ONE Patchcraft Beasty,... per Zone?!!?

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  1. Ceyarrecks Wunnfirr Well-Known Member

    enough with the Time Sink(tm)
    Waddling my Burynai feet back and fourth looking for these Patchcraft,... and only finding ONE up at any one point in time, makes the quest "Plethora of Patchcraft Parts" not worth the time taken to complete it. Thus limiting one's enjoyment of the event and, by extension, Norrath.
    Since (for example) Frostfang is FULL of Polar Bears, one would expect to have more than ONE Patchcraft found within the zone.
  2. Nein New Member

    If you don't like it... don't play. It's not a hard concept.
  3. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    There is usually more than one up at any given time. The problem is, they will not spawn at other points if they have not been killed. So if there are for example 6 spawn points where you are in FFS, and you are running between 3 of them if there are one or two at the other 3 points, yours are not going to spawn until those others are killed.
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  4. Anniejo New Member

    Really?, Really??, Really???

    Is this quest that game breaking to have such a LONG time sink and LONG respawn rate??????. Like the OP said, 1 spawn per zone???????

    I barely got through doing it once being that it was the very fist time doing it. But the second time around, DELETE!!!! Because when looking at where else my time could be spent, it was so much more interesting to be leveling and questing..

    The reward wasn't enough to keep me going. In fact, if I had known what the reward was in the beginning, I probably would have deleted it. Two different woods for the (literally) bucket helmet?? Not even a clicky type item(s), such as; turn into a bucket?? Now that would have been funny and so Bristlebane day!! :)

    Thanks for listening.

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