Opal Darkbriar is out there.

Discussion in 'History and Lore' started by ARCHIVED-RoninSenshi, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-RoninSenshi Guest

    Apparenty Opal Darkbriar is in Freeport using various illusions. She is supposed to have some kind of tell in every form so that you know that it is her. Has anyone found her in these illusions?

    I know that she was sent to Qeynos by the Freeport Foci, while in an Illusion. I also believe that she's in Anvial, Withering Lands using another Illusion. Their is a quest where you question one of the NPCs about a quest they are giving you, and the NPC is just like "Go do it, it'll be fine". That NPC I think is Opal.
    Anyone have any other ideas of where she might be hiding?
  2. ARCHIVED-shadowscale Guest

    got a tip she is in some other zones entirely then just freeport. take a look at all the forms she shows during the confrentation with her, they might just be hanging around elsewhere.

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