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  1. Antz New Member

    Hi, all,

    Background: played a bit six years ago and came back recently. My old character claimed several nice veteran 'boxes' which are now in inventory. I'm at a loss how to open these boxes. One has some furniture in it I want to put in my house. Tried in decorate mode and not in decorate mode, clicking, double clicking, dragging and can't seem to get that furniture out of the 'shipping crate' lol

    Probably something obvious, but...not to me :)

    Oh, and this may be affecting things...I play on a macbookpro within boot amp...

    Thanks for any help!
  2. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    You should be able to examine the boxes and open them, make sure you have room in your inventory? Not sure if the boot amp is causing an issue.
  3. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    Have you tried right-clicking on each one while they are in your bags? Looks like you've tried nearly everything! :cool:
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  4. Ursa Minor Well-Known Member

    Right click, select "Unpack" option.
  5. Antz New Member

    Thanks, Kuulei, and everyone.

    I seem to be able to examine them by double clicking - that's how I know what's in them.
    I seem to be able to right click in other parts of bootcamp windows, but the right click doesn't seem to work within EQ. Well, I'll try again what I know to be the right click.

    (Btw, those who know bootcamp - I did find the workaround to get right click set up via the bootcamp 'diamond' shaped icon in the system tray, so it's not that I don't know how to set up right click within bootcamp).

    If I can't get the furniture now, oh well, at least I can still quest in this odd mac/bootcamp/windows/EQ2 setup. :)
  6. Antz New Member

    Ok, guys, I now ensured that right-click works in my windows/bootcamp setup. However it does not open these boxes.

    I'll just play and fight and level up a bit, but not being able to right-click within EQ2 in this win/bootcamp environment limits me, so if anyone does come up with an answer, I'm interested.
  7. luxxxaeterna Member

    Try with command in chat : /examine_item "name of the item in your bag".
  8. luxxxaeterna Member

    Or this one /inventory unpack "name of the item"
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  9. Ursa Minor Well-Known Member

    One annoying issue I have is that I cannot right click an item that is in the first slot of my bag, I have to move it to another slot for the right click to work.
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  10. Antz New Member

    Luxxaeterna - thanks for your suggestions. no joy on those commands. Maybe these veteran packs are just too old to be unpacked. :(
  11. Antz New Member

    By the way, I have the very same issue in crossover so it's not a bootcamp issue. But probably a mac issue...
  12. Anhari Active Member

    Obvious question so forgive me,,,

    Is your current toon the same one who actually claimed the boxes? Or, are you on a new toon who had/has rights to the house where the crates were sent to when you packed them up in the first place?

    Returning players often start a new toon and get the gear/coin out of the shared bank from the "old" toons.

    That's the only thing that I see that you may not have tried.

    Good Luck
  13. Antz New Member

    Good question. Yes, it's the right toon. I only have two, one from a long time ago and a new one created when I came back to the game. It's the old toon that got all the veteran crates and welcome packs. Each toon has their own house, and they havent' gone to each other's houses (lol I"m not even that advanced yet! *grins*)

    Thanks for the suggestion!
  14. Antz New Member

    Well, now there you go. My toon obviously cannot right click cuz I never get an 'unpack' option.
    Gotta be that I'm playing on a mac. I'm using the mac trackpad. Maybe I'll try a usb mouse and see if I get that mysterious right click capability :) (although I certainly have a right-click capability on the mac with the trackpad, just doesn't seem to translate to while I'm in EQ2 - with crossover or with bootcamp)...
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  15. AarChon New Member

    Not sure I could play this game if I couldn't right click. Definitely get a mouse!
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  16. Anhari Active Member

    Any chase that you can switch to a PC laptop or cheap (but strong enough) desktop for playing EQ2 ( and EQ1)?

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