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    Hello everyone! Opponent is a brand new guild on the Oasis server ran by a gaming couple with years of experience. We have ran guilds in many MMO's but have now landed back here after a long break. The guild is only 4 days old, but just pushed to lvl 13 and still going. We are few in numbers at the moment, but want to expand extensively. I, as the GM will absolutely NOT tolerate immature activity, non-team members, or any behavior in or out of the guild that will give Opponent a bad name.

    The founders of Opponent are members of a top Raiding guild in another MMO, just wanting a change of pace and coming back to the wonderful environment of Norrath. As it stands, Opponent is a casual guild trying to level up and recruit to strengthen our community. I plan to hit raiding head on when the opportunity arises. I will be needing a few more officers to help lead and control certain aspects of guild activity, and on top of that we will also need plenty of willing, cooperative family oriented guild members to fill us out.

    There will be a structured rank/promotion system in place for advancement for those who seek it! The more you help others and show to your guild mates you are a team player, the faster you climb the ladder. I also plan to have competitions, races and other fun guild activities to promote guild interacting between members.

    If you are an adult and would like to join us for all we have to offer and think you would be a good fit within the guild, please contact me in-game or apply on our website at Opponentgaming.net , Thank you
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    Still looking for more players!!! Up to level 29 now. Come join us
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    Hello again everyone! Up to level 36 now with a guild hall in new halas and getting closer to raiding. Get with Athryel or myself in game to inquire about aid positions coming available.
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    Almost lvl 39. Still have lots of raiding spots available and a few officer spots as well.