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    I did a search and sadly most of the info is outdated with the shadow expansion. I am looking for what Diety to follow and some say Anashti (mostly on eq2flames) and some older posts say Bertoxxulous. Anyone have any opinions on which is the most fitting necro god?
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    anyone? anyone? Bueller?
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    edit Blessings

    Blessing Name Favor Description
    Power From Beyond750Improves spell and combat art damage by 10%
    Stench of Decay875Reduces all incoming noxious damage by 10%
    Undying Hatred1000Transfers 15% of group's hatred to caster (10 mins)
    Hand of Death1125On any successful attack, inflict 454 disease damage
    Crippling Blow1250On any successful attack where the target is under 20% health, inflicts 817 disease damage
    edit Miracles

    Miracle Name Favor Description
    Six Feet Under1125Debuff that procs damage on a target mob when it takes damage (amount depends on creature strength and health)
    Spirit Siphon131230s duration, single target debuff that returns a portion of your damage as health and power
    Deadly Rampage150015s duration, 20 trigger, 800ish damage reactive shield
    Angel of Death1687Summons a Limited Pet to aid the caster (30s duration)
    Undying Fury187525s buff, increases spell/melee crit by 25, 20% primary weapon flurry, spell double attack by 33
    edit Perks

    Pet Cloak Avatar
    Undying ServantCloak of the ForgottenAnashti Sul (Contested)
    Retrieved from "http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Anashti_Sul_(God)"
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    Blessing Name Favor Description
    Grim Aura750Increases all melee and spell damage by 12.5% for 10 minutes
    Walking Blight875Envelopes follower in a shield of disease that causes anything striking the follower to fall ill, harming them for a short duration. Once the Blight wears off, all damage done to the enemy target is returned to the follower as health.
    Pus Bolt1000Inflicts several 1000 disease damage (scales with level), decreases threat priority by 2, decreases hate gain by 25% for 10 minutes.
    Diffusion1125On a successful spell attack, casts Healing Diffusion on target of the spell, lasts for 10 minutes. While this buff is active, the next damage spell cast by the follower that successfully lands on a target will grant the follower a buff that increases all healing by 5% of the damage dealt to that target. Grants a total of 1 trigger of this spell.
    Touch of Decay1250Increases the damage of all disease based spells by 50% for 10 minutes.
    edit Miracles

    Miracle Name Favor Description
    Seething Infection1125Stifles target for 12 seconds, decreases attack speed by 50 and effectiveness of worn armor by 35% vs disease for 30 seconds.
    Call of the Plaguebringer1312Cancels up to 25% of target speed buffs, decreases effectiveness of worn armor vs physical for 30 seconds.
    Rotting Army1500Summons 6 limited pets to aid the caster for 30 seconds.
    Bertoxxulous' Curse1687Shapechanges caster, increases all spell damage by 50%, increases the caster's effectiveness of worn armor vs disease damage by 15% for 1 minute.
    Pox of Bertoxxulous1875Inflicts 633-754 disease damage, inflicts 545 to 666 disease damage every 12 seconds, heals caster for 157, heals caster for 69 every 12 seconds, increases power of caster by 69 instantly and every 12 seconds, decreases target's effectiveness of worn armor vs disease by 15% for 2 minutes.
    edit Visual

    Pet Cloak Avatar
    Pariah of BertoxxulousCloak of PestilenceAvatar of Disease
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    Those came out a bit more obnoxious in the forums as opposed to where I found them on Wiki.
    I posted both of these to help answer your question. It seems there are quite a few of us that believe following the Goddess Ashanti Sul would be better than Bertoxxulous.
    After reviewing them both myself, I find that Ashanti seems much better suited for our Shadowknight brethren. Bertoxxulous, at this time, is the best choice of Deity In My Highest Opinion.
    Lord Xavulon - Arch Lich of Antonia Bayle
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    Macabre@Lucan DLere wrote:
    I moved my necro to Anashti as soon as she became available.

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