Op Ed: EQ2 for Everyone?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Katzandra, Nov 25, 2018.

  1. Katzandra Well-Known Member

    Hint on orange adorns: Grab a set of gear from the chest by the Myrist sign in desk. Remove the adnornments and pop them in your gear!
  2. Leed Active Member

    Be sure to buy the gear at zone in of Myrist from the chest and pop the adornments off of that gear to put on your new gear if you have any empty adornment slots. In particular you will want Championship V, Juxtaposition V, Glory V, and Witness V.
  3. Dude Well-Known Member

    Extra hint: Some of them suck, but that's ok. Once you pull out the good ones, destroy the free gear and get more of the gear that comes with the good adorns.
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  4. Dead Alt Account Active Member

    I'll give that a try when I get home. Thanks for the info.
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  5. Seefar Well-Known Member

    All this number crunching makes me really NOT want to pursue the 'heroic' path -- which is a shame, because I really love grouping (and would dearly love to get back into raiding again). The game needs to give feedback about what the caps are on these blasted stat numbers, so it's easy to see when you've got enough and need to focus on something else.
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  6. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    Yeah, if you aren't obsessed with getting that gear, this is a solo game.

    I'm already like 500 resolve below what people are asking for in chat, having done the solo's and gotten the 45 stuff. You can buy the MasterCrafted if you want to buy a Krono and sell it for plat.

    Still the solo was probably worth what I paid.
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  7. Leed Active Member

    They may be looking for somebody for T2 heroics. T1 heroics are 1060 resolve, and you definitely have more than 560 resolve if you have done the solos. If you really do want to get into heroics, look for a group doing a T1, it'll be very slow going if you all are lower potency but it will eventually speed up - it's a real claw your way up slowly though.- and probably even slower with pickup groups (since you're continuously getting people where everything that drops they need) versus a guild group that can focus on mains first and slowly each character gets fully equipped. If you can - try to do the daily, especially if it's Awuidor or Esrylai (air). Those seem more doable than Doomfire or Rathe when not geared well enough to overwhelm them. Doomfire because of the massive heals. Rathe because things are more complicated and I'm not sure are working right (like the mud mob spawns 'a flung mud' that travels to corpses and spawns adds, if you kill 'a flung mud' the add spawns immediately the same as if you just ignore a flung mud and let it get to the corpse and despawn. Or how the final named spawns roots to lock you in place while at the same time spawning things that can heal the named up to 100% - and he doesn't spawn 1 root to kill, he spawns 2, then when fighting those 2 another 2 can spawn if your group is lower DPS. Lower DPS group gets mired down with 30 roots on them and named at 100%.)
  8. Trabu Member

    On the mastercrafted gear. I'll give you a few tips. Make it with purified stones, if you can afford it plat infuse it, then experiment on the gear. You will end up with a piece of gear with between 3700 and 3900 potency. I harvested a crap ton of rares for my Paly had a friend make up the jewelry and a few pieces of armor. He's sitting at 1200 resolve and 65k potency now. I do have the upgraded premium mount though. (that gives 6k+potency and 60 resolve) worth the upgrade if you can afford the premium addition.
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  9. Trabu Member

    If you can't afford the infusion just experimenting will get it to 3400 potency.
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  10. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    Experiment? The only experimenting I do is trying my weapons at different angles on my victims to see if they die faster or slower or more painfully or whatever I want... that's the closest thing to a tradeskill I want to get to!
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  11. Leed Active Member

    The tip about experimenting and using purified stones is good - although right now I think most people are getting their mastercrafted off the broker (the books aren't quite widespread enough that everybody's local guild crafter has the ability to make them yet), and you're a bit at the mercy of those crafters to do it. Can somebody experiment on an item that they don't have the recipe for? Never came up before for me, so not sure.

    Good news though - tomorrow's update reduces the healing on Doomfire. That should take Vengeance of Ro from being one of the highest gear requirements to being a good starter point to get in there and start getting geared up.

    Here's what I would recommend when you are just starting on heroics:

    With reduced healing - Vengeance of Ro first.
    Then do Bixel hive.
    Then do Veiled Precipice.

    The other 3 T1 zones are Doomfire: Enkindled Towers, Rathe T1, and the Nebulous Deep. Enkindled Towers is ok up until Moracar, but his adds will rip you apart with low DPS so I wouldn't do that zone unless you're already finishing the three listed above. Nebulous Deep is a simple layout, nameds not that complicated, but can be hard if your group is scout heavy as named heal more depending on how many people are near them (eg if tank and 2 scouts are near named he'll heal 12% when he does his AoE, and he doesn't speak/leash before AoE so there's no jousting in and out) - so again - I'd wait until you can finish all 3 of the zones listed up above first. Finally, Rathe - this is probably one of the hardest T1 zones now, reasons listed in previous post, so I would save it until you already can do all the other 5 T1 zones I mentioned in this post.
  12. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Yes because she has minions like myself that will craft for her whenever she has a whim. *giggles snarkily before running off to see if Ttobey has revealed his idea for a BROOM MOUNT*
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  13. Dead Alt Account Active Member

    I did what Dude suggested to get the additional adorns, but I'm still at 51k pot, 29k CB and 88 ferv after running every quest including the missions. Is infusing, experimenting, etc.. the only way to get the stats to run heroics? The level of complexity of this game has gotten ridiculous IMO, especially for more casual players who just want to get a group, run a few heroic zones and have fun. And the only way to figure out how all of this works is to look it up on third party websites, if the info is available at all. IDK, I'm beginning to resign myself to the fact that this game is now designed for veteran hardcore players and that it may be time to just uninstall and walk away. I dunno where to go from here.
  14. Seefar Well-Known Member

    Unless something has changed, I'm pretty sure the answer to your question here is 'yes'. I've experimented on stuff I can't create before.

    Seconded. The 'heroic' path involves far too much number-crunching for my liking, and has done for some time now.
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  15. Tommara Active Member

    Most of you have missed the OP's point.

    Most of these comments are very nice, well-meaning advice on the requirements to get into a GROUP.

    They come across to us returning players and new players as requirements to get into a raiding guild, while the OP was only asking for is to have content available for just a GROUP of more than 2 players.

    Joining a group is not such a big deal in other MMO's I've played, beginning with EQ, where we routinely made a full group to kill spiders and aviaks in overland groups. Because EQ was hard to solo,and it was profitable to group even outside the dungeons. And along the way, we met a lot of cool people.

    Fast forward to today, and you can get into a group in WoW and FFXIV by clicking a button and joining a queue (wait times non-existent for tanks and healers, longer for dps), meeting level requirements, and perhaps other achievements.

    Shoot, even in the original EQ2 content, having 3 or 4 people in a group could find something profitable to do together, from Wailing Caves, Blackburrow, and Stormhold (during the recent puppet HQs, I had to explain why Stormbrunt Highlands was referred to as "SB" rather than "SH" because old school EQ2 players associate SH with Stormhold).

    The reason that could happen was because 3-4 people could out level the content intended for a full group and still be within level to gain exp.

    I suppose that if they wait long enough before releasing another expansion with another exponential increase in exp to level, small groups might be possible. But I think they'll lose those players before it happens. i.e., a level 100 player grouped with level 95 players cannot gain exp by doing so, if they could find something for all of them to do other than the 100 power leveling players that are 95% of their level. That's just plain weird. A level 100 player should be able to group with a 95 and both gain exp, as should a 110 and a 105, once the level 110 cap is lifted.
  16. Leed Active Member

    I discovered there is at least one huge (if you have alts, especially if they happen to be on another server) plus side to unlocking gear like this instead of just having it drop directly in an instance. Once you buy the gear on your main character, you can buy that gear on all your alts right out of the gate. They don't have to go in and have the patterns drop for them, or gather 10 gems first. It only takes pp/status and some of the expansion currency (which you would have from doing the sigline) - because the unlock is an account flag.
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  17. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    The OP's point was not lost on me. But, make friends, talk to people, general chat is toxic on a lot of servers so watch it and then send private messages to people that sound reasonable and helpful. Join a guild that is friendly, helpful, and casual. Dude, Meneltel, and I all play together even though I am in a different guild from them. Seefar and Dead Alt Account, if you are on AB, give one of us a shout in game and we will help you, we can get together our group pretty regularly just by saying lets do this. Meneltel and Dude are both in one of the best casual guilds in the game, Army of Oobliteration.

    There are ways to accomplish things without grinding yourself into oblivion. People are out there, you just have to avail yourself to talk to them and see if you get along and have the same playstyles and goals and go from there. Our little rag tag group started with 3 of us and now we have a full raid force if we wanted to do that.
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  18. Ashandra Active Member

    I think this sums up the changes in a big picture this expac , it’s just shooting your self in the foot player base wise
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