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Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Thand, Mar 30, 2021.

  1. Thand Well-Known Member

    For the outdoor weekly you need to kill 3 hercoic mobs so far the only 2 i have been able to find are the one at fort grim and the one on lakoda island and they seem to have the 4 hour personaly lockout that the other names have. Did the patch add any new ones?
  2. AvenElonis Well-Known Member

    Those are the only 2 heroic names outdoors that I can recall on the dark side of Luclin. Be nice if they added some more.

    I wonder if the ones in BoL would work for that quest. (Just checked - no they do not. Of course as I read the quest again it does say dark side LOL)
  3. CharbrynEQ2 Well-Known Member

    Last expac, the Baddies mobs could be killed as a raid group to get more folks their updates. These heroic mobs in RoS grey out if more than one group engages. Any chance this could be changed to be like BoL? I can't imagine on a more busy server, but on AB it's pretty hotly contested and only 2 groups can really work on this at a time, if alternating the zones and bringing in a new alt as weeklies get finished so that there is always someone that can see the mob.

    Also, I know this new bounty system will help with the heroic mob situation for these quests, but for now that is slow going as folks farm the drops from the placeholders.
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  4. AvenElonis Well-Known Member

    Bounty System - another idea that will NOT help engagement, sigh.
  5. Thand Well-Known Member

    With Most efficemt way to get ph being siting semi afkt at a spawn point went watching tv for and hour and checking in around them is Not the best way for player engagement :)
  6. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    I disagree. The most efficient use of time is to check the spawn points for the various PH/names, kill them if they are up, then go do other stuff and come back later to check again.
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  7. AvenElonis Well-Known Member

    All of them are being camped at this stage.
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  8. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    And if a dev is reading this thread, please move it. Has absolutely zero to do with "Items and Equipment."
  9. Vixen New Member

    That would work if you were on a server all by yourself.
  10. Vixen New Member

    OCD seems to be kicking in.
  11. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Not really. The original poster has a point. More people should be reading it and commenting on it. This isn't about "items and equipment," it's about a current problem with game design impacting the player environment. Otherwise, using your logic, let's just get rid of all categories and have a general forum and everyone can post everything in it. Imagine the confusion of trying to stay abreast of stuff.

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