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    Outlaws, on the Halls of Fate server, is recruiting for our W.T.F. raid team ...

    Have you fallen behind or started the xpac late? Not new to the game, but new to raiding? This is the time to try! Give us a shout and we'll see what we can do to help. We have heroic grouping opportunities for raiders on Monday nights as well as most Saturday afternoons. If you wish to raid at some point, please be able to put some time and effort into your character and class comprehension.

    All well played classes will be considered and are welcome. Casual, non-raiders are encouraged to join the guild as well.

    Progressing nicely in RoR, join us!
    we raid...
    Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 8-11pm EST

    **We use discord.**

    For more information feel free to contact Shyesse/Shylaa#3944, Jester#3395 or Geo#2455 on discord and Shylaa, Jest or Kask in game.
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    need more for RoR raids
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    updated needs. all are welcome to come and chat
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    Still looking for Fury, Troub, Dirge. Could use a backup tank as well.
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    looking for high attendance raiders of various classes....