Onyx-Nagafen's Top Raiding Guild

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    Nagafen's top raiding guild and sole collectors of avatar loots

    Raid Times: Mon-Thurs 8pm est to 12am est

    Needed classes:

    -One of the following: Berzerker, Paladin or Bruiser.
    -One of the following: Coercer or Illusionist
    -Troub and Dirge

    -Must not have any serious upcoming life changes that could knowingly interrupt your ability to make those times.
    -Must be willing to commit to a minimum of 3 months after the 30 day recruitment period.
    -Knowledge of your class and its responsibilities on raids.
    -Proper adorning to support your class's role.
    -Character must be geared with a min. of COE legendary or better.
    -Character must at least have all expert spells/cas.

    Not a needed class?
    We always consider exceptional applications, if you are a class not listed in this recruitment but believe you deserve a spot in the guild, never hesitate to talk to one of the officers.

    PST or PM Balzor