Only a few days left! Pre-order Chains of Eternity™ now!

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  1. Dexella Associate Producer

    Now through Monday, November 12th, make sure you pre-order your copy of EverQuest II: Chains of Eternity™! Those who pre-order Chains of Eternity™ will get a bonus item, the Cloak of Mourning!
    Also, we've updated the in-game items that come with the Collector's Edition! You now get TWO mercenaries – Krivix Honorclaw, the Paladin, and Krivok Honorclaw, the Templar – and an Ethereal Wyvern Mount!
    Remember to take advantage of the Collector's Edition pre-order price of $59.99 ($20.00 for SOE Live attendees) by 11:59pm PST* November 12th, 2012!
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  2. Mindsway Well-Known Member

    Have they released any more info on the quality of the mercs yet?
  3. Juraviel Active Member

    All that I have heard was that they would be slightly better than the regular mercenaries with the same cost to keep them active. They are not elite mercenaries.
  4. Mins New Member

    I am returning player and haven't had any time with the mercenaries, I looked at them briefly but 25 gold for 30 minutes sounded way outside my game budget - I don't even make 25 gold in 30 minutes.

    Was kinda hoping the collection edition would at least be one of the elite versions or at least cost less in rental.

    I looked all over for more information on the collection edition mercenaries though, but can't find anything good - what makes them worth the real money investment, then they cost the same as the regular mercenaries ...

    So far the collectors edition just doesn't sound like its worth the extra discounted price of $20 more than the regular version.

    I'm still undecided on what version to buy... (sigh)
  5. Bloodlich Member

    The only info I've heard is that they will be less likely to run away than the standard mercs.
  6. Finora Well-Known Member

    At the level that they cost 25 g every 30 minutes,there are single vender trash items sell for 20+gold, many of them for 37+ gold. Not counting all the body/chest coins and spell/recipe drops that sell in the neighborhood of 12 gold each (and that is just to a NPC vendor, you can make much more on some of them selling on the broker).
  7. Mysstie Well-Known Member

    They only cost you gold while they are up and active. You can place them into Suspend mode while you're doing things that don't require them to be hanging around. Half the time I forget I have one waiting there if I want it LOL.
  8. ITPalg Member

    Mercs' wages scale with level. Do you honestly think they would make level 20 players spend 25g?
  9. Mins New Member

    Thanks for the information and the comments,

    @Finora: Good point, I forgot that you got a lot better prices on the trash loot

    @Mysstie: Ah, that's a good point also.

    @ITPalg: No i didn't expect to pay that at the lower levels, but i was talking about my level 81 character and really don't remember much about the paneel zone and the trash drops being better. I did finally find that info on zam. Talk about a price increase, at 50 I can get one for 50 silver but oh hit 51 and its 5 gold, greedy little guys ...

    My wife and I leaning toward the collectors edition for our xmas gift early - a pally and Templar would make our duoing a lot easier and maybe a little less class restrictive as to what we can be.
  10. Humakt Member

    Need to fix the site for to upgrade from Fan Faire copy to CE. It is bugged =(
  11. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    Nope, the footnote is still there on the final purchase page: NOTE: If you were an SOE Live attendee, you will only be charged $20 or the equivalent in local currency
  12. Mysticalmaid Member

    Phew, got my pre-order in on time. When do the downloads start?
  13. Calabeth New Member

    Yes pre-order with the worst swag for a game pre-order yet, where even their original version has 3x better swag in regards to bang for the buck.

    And with SOE Live getting the very cool Vamp SK merc. I should start registering for FF even though most times I cannot afford to make the flight+hotel room costs just for the neat lil extras they get.
  14. Arbrelax New Member

    Sorry if this is answered elsewhere but my likely inadequate searching did not find an answer.

    I have already pre-ordered and was wondering if SOE is already, or has plans to, pre-load the expansion when we are logging in before launch, to avoid a massive download jam on launch date.

    I realize keeping the servers up on launch day is a challenge enough but I actually will have limited time to try it out before going out of town and was hoping to at least avoid that log jam, heh.
  15. Raienya Member

    Well, since the game is likely going to be up and down for several days after launch for hotfixes, I wouldn't worry about it too much. I haven't found any information about pre-downloading the expansion either.
  16. ITPalg Member

    Copy the pak and music folders from the beta install to a separate location, then on Tuesday copy those to the regular install, then patch.
  17. Herne Active Member

    I had previously ordered Chains of Eternity but I had cancelled the order, I am now trying to reorder but I have no option to buy, anyone have any advice on what I can do?
  18. Regolas Well-Known Member

    I've bought the CE version. Mainly for a wyvern mount for each char (they cost almost $20 on the market anyway and you only get one, not one per char).

    So that plus intrigue about mercs and then the potions bundled in for good measure, I think it's worth the extra $20,just.
  19. ITPalg Member

    Contact CS.
  20. Coolit New Member

    I was looking to come back but I've been on the fence because the CE looked poor value but now that you get both mercs and a really nice looking mount I think it's pretty much spot on now cost wise