Old player trying to return... despite soe.

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  1. Faelynn Active Member

    Look yourself up on eq2u - maybe you still have a chance to see & save your AA setup there before the servers come back up? /hopeful
  2. Polychrome Member

    Nah, it wouldn't show until I logged in. It's been a long time since I've been on.

    I'm not particularly mad or anything. It's just I would have liked to re-learn the game without having to re-experiment with the stats all over again. Probably gonna be awhile before I can get comptetent enough again to find a guild.
  3. EQplayer New Member

    No, what's sad is your sense of entitlement and bellyaching over a pittance that wouldn't buy you 2 PS3 games you would be finished in hours. Every player in the game paid for all the content they have access to, it's not even remotely like pay to win. If you want to access the content that all the other customers paid to access you have to pay just like them.

    And you do not have to pay for elite mercs, you have to find them in game and be able to afford their upkeep. Not that you need them anyway, the normal mercs are extremely overpowered and can easily solo groups of heroic mobs higher level then them.
  4. Dr_jones Member

    I hate the f2p model of EQ2. Come back im level 80 and can't wear any gear and find out that if I wanna be uptodate I have to spend 95 dollars. Compare that to EQ I started up again and guess what to get started and be set to play its only 15 dollars and gonna be another 40 when RoF comes out and I would be uptodate.
  5. napu Member

    you can play eq2 well enough without purchasing age of discovery, i do. I was expecting aod to be reduced in price on release of new expansion and it hasnt which is a little disappointing.
  6. Regolas Well-Known Member

    It's been out 6 hours, give them time.
  7. Finora Well-Known Member

    Given the amount of content that can be solod without the use of mercs, I do not think it's nearly as big of a deal as some people are making it out to be. Reforging is great at high levels, completely negligible before 90 though (imo). You can nearly put on dirty underwear & run around & have the mobs die around you pre-90. Almost all pre-90 herioc stuff can at least be done by a duo, and some of it you need real people or at least a controlled character not a merc. Some of it will be hard to do as a duo but it can happen. And there is chronomancy if you really want to make it easier. Out level it and chrono down & do it that way.

    If you really really don't want to invest in AOD you can always go the route of opening up a second free to play account and twobox like we used to do (and like many of us still do) post mercs. That's how we used to do it in EQ1 & Eq2.

    AOD has been on sale before. I don't doubt it will be on sale again. Since it's not 100% needed for play, just pass it by for now if you feel it's too much & buy it on sale. I didn't buy it on my alt account until the half price sale myself.