Ornate Crate of Endless Goodies.

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-jaff247, May 11, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-jaff247 Guest

    So I have been running Dracur Prime [Adv Solo] zone 4 times a day on different chars now since the GU and I'm trying to gain a better understanding of the loot tables from both Tigloth and the Collapsing the Capitol quest, which ofcourse both result in ' Ornate Crate of Endless Goodies'.

    From my understanding there is a huge loot table on offer here.

    Helm ( plate fighter + cleric, leather druid + brawler, chain scout + shaman, cloth mage )
    Gloves ( plate fighter + cleric, leather druid + brawler, chain scout + shaman, cloth mage )
    Belt ( tank, healer, scout, mage )
    Primary ( tank, healer, scout, mage, brawler )
    Offhand ( tank, healer, scout, mage )
    Wrist ( tank, healer, scout, mage )

    31 items that im aware of alone, and possibly more im yet to discover as being part of the crate's loot table.

    My question, which I stress it /NOT/ a complaint, but my question is : Are these items meant to be purely random in their distribution or are some weighted to be more common than others?

    I have just observed strange trends in the rewards that I have been receiving so far, such as:

    • A seemingly 50% chance to get the healer and mage offhand as the reward from every chest, by far the most common reward
    • Duplicate rewards from both Tigloth's chest and the quest turn in, across multiple characters on the same day ( 4 x Cleric Helm ). And then the next day a similar rush of Brawler primary wep.

    I understand there isnt smart loot in play here, and that’s not something im asking for. But what im asking is, is there any rhyme or reason to the rewards that any others can add some context to? Are some items meant to be rarer than others or have I just had a very statistically unlikely experience. ( 4 cleric helms in a row breaks down to a 1 in atleast 120 chance, should the drop rates be purely equal ).

    Thanks in advance for any information, and again im not complaining or asking anything be made easier or changed, just trying to understand if my experiences are the exception or the rule.

  2. ARCHIVED-Tylia Guest

    I have never gotten any healer items from the quest crate or in drops from the dragon. Almost always fighter stuff, and my only fighter is a level 12 pally. I have 4 level 90+ healers, and another one in the 30's. I'm beginning to think those crates are set up to give you what you would most likely need the least. lol
  3. ARCHIVED-Te'ana Guest

    Tylia@Butcherblock wrote:
    I call this the smart donkey loot system. :)
  4. ARCHIVED-LordPazuzu Guest

    Yeah, smart loot would be nice here since these solo quests essentially fill the gear gap between old Velious and Skyshrine for casual players who don't like to run overland questlines. This stuff is the "PQ armor" of Skyshrine.
    I think it would be cool if you got to choose between a random selection like in PQs with faction, god, and AA items for those of us who don't need the loot. It will keep the content relevant longer.
  5. ARCHIVED-SiegaPlays Guest

    I run them frequently just for the random chance of an upgrade for an alt and adornment mats and the research reduction potion for my 92s expert to master research.
    Also "flagging" my 92s ready to serve for the access quest chain when they have done the advanced molo in an attempt of selfmade casual progression :p
    Seems to share several consumable drops that are also available for dungeon maker marks from the marketplace.
  6. ARCHIVED-arthemis1er Guest

    I might have been super lucky but i received ONCE and only once a master spell for my class along with the Ornate Crate.
  7. ARCHIVED-Skylan Guest

    You can get mythical necks out of the crate as well, so I don't see an issue with their loot table.
  8. ARCHIVED-Adcid Guest

    I agree but it seems different with everyone. For me I am a coercer and ive gotten 4 gloves, even in one run dropped off dragon and turnin quest reward was very annoyed.
    Otherwise almost every single drop turning in is :
    Fighter Weapon
    Fighter Shield
    Brawler items
    MISC "Plate" items.

    If I was a fighter I would be pretty decked out by now since thats all im getting to drop every single day. Getting frustrating ><
  9. ARCHIVED-Merker Guest

    I received 2 helms from one instance. I received it as a chest drop after killing Tigloth and then again as my quest reward. Pretty strange but not complaing as I just passed one off to my SK alt.

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