Old Player returns, Char transfer?

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  1. Erlandor New Member

    Hello everybody,

    i apologize beforehand beause i guess this has been asked quite often for sure, but after all thats happened in Norrath in the last 10 Years since i stopped playing is quite confusing.
    I played on Kael Drakkal in Germany around 2010 / 2011 and hat quite some fun there with the Guild, all the adventures, housing and this stuff.
    As i mentioned above i stopped playing for personal reasons around 2011, when they said Kael Drakkal would be abandoned.
    Driven by some Nostalgia when Discussing with an old friend we "rediscovered" EQ2 and i remembered my time there and would like to return. So i used the "forgot Password" - Function, logged in and found none of my chars.
    I created a new one out of curiosity just to ru around, to the first quests etc. to feel the Breath of Norrath again.

    Now i discovered, that the aunchpad has a "Character Select" - Dropdown at the Top, and there my old chars are showing up! (yay!!) - but they are listed as being on "Valor" - and thus i cannot log in with any of them.

    Now the Question, is there a way to get them working again? - Transfer them to Antonia Bayle for Example ?
    Surely i could simply start over, but there are many Memories associated with those Characters and it does not feel right to completely abandon them.
    So what does it take to get them in a State so i could log in with them? - i guess its a matter of money? :D
    I simply ask because the years have been quite confusing, the End of Kael Drakkal, then the Pro7sat1 - Thingy with EQ2 in GErmany and now Daybreak... im unsure who i have to ask at all, thats why i chose to ask in this Forum instead.

    Greetings in the Name of Mithaniel Marr (my main was a Paladin after all...)
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  2. parissa Well-Known Member

    Welcome back.... That sounds like you are on a eu server not a us server... I would check the bottom left corner and change it to EU server... your characters should be there on the thurgadin server... I don't think you can transfer from an eu server to a us server, if you are in fact on a eu server.... I hope you this will fix your log in issue though....
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  3. Erlandor New Member

    Hello Parissa,

    yes i played on an EU server, but as i reinstalled the client a few days ago and recovered my PW and tried playing, i landed on an US server i guess.
    Will try your suggestion though, thank you. Its confusing that the cahrs are listed in the character select Drop-down as "valor" - chars.
    Thanks for your Help so far, i will try switching to EU servers and have a look.

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  4. Erlandor New Member

    Yipiie, i tried it, With EU-Setting in launchpad and Login i get a List of all the old chars on Thurgadin! - yes you were absolutely rithg! - Thanks a thousand times, Marrs blessings!
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  5. parissa Well-Known Member

    I am so glad you got back into norrath.... You are so very welcome... Happy hunting and check your mail the scorched sky festival is going on...
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  6. Avithax Well-Known Member

    All returning players are required to bring a hamster to donate to the server hosting service.
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  7. dorotea Well-Known Member

    Lies. One of the reasons for lag is that Daybreak downgraded to gerbils years ago.
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