Old Raid Zones for fun and achievements

Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by Noizette, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Semperfifofum Active Member

    Take off your armor? or at least your weapons. At the moment, you can also remove your resolve buff. I can't be sure if resolve works like fervor in cases where you're OP for the mob. It seems to. Anything with fervor, remove. Tell pets to not attack unless you tell them to.
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  2. Noizette Active Member

    We tried no weapons and literally JUST sent the defiler's dog to him, no one attacked and Turt died immediately. Was pretty funny! Will try your suggestions next time we head there, thank you :)
  3. Steelviper Active Member

    One-shot bugs out his script. This is what works:
    Normal version about 8k Potency tops, challenge version about 9k-10k potency tops. Resolve doesn't do anything for any content below Terrors of Thalumbra expac, Fervor does increase your damage in % after all calculations applied, like Potency, Main stat, Crit Bonus etc. If you have it over 60%, might try lowering Potency 1k down both versions. Just remove your items with strongest Potency bonuses until you got it down. And absolutely be sure to remove all your ToT / KA Primary / Secondary / Ranged weapons with procs - those are killers and will lead to killing the name too fast and bugging the script. And set your pet on passive, especially in case of Summoner epic 2.0 pets, those will one-shot the name.

    You need 2 people on both ends of the dock platforms. The name will teleport to each side every time after taking small % of damage in health, so start working on the name slowly. After he teleports to the other side, let the other toon take it over, and be sure to be within at least 3m range of the name or closer, or he will set docks on fire and you'll wipe. Then when he teleports to his original location, continue with first toon etc. etc.
    At about 15%-10% health left, he'll say something, stop attacking him then, and when he disappears and water starts to lower, jump down and after the water is drained you can finish off the turtles. Those are much simpler straight burn-down, though linked with each other.

    The 3 levers at the bottom can be activated by just 2 toons, if your moving speed is fast enough. 80%-90% speed should be able to cut it in time. Let one toon press one lever, and the other toon press one of the 2 others at the same time, then let the other toon run like on fire to the third level and press too. It is doable.
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  4. Occam Well-Known Member

    I've been trying this solo and I'm not sure it's possible. The adds spawn near the braziers, but if you don't engage them almost immediately you die. You have 2-3 seconds, but the braziers are so far apart it's just not possible without more players. I have gotten the big add to spawn, but only because my merc rezzed me, then I used an emergency rez on myself. There are 3 small adds though and I didn't have a way to get up on the 3rd death before the encounter reset.

    Please tell me there's another trick to this that I'm just missing. I've broken my gear a couple of times already trying to figure this encounter out solo. :rolleyes:
  5. maxximum Member

    I did the heroic version last week, and had to chrono to 85, remove all my gear and equip a level 80 weapon to avoid one shotting the bosses. For the raid version, I'd suggest starting the same way and just keep adding lv 80 gear piece by piece.

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