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  1. Malachy Well-Known Member

    Server: Varsoon
    House size: Medium

    Name of Home: a Nerian hearthstone
    Decorator: Zosimos
    Owner: Zosimos
    Date Published: May 2022

    Comments: Relaxing Neriak themed home, soothing sounds (Opera House in South Freeport), used for reading, scrying, and cooking up delicious food and drink. This is a blocked off medium sized home, so it is fairly small. There is also a lovely dark elf to greet you when you arrive.

    Unfortunately, because this is Varsoon, a TLE, you have to walk up to the prestige portal in South Freeport in order to visit, hence 0 likes on the entire server outside of "guild houses" where leaders tend to have depots for their members until guild banks/guild halls are available down the road. o_O
  2. Latraviata New Member

    I just published the following home and hope you will enjoy your visit:)

    Name Onomaris's holiday retreat
    Antonia Bayle Server Freport based
    Massive homes
    Dhalgar Precipe of the deep portal
    Decorator: Onomaris
    I hope you find the time to visit my newest published home:)
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  3. Latraviata New Member

    My apologies I spelled my home incorrectly. It is named Onomari's holiday retreat
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  4. puppybreath Member

    Skyfire has a new publication under Massive Homes. The Kats Meow by Serifa. Owner Hallo Shar Vahl Home.

    This is not what you expect. Hopefully you will find some new ideas there. Enjoy!
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