something everyone can make. If you're a raider and you need a certain white adornment, you can find someone who has a charge left to make it.
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  9. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Ah now that's better Cusashorn , and getting leveled up doing quests is right up my alley Kethryl .
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  10. splatterpunk28 Well-Known Member

    Bottom line:
    • 120 adventure boost = full set of armor, food/drink, all spells at adept level.
    • 120 artisan boost = nothing.
    I am not asking for recipes that require massive faction grinding or raid dropped recipes, just basics, what used to be called 'essential volumes' to be auto-scribed like adepts or, at minimum, purchasable from city/guild recipe salesman. Having to go back and quest MULTIPLE expansions in order to purchase/scribe basic recipes for your 'class' is outrageous.

    The new system is indicative of how messed up it is between adventurers and artisans.
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  11. tasnee Well-Known Member

    Yep. Highlight the part in red where you say going back SEVERAL expansions is key here. sigh*
  12. Pathetica Member

    No kidding. The whole idea of oh here is a recipe for some uber thing that you can't make because you aren't willing to pay Daybreak Cash to become uber you can't use it. I still think that the whole the only thing mastercrafted is good for is to make in bulk and turn into uncommon lunar materials irks me to no end.
  13. Denmum Developer

    The current mastercrafted is very much in-line for using in the first difficulty level of heroics, with a reasonable resolve and all.
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  14. Bentenn Active Member

    Well adventure. u have to go out and kill mobs to advance further along into the sig line, do zones, etc. I guess we could add food/drink to tradeskills as well.. but doubt that does anything. Before you go off on a whim.. i do both sides of TS and ADventurer.. and always have.. no empathy at all really. The 120 boost allows you to get into the zone to start the TS line if you choose to do so.

    The weapon patterns I'm learning about is something they did away with at one time, and we all rejoiced, and now they are bringing them back.. well last expansion as well.. ugh...

    The fact that shadow harvesting is gone is again, one of those things we all are rejoicing about. lol...
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  15. Bentenn Active Member

    Except when they are experimented on, they give quite a bit of pot boost (19.4k POT), making them a bit more useful than heroic gear... We go through this like every other expansion lol..... crafters need to be useful again got it, but you don't need people rolling master crafted gear for the additional pot once they reach resolve.. no different than ethereal pieces lol, except you'll pay a whole lot more.