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  1. Denmum Developer

    It is going to take time for there to be significant change/improvement. There's only one me, and I am still learning all the technical aspects of things. I also don't work in a vacuum, and others on the team have say with regards to itemization, progression, etc.

    That having been said, I'm trying to chip away at things as I can, which is why you started seeing tradeskill stuff showing up starting with the last GU (6 new red shiny collections, Forgotten Furniture books).

    The dev team has been hugely supportive of my efforts, and we hope to turn things around for you. Know that I AM listening, I AM trying to give tradeskills the love that it deserves, but that it WILL take time. I'll respond when I can, but realize that the next few weeks, especially, will be crazed as I'm running around like a madwoman trying to cram as much crafting love into the expansion as possible.
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  2. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I am not surprised Niami I know you do your best and you can see your impact everywhere
    OOOH shinny's ( pulls out sunglasses) .
    I noticed that trade skill collectables are not lore anymore , was that your idea ? or did somebody else have that brilliant idea ?
    It makes things so much easier .
  3. Komatus Active Member

    I knew you were going to say that! :D Maybe I was just being psychic and felt that you were coming into the game...being a bit psychic runs in my family. :cool: Anyway, you are the best news for the game I have ever seen! :)
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  4. Komatus Active Member

    Yep, I can see how your burden is going to be very high at first. Lots of things to straighten out and rework. Don't burnout on the job! Best of wishes! :)
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  5. Komatus Active Member

    Think it has already been mentioned...Mithril coin...next step above platinum coin. I could see that. :) Not sure how difficult that would be to implement. would think medium difficult maybe?
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  6. Komatus Active Member

    Kind of a round about way for me to check and see if my psychic powers were kicking in....and they still could have been, just in a different way. Who knows? I have had some strange experiences. :)
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  7. Denmum Developer

  8. Kethryl Active Member

    I wish the forums would let me give this post like 17 billion "likes". We totally understand, and appreciate you and everything you do.

    How's that old quote go, "anything worth doing is worth taking your time and doing it right", or something like that?

    Knowing that you're there, and doing your best to make a difference, is all we need to hear!
  9. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    OMG; of course that was you. :D

    We never had any doubt! :)

    Good luck, stay sane-ish, and take care of yourself (and have the hubby-ogre take care of you too)! :D

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  10. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Absolutely yes! :D

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  11. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Oh gah, don't even joke about that... X-P

    The way to solve inflation is to NOT pump more currency into the system... :-/

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  12. Komatus Active Member

    It actually wouldn't add a single penny to the system. Just give the number registers some relief as 1 mithril would equal 100 plat. No money added. The players of the game are the ones adding the money and even if nothing is done, the in game monetary system will still climb upward. It's just the way inflation works.
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  13. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Hmph. I still think we need a way lower cap on how much we can put something up for on the Broker, like 100,000 plat or so (the levels folks can ask for on the Auction channel can go through the stratosphere if they want; I'm firmly convinced one of the reasons why that wouldn't add too much to inflation is that people really, really wanna see all those zeroes in public... Also, lower the cost on some of those official "plat sinks" if the Broker gets cranked back down to where it should be again). ;->

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  14. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Right , we have to bring a wheelbarrow full of coin just to buy a loaf of bread , or a caravan of loaded mammoths
    to buy a good bow .
    In reality there would have been a new currency a long time ago , the invention of paper money helped .
    In real history there was paper money worth as much as 1,000,000 ( ), but only in that country .
    I EQ2 we do have different currencies every expansion and we complain , in reality there would even be more ,
    that is why in Europe we came up with a common currency , well at least a lot of us did .
    I mean if we still had to deal with the weight in game we could not carry our purses .
    Hey Mary load up that wagon with coin I need a pair of new boots and this little one of us growes so fast , hes already 10 years old ( level 10 ) and needs a new pair of pants that cost 100 plat .
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  15. splatterpunk28 Well-Known Member

    I am glad we have someone in there to make a difference but the OP was spot on. Came back to the game, did every single crafter quest until I hit 100, then did 5 more expansions worth of quests, still sitting at 100 because they were pre-Planes questline, and have at least six more expansions to go in order to scribe SOME recipes I could use at 120. That doesn't even touch on the components needed.

    The alternative? Boost to 120, then go back and do how many expansions in order to buy recipes and then do what for components assuming I'd even be able to scribe them? It takes all of three hours to 'rush order' from 20 to 100, seems you're locked out of recipes, boost or not, you have to do multiple signature questlines. It would be different if we were talking some special recipes, but no, not even basics.

    Unless they completely remove the weird level 100 XP block and find some way to deal with recipes 100-120, it doesn't matter how great VoV crafting quests are, a huge portion of the population is locked behind several played days worth of old content in order to have access to relevant recipes.
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  16. Denmum Developer

    If you are leveling normally:

    At 100, your choices for earning solid tradeskill xp are the PoP tradeskill signature line or tradeskill writs, because PoP was the level 100-110 expansion.

    It takes 2-3 quests in the PoP tradeskill line to get you to 110 and the CD sigline. Only a quest or two in the CD tradeskill sigline is needed to unlock the purchase of the CD books.

    Then comes BoL, which will unlock recipe books partway through the TS sigline. Even if you utterly skipped CD, and did the BoL line, you would be level 120 and have your books about halfway through the tradeskill signature line.

    RoS is all 120, and again, you'll need to do at least part of the TS sigline if you want the books.

    How much of that content you do, and how many of the older books you want will likely depend on your tradeskill class and how much of a completionist you are with regards to recipe books.

    The word from above, though, as paraphrased by me, is that if you want items (recipes) from a recent expansion, you need to do some of that expansion's content. That is not negotiable at this time.
  17. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    My biggest gripe with overcomplicated tradeskills is the uncommon lunar materials needed from salvaging equipment. It wouldn't be so bad if you got more than 1 for each piece of gear you salvaged, but it'd be easier if there was a mass salvage ability or if you didn't need mastercrafted gear to get them, or if the mount bardings didn't require 70-something of them for one piece of equipment. It just seems too overly specific to keep any lasting amount of materials on the server and brokers.
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  18. splatterpunk28 Well-Known Member

    I did around 60 rush orders at 100 in order to cap city tradeskill faction and I was not even 1% into 100 so that is not viable after 100 for XP. Went back and did DoV through KA timelines (over 125 blue-white quests) and I was 2% into 100.

    That block for XP gain at 100 forces you to boost or do the PoP signature questline or maybe some expansion thereafter, there is no alternative.

    I appreciate your run through of what is needed though for recipes.
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  19. dorotea Well-Known Member

    On the adventure side, suggestions that, now that it is all ancient history, it would be nice if KA and Thalumbra which were level 100 expansions gave real experience at level 100 so that anyone leveling wouldn't be forced to do PoP at 100 have been unsuccessful. More from completionism than with any hope I make the same suggestion here on the TS side. I don't mind the PoP sigline at all but if it would only take a small amount of tweaking for the KA and Thalumbra siglines to give comparable experience more than a few of us would welcome having a choice while leveling.
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  20. Kethryl Active Member

    I'm a bit confused here; what tradeskill writs were you doing at level 100, that only gave you a tiny bit of XP? I have a few crafters at level 100, none of which have done the PoP or later questlines (recently returned to the game, and getting them up to 100 was my first priority), and when they do a tradeskill writ, they get quite a bit. In fact, I just did one, just to make sure I wasn't talking out my rear end. Doing ONE tradeskill rush order writ netted me 7.4% of the XP needed to level up to 101. At that rate, it'll take me 13 1/2 writs to get one level, which ISN'T HORRIBLE (but definitely more than it was before). And that doesn't include any XP I'd get from doing the PoP and subsequent questlines, which I'll do anyway, because I'm a completionist. It also doesn't include any potions I might use to boost my XP.

    Extreme details of the writ I did, if you're curious:

    Level 100 Armorer

    Before writ:
    Tradeskill Experience: 2,434,332 / 174,982, 500 (1.4%)
    Vitality Bonus Active
    Effects Bonus Active (Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl, Mark of the Far Seas. Aurous Feathered Stalker, etc)

    Writ picked up from guild hall rush order writ NPC:

    Splitiron Booty (Rush Order),
    Level: 100
    Category: City Tradeskill Tasks


    You created \aITEM -1868712715 1593863780:Splitiron Brigantine Boots\/a.
    You gain 150 tradeskill XP plus 357 XP from bonuses!

    You created \aITEM -1868712715 1593863780:Splitiron Brigantine Boots\/a.
    You gain 150 tradeskill XP plus 357 XP from bonuses!

    You created \aITEM -1868712715 1593863780:Splitiron Brigantine Boots\/a.
    You receive 45 Gold for completing Splitiron Booty (Rush Order).
    You gain 150 tradeskill XP plus 357 XP from bonuses!

    You created \aITEM 1421171082 534091083:Splitiron Reverent Boots\/a.
    You gain 150 tradeskill XP plus 357 XP from bonuses!

    You created \aITEM 1421171082 534091083:Splitiron Reverent Boots\/a.
    You gain 150 tradeskill XP plus 357 XP from bonuses!

    You created \aITEM 1421171082 534091083:Splitiron Reverent Boots\/a.
    You receive 45 Gold for completing Splitiron Booty (Rush Order).
    You gain 3832895 tradeskill XP plus 9122291 XP from bonuses!
    You receive 20 Gold for completing Splitiron Booty (Rush Order).
    You gain 31679 status!

    You gain 150 tradeskill XP plus 357 XP from bonuses!
    After writ:
    Tradeskill Experience: 15,392,560 / 174,982,500 (8.8%)
    Vitality Bonus Active
    Effects Bonus Active (Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl, Mark of the Far Seas. Aurous Feathered Stalker, etc)
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